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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased a new Line 6 HX Stomp from Amazon. I already own an older model, and I noticed some differences between the two. The new unit is made in Vietnam, whereas my older one is made in China. Here are some of the differences I've observed: - The knobs on the older , china-made unit feel sturdier, with more noticeable clicks. unlike vietnam feels cheap and wobbly . - The Vietnam-made unit is slightly lighter in weight compared to the China-made one. Talking after weighting - The back laser print quality seems better and higher quality on the China-made unit. Whereas vietnam one looks like low quality laser print. Has anyone else noticed differences in sound quality between these two versions?
  2. Hi experts, I use my Helix Stomp mainly at home as my audio interface. Meaning I have output 1/2 connected to my speakers and usb for recording/playback. My patches usually consist of an amp followed by a custom IR. Now I want to use the Helix also live. To do that I just want to bypass the IR block (last in chain) and route the signal to the send jack and into the return of my guitar amp (or any other powerapm e.g. SD Powerstage). Output 1/2 would go to FOH including the IR block. My issue is that that's not possible without using an additional block in the split path like that: I don't need the EQ in the second path but I'm not able to draw a line without a block. I could also use a Send Block before the IR but then again I would loose another block...... Any Ideas? Really questioning myself, have read the manual and watched a lot of vids. This actually should be easy... Thanks, Marco
  3. Hi, I use an hx stomp in snapshot mode with a dissster area designs micro midi switch to scroll up and down through the preset list. This works great. However due to a fat feet issue I inherited from my grand mother I occasionally, in the heat of the moment, find myself stepping on two foot switches at once and instead of switching to a searing solo snapshot that wows my legion of fans, I end up in scroll mode and have to smile and hope my facial expressions convey the epic tone I was meant to switch to. Is there any way to disable this dual foot switch ‘preset list scrolling’ feature on the stomp?
  4. I have a question about using HX stomp with katana 50 MKII's power amp in. Is plugging the stomp to the power amp in ideal? Can I use the HX preamps, amps, cabs and IRs? Are preamps only option with that power amp? Katana's speaker isn't a FRFR speaker so is that a problem. Should I consider selling the katana and buying a FRFR?
  5. Hi All, recent Helix Stomp owner here and loving it so far. I’m using my helix as an ‘all in one’ desktop solution in my apartment as I can’t get away with a proper valve amp etc. My setup is Gibson SG / PRS 24 into helix, output to Presonus studio monitors (yes I have output set to line). My initial impression of the sound was that it’s a bit thin / tinny, not particularly full bodied or boomy. It’s not the speakers because I’ve previously used Bias Fx on my laptop through them and that can sound very fat. It’s ok for clean but I find lots of the distortion very high fizzy and thin rather than hitting you in the face, like a deep punching fuzz. I’ve read topics about global eq, double cabbing, pitch shift, high low cuts etc to beef up the sound. But to me it feels more like I’ve got a general setting wrong for my setup, rather than making nuanced tweaks? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'm about to buy Line 6 Helix Stomp. Its gonna be my first digital unit and I'm new in this digital business. Is there any possibility to connect Helix to transistor guitar amp while we practicing with band? I have 2 options: smaller Marshall Lead 12 or Fender Frontman 25R. We play melo death metal and another guitar player has got tube amp (bugera) + Laboga 4x12 v30 cab. I imagine that on gigs in the future I will send DI signal to soundman and thats it. I expect that sound that's coming helix (with its cabs simulations) will be modernized by this build-in speaker, but I can handle that before I collect founds for buying some FRFR column. But is it loud enough to play with that anothers guitar pack or should I consider buying active column now?
  7. Hello all, I know this topic has probably been covered, but I couldn't find all the answers I was looking for. First, I am strictly an at home hobbyist with no gigging aspirations in the near or distant future yet. I have not been playing guitar very long, but I was looking to upgrade my amp and stumbled upon the helix route. It intrigues me because I feel I can get more tones at lower volumes than a tube amp. Also, I like to play a lot of different styles (John Mayer all the way to high gain stuff Killswitch, Tool ect), so the amp/cab simulation might be a better route than having multiple amps and pedals. So I have a couple questions. 1. Stomp, LT, or Floor? Is the Stomp too limiting with 6 blocks? Will I be looking to upgrade to a bigger model in a year as my effects and playing knowledge increases, or is it perfect for my situation? For a regular Joe schmo, is the floor worth the extra money over the LT? (I am in no rush to buy right away, I want to do my research, and will save the money to buy what's best for my situation.) Also, any disadvantages to buying used when it comes to software/registering the unit? 2. For my situation, do I get studio monitors or a FRFR PA like the headrush units. I want to be able to play/ practice without having to wear headphones all of the time. What would sound best for all genres at moderate volumes? Any brands or suggestions (Moderately priced) 3. What's the deal with a headphone amp? Saw someone say the LT does not have a headphone amp and that they would need a separate one. Do I need one to use headphones in my scenario? 4. Last one, a lot of people say you will not get the "amp in the room sound" and will sound like a amp micced up through a PA. What exactly does that mean. For me, the new inexperienced player, will I even be able decipher the difference because my ear isn't trained? I've never micced the amp I have now. I know to some, these questions may seem elementary, but I'm ignorant in the multi effects realm and still green in the amp/pedal/gear world. I was just looking to avoid playing the tone chasing GAS game if the Helix can cover a lot of the ground. I also know a lot of people will tell me that I have to try them. I respect that, but I want your guys advice because I am so Uneducated in the area of multieffects, I'm not even sure I could make that decision solely off 30 minutes to an hour of noodling around with a unit in a store. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi experts, is there any way to toggle between just two footswitch modes? In a live situation it would be helpful not to have to scroll but just jump e.g. between preset and stomp mode.... Thanks Marco
  9. Hi players, just tried my Helix Stop with my Marshall JVM 410 JS. I plugged in straight to my return to just use the power amp. I used a preset that I run usually direct to my studio monitors and switched of the IR I don't use excessive high or low cuts on the IR and the EQ of the Line 6 2204 Model was also normal (Bass 3,5 Mid 7, Treb 6,5 Presence 5,3 ). What I found going straight into the power amp was such a harshness that I had to turn down Treble and Presence to zero. BTW I use a Bogner 2x12 that sounds perfect with my Marshall everything at noon. I have the input impedance on the helix on auto and tried with line and inst level on the output with same results. If the sound difference is that huge how can I run a preset direct FOH and use my Amp on stage.... Any ideas? Regards, Marco
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