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  1. Great update so far - only updated native today (to check the new stuff) and will do my helix over the weekend.. i quite like the tape saturation thingy, for some very vintage vibe.. thanks Line 6!
  2. I think maybe you have direct monitoring selected on the scarlet, so you are hearing the dry guitar signal as well as the helix signal.?
  3. i wonder if helix would be able to convert the guitar signal to midi now that it has polyphonic pitch shifting (does it mean that it also has chord recognition? Similar to how midi guitar works on computer and ios).. then you could have guitar synth with the onboard oscillators or midi out to hardware.. It might be something for down the track
  4. you’ll probably find that unless you have pretty basic presets you wont be able to just add the new pitch effects.. If you want the pitch before the amp it’s best to load the amp and post-effects on the bottom path and pre-effects incl pitch on path 1
  5. Dont know if they really exist but virtual capo down an octave , mix to around 50 % and real capo your guitar on the 5th fret.. pick some chords (sounds better picking than strumming) virtual 12 string Baritone guitar!
  6. same thing happened to me the moment i updated once.. (back in the new snapshot update days) still haven’t been able to get it fixed as the repair place is a few hours away (and i’m a poor musician lol). i just survived with helix edit.. i can’t imagine it was the updating process that killed it but it was strange timing
  7. Basically, how i approach it is, if you find one that sounds usable and that you like, copy it to a user bank, tweak it to your liking and rename it as you want.
  8. shanecgriffo

    Amp Effects?

    I get where you are coming from.. those examples you gave have a specific sort of sound, especially the jazz chorus: I haven’t been able to replicate that beautiful chorus and I’m unsure as to why line 6 didn’t model that as part of the amp/cab
  9. wow i opened mine within 30 seconds of arriving.. ah well everyone is different.. at least you know you still have the latest model ;) I find going in to the aux in with my acoustic gives me the richest signal/sound
  10. I forgot to say also I go into powered pa speakers depending on the situation.. I’m not sure how your smaller setup will stand alongside your band mates setup tho..
  11. Going straight in the front of those amps isn”t ideal.. I have a fender deluxe 90 transistor amp and it has a power amp input/return on the rear of the amp.. if I go into that from my helix it sounds a lot better than if I go in the front. If both those amps have return inputs at the back I’d try using them both together, spread the load a bit .. the helix is pretty versatile.
  12. i can relate to this.. i have a windows laptop that wont connect to line 6 thru their software and i have tried fixing it for hours (server error message)..in the end i just have to use my gf’s windows computer which works fine
  13. Haha at least they are indistinguishable not inferior
  14. it’s obvious..Bad Horsie pedal?!
  15. Thankyou datacommando I managed to finally get things going again with a restore to factory presets restart and then reloaded my set lists minus the one with the corrupt preset (I’ll try sort that out later..) Turned on my helix again this morn and it wanted to rebuild all the presets again! Hoping it won’t be doing that every time I turn it on (sweating)
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