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  1. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HXStompSW--line-6-hx-stomp-guitar-multi-effects-floor-processor-stomptrooper-white Looks pretty nice!
  2. These days I'd be more worried about Guitar Center actually being in business still to honor the warranty in a couple years.
  3. Thanks for the presets. I too missed the option to reload the factory presets, which is weird as I was specifically looking for it during the process as well.
  4. Tarekith

    Mac OSX drivers

    So excited to read this, the only thing that I dislike about my Stomp is that connected as a class compliment interfaces it always defaults to 48kHz. Glad to hear there's a driver out there to let me use other SRs.
  5. Ok, thanks. I figured a factory reset was the only way, but thought I would ask in case I was missing something obvious :)
  6. Mine took about 3-4 minutes from start to finish to complete.
  7. Just curious how I would go about checking out the new presets in the update, without overwriting my own custom presets? The update worked fine and left my presets alone as it should, but I read that there were some new factory presets added and I'd like to check them out as well. I've already backed up my data on the HX Stomp, but would love to be able to merge any new factory sounds I like with my custom preset lists.
  8. Really enjoying the new KOT OD, great tone I've been waiting to mess with for awhile now.
  9. Thanks Marco. I'll look into that one some more. Next research project, low profile right angle midi connectors :)
  10. I'm starting to put together a list of what I will need to build a small pedal board, and I'm getting conflicting info online and from a local guitar store about what options there are for powering the HX Stomp. Ideally I'd like to use something like the Strymon Ojai or similar, but it looks like this is not possible without a bunch of adaptors and a way to reverse the polarity. Is this still true, or is there something I'm missing that's changed recently? It'll be a small board, though all the pedals are higher power draw units. Basically the Stomp, Volante, and maybe the Timeline as well. Ideas?
  11. I'm a big fan of the wild and trippy ambient guitar patches that came with the Stomp, I just wish there were more of them. I've looked through the patch share section here, and I've browsed a lot of the more popular packs people mention on the forum too. Looks like a lot of those are for more "standard" guitar tone though. Any other places I could check?
  12. Hi everyone, just wondering if there's a delay effect in the HX Stomp that comes close to the Strymon Timeline's Ice algo? Adriatic seems kinda similar, but maybe I'm missing something more obvious?
  13. Worked just fine with my HX Stomp recording into AudioShare, I don't think I had to change any settings in the Helix.
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