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  1. Thankyou datacommando I managed to finally get things going again with a restore to factory presets restart and then reloaded my set lists minus the one with the corrupt preset (I’ll try sort that out later..) Turned on my helix again this morn and it wanted to rebuild all the presets again! Hoping it won’t be doing that every time I turn it on (sweating)
  2. frozen at rebuilding preset 521 even after multiple restarts! version 2.91.0 where to now??
  3. hi, are you saying that the new hotfix updater allows you to look for a local firmware d/load? .. i wasn’t able to update to firmware 2.9 yet as my computer wont seem to connect to line6 updater sign in anymore.. be great if i can just d/load the firmware and update locally.. it was a process you could do in the past but seems i couldn’t on the new hx edit..
  4. There’s probably lots of little adjustments you can make rather than anything big .. cleanish boost in front of amp (kinky boost?) Use a ribbon mic, hi/lo cuts, studio compressor near end of chain (maybe at around 50% mix works better for me) Pickup height adjustment on guitar ?
  5. Try the train wreck amp.. that brings out a bit of bit for Strat sounds
  6. dont give them any more work to do for heavens sake, let them get this update out soon ;)
  7. i hate to be the party pooper rain on the parade sort of guy but sadly ‘reliable and trouble free’ has not been my experience. Starting with a non functioning soft touch button, a dead mic input and now a dead jog wheel i’m trying to put aside money for shipping and repairs.. it is pretty un-usable at the moment except for plug and playing my existing presets unless i cart my laptop around.. it hasn’t had a hard gigging life and i still love it, it just doesn’t love me
  8. oh i thought it has been open quite a while..? i bought something a few weeks back
  9. yes i often go into the aux in of various things.. often if it is a modelling amp it bypasses everything (including vol knobs eq etc) and i even use speaker blocks on my helix.. my experience is mostly with a roland cube and it works fine
  10. i remember someone else posting about this after an update some time ago and it is the 2nd time this has occured to me so i’m just seeing if anyone else has had this happen, or it is pure coincidence.. Within a couple of days of updating my helix floor unit on 2 updates (not consecutive) i have had problems with the jog wheel.. the first time the ‘push down’ function died and now the scroll function has gone too.. so i’m left with having to edit on the computer with edit.. add this to the mic input/preamp dying and a non functioning touch capacitor , now i’m worried what will go next.. i wonder how many others have had problems like this.. I’m well out of warranty and i fear it’s going to be an expensive fix
  11. in the end i had to go on another machine- windows 10 (mine is win7) to be able to log on and authorise.. not sure the problem but fixed in the short term anyway
  12. i’m very confused now.. i mucked around and got the machine online.. hx edit wanted me to go online to authorise the ir pack but everytime it tried to sign in i got a “cant find server” message.?? even tho my machine was online and i could browse on my browser.. nowhere in the market place did i see mention of needing to authorise too, before or after i made the purchase.. pretty annoying transaction so far :(
  13. i bought some ownhammer player pack ir’s from the market place and transferred them to my offline machine that i use for recording/ helix edit etc but they wont load in to helix edit as it says i have to go online to authorise. is there a way around this.? i’d like to keep this machine off line as i’ve had problems with it online
  14. maybe put the pitch shift (fully wet)on a drop down path so you can process it separately too
  15. oh i would have thought march 1st ..?? that’s when Autumn began here in the southern hemisphere..
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