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  1. mstoffel

    Pedal board power supply for HX Stomp

    Hi, indeed it is a real shame what Line 6 did in terms of power connectivity especially for the stomp that is made to live on a pedalboard with other pedals. Different Polarity, different connector. For what? And then in addition they managed to build the worst power adapter I‘ve ever seen.... Just buy a Truetone 1Spot CS6. It works perfectly. Regards Marco
  2. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Finished my preset. I added a snapshot where I in the merge block dialed down path A to -60 and panned path B (including IR) to center. Additionally I had to bump up the gain on path B to + 3dB to get the same volume. Find the preset attached. RhythmLive.hlx
  3. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Hi, just wanted to share my final solution. The tricky thing is actually the testing of such a setup hence the L/Mono labeled input and output jacks have special behavior. Say you have one Guitar plugged into L/Mono (this is a must) the signal will be fed into L/R on path A channel evenly -> That's good Then you create a Y Split and you split L100 to Path A and R100 to Path B, doesn't really matter which path though Now comes the important part I had a lot of struggle with: If you would like to use you Amp (Path A without IR) standalone (no FOH attached) you must route that signal in the merge block to RIGHT and go from that to your power amp / cab. Why? Because if you route it to the L/Mono output and your right output is not connected Helix will mix both outputs to L/Mono and you will here both Signals (IR plus without IR) But using the right output you have some freedom. Only right out connected -> signal without IR Right to amp Left to FOH -> Live setup One thing is still not optimal and I'll try to fix that with a snapshot. Say you would like to go only FOH (which in my case will never happen) then you still get again mixed channels on left output for this case you must set path A to -60db on the merge block. Hope that helps in case I was able to convey the message (it is and sounds complicated :-) Kind Regards, Marco
  4. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp too much treble.....

    Using just the preamp version it just sounds awesome! But found huge volume jumps between the preamp models which makes scrolling through a bit painful for the ears....
  5. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp too much treble.....

    Thanks, very valid point Zolko, didn't know about that impedance. Will try the preamp version! @codamedia, yes I use only the amp without cab.
  6. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp too much treble.....

    Hi players, just tried my Helix Stop with my Marshall JVM 410 JS. I plugged in straight to my return to just use the power amp. I used a preset that I run usually direct to my studio monitors and switched of the IR I don't use excessive high or low cuts on the IR and the EQ of the Line 6 2204 Model was also normal (Bass 3,5 Mid 7, Treb 6,5 Presence 5,3 ). What I found going straight into the power amp was such a harshness that I had to turn down Treble and Presence to zero. BTW I use a Bogner 2x12 that sounds perfect with my Marshall everything at noon. I have the input impedance on the helix on auto and tried with line and inst level on the output with same results. If the sound difference is that huge how can I run a preset direct FOH and use my Amp on stage.... Any ideas? Regards, Marco
  7. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Thanks for the hint and yes that's possible but not what I want. Main outs have balanced output which is best for FOH, send doesn't.....
  8. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    If i could just branch without a block before the IR I would be able to create patches that would work in my homestudio and live. IR always active on Main out. Send without IR and dedicated level..... But its ok, just wondering why this limitation exists
  9. mstoffel

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    Got a solution. I created an Y Split Panned the signals left right. Now I have with IR right an without left Output. Only issue is the difference of line and instrument level on the output......
  10. Hi experts, I use my Helix Stomp mainly at home as my audio interface. Meaning I have output 1/2 connected to my speakers and usb for recording/playback. My patches usually consist of an amp followed by a custom IR. Now I want to use the Helix also live. To do that I just want to bypass the IR block (last in chain) and route the signal to the send jack and into the return of my guitar amp (or any other powerapm e.g. SD Powerstage). Output 1/2 would go to FOH including the IR block. My issue is that that's not possible without using an additional block in the split path like that: I don't need the EQ in the second path but I'm not able to draw a line without a block. I could also use a Send Block before the IR but then again I would loose another block...... Any Ideas? Really questioning myself, have read the manual and watched a lot of vids. This actually should be easy... Thanks, Marco
  11. mstoffel

    HX Stomp limited live usage capabilities

    Thanks for your replies! I get everything you're saying and it is true, but a few improvements would make a huge difference like: Dedicate FS's to explicit presets (like in midi) Make tuner available in Preset and Snapshot mode Dedicate FS's to switch mode (stomp -> preset etc) Make use of click again/ long press in preset mode (add action like assign a block) Anyway I'll check on the additional switches....
  12. Hi Line6 Community, hello to everybody, this is my fist post. At first let me tell you: I love the sound of the HX Stomp! No question. But coming from the BOSS MS-3 there is a lot Line6 could learn in terms of flexibility. And I really don't get it why everybody is praising the Helix Stomp as unbelievable easy to use and flexible..... I tried to configure the Stomp as standalone for a live backup rig. What I simply need is: Clean Crunch Lead Tuner Sounds simple right. But it's very difficult with the Stomp. Let us assume I'm using the MS-3 with only 3 buttons like the Stomp: Button One switches to Preset One -> Clean and press again to Crunch Button Two switches to Preset Two -> Rhythm and press again to Lead Button Three is dedicated to Tuner (long press) and switch to stomp mode. In addition I can assign the the knobs to several parameters that can be adjusted while in preset mode. With this setup I can do a lot with just three buttons including switching each Preset to stomp mode to and add additional FXs. Using the Helix: Stomp mode -> Switch between Clean/Rhythm needs two different amp models etc. not easy to get the setup In preset mode I can only switch between three presets and have no access to the tuner by a button In snapshot mode again I have no access to the tuner by a button Scroll mode to me is not very handy since you can easily switch to the wrong preset in a live situation.... In general I think the limitations come from the the heritage of the bigger Helix versions where you can have presets and stomp at the same time.... A great benefit for the helix stomp would be that you can press a preset again and activate/deactivate a block and configure the tuner by a long press. But maybe I'm just not on the right track and doing it completely wrong. If so, it would be great to have some suggestions form you experts :-) Regards, Marco