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  1. No, I will try it as soon as I can, just didn't think about it. Thanks!
  2. So I use for Helix for more them half a year I think so I know how to use it and I know that to change between those two you need to step hard enough on the pedal, and it worked good till this monday. Now it does not change as good as it did. I have to push a lot harder and even when I do it doesn't switch in most of the times. And when it does there is also a problem that I see that it changes for a moment and then goes back like I pushed it twice(which, of course, didn't). Couldn't find anything on this topic by myself, so hope someone can help me with this.
  3. So I have line 6 Helix for about a month, but the fizz was in there all the time. I didn't really care much beacuse I was mainly using me metal presets, in which there is much gain and I could not hear the fizz clearly. But when today I wanted to solve this problem. When I create new presets and put a clean amp there I can hear fizz in all the amps and the only way to make it less audible is to lower the master knob which I did, but with amps where the master is already low I can't do anything. I have read some topics on forum like this but other people say they here it much in gainy presets and I hear the fizz mostly in clean or a little distorted like the Essex 30(or something like that, I don't really remember). I have tried turning the pad on in settings, it helps, but I can still hear this fizz. The biggest problem is that I can't make a good clean preset with this issue, I can only make presets with much gain lile Panama and Angl. Please help me, I would appreciate it very much.
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