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  1. Thank you gus for your feedback. After making additinal research I must say that I dont wont to usa that solution with small combo amp. Now I'm wondering about 2 other solutions with helix stomp: 1) guitar -> helix -> active speaker/monitor 2) guitar -> helix -> amp(with fx loop, send/return, 4 cables) -> guitar cab Solution nr 1 is more elastic and generally smaller, but I'm afraid about differences beetween active column sound and my teammate classic amp+cab setup. Is that make sens? Do I found big differences here? This speaker will be my setup for practicing and could be my monitor on gigs. Solution nr 2, here I need to buy additional big amp with fx loop and cab. I understand that speakers will disturb simulations from helix because of their specification. much more stuff but I can like this solution if you tell me that this kind of sound will be much better (better - I mean classic like classic setup amp+cab) than solution 1 with FRFR. I wondering about that because sound from helix with specific simulation and sound from amp+cabinet without mic are not similiar in real situations like practicing as I understand. I am more familiar with nr 1. What do yout think? PS: Helix Stomp bought!!!
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'm about to buy Line 6 Helix Stomp. Its gonna be my first digital unit and I'm new in this digital business. Is there any possibility to connect Helix to transistor guitar amp while we practicing with band? I have 2 options: smaller Marshall Lead 12 or Fender Frontman 25R. We play melo death metal and another guitar player has got tube amp (bugera) + Laboga 4x12 v30 cab. I imagine that on gigs in the future I will send DI signal to soundman and thats it. I expect that sound that's coming helix (with its cabs simulations) will be modernized by this build-in speaker, but I can handle that before I collect founds for buying some FRFR column. But is it loud enough to play with that anothers guitar pack or should I consider buying active column now?
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