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  1. I would like to put together a patch using existing effects inside the Helix that can do what an EH Key 9 does. I’m specifically looking to get a Fender Rhodes sound. I figure if the EH pedal can do it, I should be able to put things together and get pretty close with the Helix. Anyone tried something like this yet?
  2. I think that I'll try the empty preset first. I appreciate the help. As much as the Helix can provide me with top notch effects, there are plenty awesome tunes or parts of them that were recorded with just a guitar and an amp for at least part of the song. To have the ability to go from that simplicity to complex layers of effects with the tap of a foot is part of what I'm trying to achieve.
  3. Oh - and thanks to all of you for your responses. I appreciate it.
  4. I will need to go in front of the amp. Two of my amps do not have an effects loop. One does. I know I could use the four cable method for that, but would probably want to do the same for all.
  5. Hi folks, Picked up a Helix yesterday - a bit overwhelmed. My question is: how do I play clean (just guitar and no effects) straight through to my amp? Although I often use effects for all of or part of a song, there are times when I play the guitar clean and only use the amp’s reverb. I have both a traditional pedalboard with stompboxes and a Nova System, both which allow me to run straight through when I want. I bought the Helix with the intention of creating a bunch of stompbox like effects and other blocks to use in front of my amp at times, but to also be able to create a duplicate set of patches with amp and cab sims to run direct to PA when I want to travel lighter. On certain songs that I cover, I may play clean for part of the tune and then stomp on an OD pedal or distortion during the chorus -you get the idea. Do I just create an empty block and assign it to a switch in stomp mode? Also, can I globally turn off all amp and cab sims for when I want to use my actual amp, so that I can create just one set of stomp patches, or do I need to create two sets - one with and one without the amp and cab sims. I seems that there are almost endless possibilities with this Helix, and I am actually pretty good with tech, but I’m just looking for a little help in getting oriented to start. Thanks in advance, Zig
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