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  1. Thanks man, did that. Working now. My god what a hassle.... thought I. finally bricked it for good!!
  2. Hi Fellows, Just tied to update my HX Stomp to 3.5 following the instructions. After 5 min. in the update HX Edit showed update error please reboot your device (not the mentioned click resume in HX edit). I did a powercycle. After HX Stomp came up again it shows some weird artefacts in the Display (like a bank switch button). HX Edit and boot screen shows Firmware 3.5. But no Amp has gain. FXs are working. Any suggestions how to recover from that? Thanks, Marco
  3. Ok that is due to the security restrictions. To make the driver work kernel extensions must be allowed. Installation went fine but after reenabling the default settings the driver is again disabled. Would be nice if Line6 would invest in an Approval by Apple to make the driver work in default settings.
  4. MacBook Pro M1. No issues with HX Edit, updated to 3.15. But sample rate is not adjustable even after driver installation. Its fixed to 48khz
  5. Hi, just switched to a Macbook m1 Pro. HX Edit HX Stomp all fine. Issue I, I cannot change the sample rate. Is fixed in Audio Devices. All my cubase projects are pitched up now (nice speed boost for metal, though :-) ) I have installed Line 6 Helix Driver 1.5.0.dmg. But no change here. What do I missing. Thanks, Marco
  6. Tested that with a factory Preset, same outcome. But, using an internal switch (FS1) it works as it should. This is definitely a bug. Does anybody have a recommendation where to file it?
  7. Hi, actually I'm very fond of Command Center and its flexible abilities. Though I have one issue: I have two presets between I like to switch. I have dedicated FS5 via command center to switch to the other preset (In Preset 000 FS5 switches to 001 an in Preset 001 it switches to 000) This works fine, but not the first time after startup of HX Stomp. Just nothing happens when I press the FS5 switch. When I change the preset manually for once, everything is working..... This happens on Firmware 3.10 I consider that as a bug but maybe somebody has an idea? Thanks, Marco
  8. Thanks, that confirms my suspicion!
  9. mstoffel

    HX Stomp Silent

    Hi Nerds, I just encountered this the third time: I power up my Stomp and no signal is coming through the Main Outs, while Boot time I could hear my guitar through bypass, meaning the signal path is correct. After booting no output. I tried engaging the tuner and switched through presets, no change. After a reboot everything is back to normal, no change at all. This happened two times on Firmware 2.7 and now a third time with 2.8.2 with month of fully working unit. Any knowledge about this issue, or am I the only one. regards, Marco
  10. The TrueTones have the big advantage of being as switching power supply, meaning there are no fixed transformers for an output but electronics that supply what is actually needed. Its capable of releasing all the current to one port, hence ther is no need for any doubling y-cabeling whatsoever. Thats how ist should be... stupid Line6 polarity must be dealt with the supplied adapter, though
  11. Ok, sorry I know this is non trivial stuff. Currently I use this is for gigin. : Left (A) IR to FOH Right (B) Without IR to SD Powerstage -> CAB When I'm at home and using the Stomp as my primary soundcard I attach two studio monitors to Main L/R and control the volume via the volume pot. Very nice but I have to change in each preset A level to get rid of the non IR signal and center path B My desire would be to use the send for the non IR path like in my first post. But without the Volume block (due to six block limit) This also has the advantage that both path could be stereo. Hope that explains it a bit better.
  12. Yes, I could do that but I need the IR on path A because of symmetrical outs and volume control via the volume knob. The Suggest Balance solution I‘m already using (see the linked thread) but it’s very cumbersome....
  13. In general would be happy with 6 blocks for the Stomp if just the routing would be more flexible. It is very disappointing the a common use case requires to sacrifice a block to make it working. Live I just want to have two signals Dry (without IR for my cab on stage) and Wet (including IR for FOH) . The unit has everything to do it IO-Wise: Main IOs are symmetric thus prefect to go To FOH Send would drive my Poweramp on stage Problem is that you cannot route a Split to Send without putting a block in the connection like that: This was already discussed thoroughly in this Thread. My solution so far works but requires constant preset edition due to my different use of the unit (as audio interface at home studio). Regards, Marco
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