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  1. Tank you. That´s right When I push down on the joystick to choose UI Test nothing happens. I can navigate down but nothing happens when i push down on the menus. I gone take it to service her in Norway. I hope they can solder it
  2. Yes i can I do not think the joystick is broken. I can move the joystick right, left, up down but when i push down the menu will not show up
  3. That did not help. I have restored the HX Edit several times on Windows 10 but I can not get the joystick to work. When I connect the pc to the Helix. HX Edit says the Helix is up to date Do you have other suggestions?
  4. When I press joystick to open model list on Helix floor 3.0 nothing happens. I have upgrade Helix floor and HX Edit to 3.0. In HX Edit I can see and load up new models from the list. In Helix floor the model list will not show up when I press down the joystick. I can move joystick around. It worked in 2.92. Can someone help me?
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