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  1. oops- ignore that, rd2rk. Been running 3.11 since the release w no problems, so thought I'd check the community to see if the Cordy preset source file went bad or some other wonkiness other than my v3.11 .Judging from the acerbic tones, this has become a touchy subject with the gurus, but I've been fine until now ( Win10, not Mac) Apologies if i provoke your wrath. I noticed the 1152 downloads since it posted 9/1/21 . If it helps , I downloaded and imported other presets from the last few days with no problems. The Cordy preset is the only one giving me trouble. So perhaps my Edit 3.11 went bad? nothing else is failing. Thank you, SashaFranck , for reporting successful preset loading ( but did you download it recently,. or are you running an older ?) . Thanks to the uber gurus, datacomm, and everyone else :) j
  2. HX Edit v3.11 and firmware up to date. Just downloaded from the Line 6 site https://line6.com/customtone/profile/HelixArtistTone/ Unfortunately, I am getting a persistent error "HX Edit unable to import the preset because it contains unrecognizable models". Any similar experience? Advice? thanks, all.
  3. Sorry to bother- I cannot for the life of me find a definitive, updated answer- can the wording in the Scribble Strip be edited from a computer via the latest HX Edit? Or must one use the knobs on the hardware? thanks.
  4. jkuche

    POD Go FAQ

    Why NOT put Helix dual DSP, with auto impedance, in this form factor? Hope Line 6 comes out with a Neural Quad Cortex-sized unit
  5. jkuche

    Hx Edit on Android?

    I'm not good with IT stuff. Please pardon... Any chance of writing HX Edit for Android? Any way to run Edit on an emulator or such on Note 10 plus? Also assuming the 10 + is adaptable to USB interface. Thanks J
  6. Sounds like a good plan! You set XLR out as line or mic? Thanks, j
  7. Timely subject - I'm looking for optimal settings for live, straight-to-the-board use with a variety of acoustic/electric and electric guitars. So... sounds like you recommend the attenuation of a DI box ( your post is too technical for my world- I'm an anesthesiologist, not an engineer) . In at he absence of a DI , what do you recommend ( in simple terms, [;ease) ? ( or perhaps I've missed the point ) . would your recommendation be predicated on a variety of other settings in the chain? cheers, Dr J
  8. Would the TILT EQ be a replacement for the 2 volume block crossover?
  9. Yo, Helix brainiacs! I miss the days of wirelessly connecting to the Firehawk for editing during live performances. Could actually get some crazy effects by tweaking the delay parameters in the middle of a trail , and other cool stuff. And there's a bunch of other reasons for live use of the editor that i'll spare you. As for the foot control- g'head , but it doesn't work as well as a tablet or laptop for me. I've been researching and coming up with zip- any suggestions for wirelessly connecting laptop to the USB -B on the Helix ? Otherwise , i'll stick to my 10 foot USB cable. Thanks
  10. Hello, Line 6- Any progress towards running Helix Edit on Android or iOS? Would a virtual workaround be possible? Would really like to have this option. Thanks, Jay
  11. Any progress towards running Helix Edit on Android or iOS? Would really like to have this option. Thanks, j
  12. Pbatts- thanks - I'll give it a whirl j
  13. Frustrating to only be able to read the title of Snapshots 1-4 in Snap/Stomp setting ! Would be great if Snapshot names would auto scroll to 5-8. thoughts? j
  14. I have been using 3Sigma Acoustic IR's ( Taylor) live with good results. Acoustic guitar IR's, not cabs.
  15. Been playing Tak and Ibanez acoustic guitars live through the Helix using 3Sigma IR's . Great tone, very little clip, fizz, etc. Much better than the Firehawk. I asked for help on the acoustic stuff before - experience was the key. I saw a post that described a way to scroll thru the IR's using controller-assignment. Just can't recall. Anyone have the link to the thread?
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