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  1. No instructions.... that I understand....
  2. Indeed. No doubt. And now that has been agreed, somebody still have succeeded changing presets!!! The point is, that though it's not necessary a live situation, changing presets(instead of just changing tracks) in studio sessions , can and is much more quick and intuitive cos you stay in the same 'environment' ....track, when just comparing and experimenting. ESPECIALLY if you have a lot of tracks with Helix......
  3. And then again, some have succeeded changing presets....via program change...or something similar. Amazing that it's not public.
  4. There simply must be a way to change presets with a hardware knob assigned to a CC or PC. I read something about MSB 1 and LSB 2(bank number..fx. USER), and then the number for the preset. CARN'T get it to work. Why can such a simple thing, be so..... Anybody??
  5. Any chance the Bogner Ecstacy will arrive on the amp table for Helix native...?
  6. Many different people, many different opinions. And yes, the reason why I love playing wireless, and ONLY wireless, is the freedom. And this is also my point here: The more buttons you have to push in order to do a simple task(at a job), the more it interrupts your performance. I've been playing with tons of pedals since 1975, and the last 10 with iPads to accompany me on stage. Tweaking while playing is not always the best solution, but the point is that when you DO have to...or in-between songs, its just SO much easier when your boxes are right there. I agree that hardware controllers are more intuitive(I also work as a producer, professional for 20 years now, so I know the differens), but making a piece of hardware that could cover all the options in Helix.... not an option. The big advantage with Ipad (pro), though it is two-dimensional, is the ability to mimic pedals and knobs....hundrets of them. And made the intelligent way, a chorus level could be just a finger on button, sliding down a bit. My point is that in the lack of useable solutions, the iPad is like sendt from heaven. And NOT wireless. To many things can go wrong in a live situation with a dusin of wireless hardware around.
  7. Still I wonder... I've been working as a professional producer and guitarist for 30 years, and have used line 6 ever since the early days. I like the sound they produce, but... The line 6 guys are so occupied making 'new stuff', they seem blind to things that really matters. One thing that I simply don't understand, is all this talk about control. I mean, I'm one of the biggest control freaks in town, but what is the point of just "having" control options, when one dos'nt think about "where" to have them. With this in mind, I hope line 6 some day sees the potential in using a great invention called the 'IPad'. With this amazing touch screen controller, one could easily Imagine the bennefits of having all your pedals at your finger tips, just beside you or wherever you like. Just like having your pedalboard right there when you need it. I think most of us now know how uncool, enoing or straight up unprofefessional it is to turn your back on the audiens(if racked) to tweek and tweek, or kneeling down over the floorboard...over and over. It's not that difficult any more, and with just a teeny weeny out of the box mindset, one could easily look futher beoynd. We are in the 21 century.
  8. ....and so do I. I own a lot of Line6 products, work as a technician and producer....but dont want to invest in further guitar products before this have been handled. If indeed the Helix now can do trails...as supposed, I'm a happy man :-)
  9. I read the post and reviews. They still complain about "this missing link". I´ve been looking for this feature for years.... something that actually works....
  10. As I understand, it just doesn't work like it should, since the trail is independent of the new patch (so you can't really rely on it). Correct me if Im wrong....
  11. Naturally, when switching between two patches.....
  12. We live in 2017, 48 years since we put man on the moon, AND STILL..... NO.... DELAY TRAILS. So many years, so many requests, and still....NO DELAY SPILLOVER/TRAILS Yes, it will probably cost a second DSP unit, but for the love of god......so f*..... what. So many of us are forced to use noisy gear like Digitech....and still because of this feature. I am completely baffled. Line6 use so much energy on new fancy design, that they actually forget the essentials. Maybe one day they wake up.....
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