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  1. mstoffel

    HX STOMP Re-amping (Dry Signal)Level Adjustment

    I hear you and it makes perfect sense. Maybe I have some basic misunderstanding here. My Question then is: Since the recommended recording peak level in general is about -12dB and plugins like Helix Native also work best on that range the only way to archive it is to use Instrument Level for the guitar input. But the amps sound best (at lease to my ears) on instrument level....
  2. mstoffel

    HX STOMP Re-amping (Dry Signal)Level Adjustment

    Yes you are right! But I dont want line level due to the changes it does to my wet sound..... Thats why I think we need a DI level setting....
  3. mstoffel

    HX STOMP Re-amping (Dry Signal)Level Adjustment

    I also have passive pickups (Instrumental SFty3-7). When my input is set to instrument I get those levels in my DI signal: Using my strad with a JB in the bridge:
  4. mstoffel

    HX STOMP Re-amping (Dry Signal)Level Adjustment

    ??? Maybe that was misleading. Yes I can drop to line on the guitar input to reduce the di recording. But that would also change my wet tone and I like to record both at the same time......
  5. mstoffel

    HX STOMP Re-amping (Dry Signal)Level Adjustment

    This is also something I struggle with a lot. I have my guitar input set to instrument level. When I record the di it’s way to hot. When I drop it the recording is perfect but the live signal is loosing gain (which is expected). Imho A DI level control is urgently needed. regards Marco
  6. mstoffel

    HX Stomp "out" options...

    Hi, had the same issue... have a look here: I’ve also attached the preset
  7. mstoffel

    Best Power Amp for Helix

    SD Powerstage 170 is Perfect. Love the size and the sound. Loud enough for almost everything. Could even go on my pedalboard beneath my stomp.
  8. mstoffel

    Phase 90 in front of Helix Stomp

    Hi, I recently added my old block phase 90 in front of my HX Stomp. When I run it into my high gain rhythm tone and compare it to the build in model the original has much more depth and "Chaos" than the Script Mod Phase model (I added the model at the beginning of the chain). The Effect of the Phase 90 is much more perceptible.... I find that also with other modulation effects like the Ui-Vibe. Its not that they sound bad, just not enough ..... wet dirty etc. Any ideas? Regards, Marco
  9. mstoffel

    That Revv Model Tho!

    Hi, I like the Rev model, but when I take the same Guitar with the od808 in front of the amp model and my favourite IR. After tweaking to my liking most high gain models pretty much sound very close with a slight difference on the very edge of the spectrum (Marshall -5150). But that the same in the real word. What do you think? regards Marco
  10. mstoffel

    Limit Footswitch Modes

    Thanks for this input. Sure midi is always an option. But I don't have such a device :-) looking for a "stock option"
  11. mstoffel

    Limit Footswitch Modes

    You can assign a footswitch to change the footswitch mode on the stomp. That will allow you to scroll through the modes (Preset -> Stomp -> Snapshot ). But I only want to use Preset and Stomp mode and toggle between. That would make the stomp much more flexible.....
  12. mstoffel

    Limit Footswitch Modes

    Hi experts, is there any way to toggle between just two footswitch modes? In a live situation it would be helpful not to have to scroll but just jump e.g. between preset and stomp mode.... Thanks Marco
  13. mstoffel

    Pedal board power supply for HX Stomp

    Hi, indeed it is a real shame what Line 6 did in terms of power connectivity especially for the stomp that is made to live on a pedalboard with other pedals. Different Polarity, different connector. For what? And then in addition they managed to build the worst power adapter I‘ve ever seen.... Just buy a Truetone 1Spot CS6. It works perfectly. Regards Marco
  14. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Finished my preset. I added a snapshot where I in the merge block dialed down path A to -60 and panned path B (including IR) to center. Additionally I had to bump up the gain on path B to + 3dB to get the same volume. Find the preset attached. RhythmLive.hlx
  15. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Hi, just wanted to share my final solution. The tricky thing is actually the testing of such a setup hence the L/Mono labeled input and output jacks have special behavior. Say you have one Guitar plugged into L/Mono (this is a must) the signal will be fed into L/R on path A channel evenly -> That's good Then you create a Y Split and you split L100 to Path A and R100 to Path B, doesn't really matter which path though Now comes the important part I had a lot of struggle with: If you would like to use you Amp (Path A without IR) standalone (no FOH attached) you must route that signal in the merge block to RIGHT and go from that to your power amp / cab. Why? Because if you route it to the L/Mono output and your right output is not connected Helix will mix both outputs to L/Mono and you will here both Signals (IR plus without IR) But using the right output you have some freedom. Only right out connected -> signal without IR Right to amp Left to FOH -> Live setup One thing is still not optimal and I'll try to fix that with a snapshot. Say you would like to go only FOH (which in my case will never happen) then you still get again mixed channels on left output for this case you must set path A to -60db on the merge block. Hope that helps in case I was able to convey the message (it is and sounds complicated :-) Kind Regards, Marco