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  1. Heavyville

    Powercab or powercab plus

    i don't have a PC. But what i know is this. Anytime an "essential variable" changes, so must the settings. going from a raw speaker mode to an FRFR mode, changes the variable.
  2. Heavyville

    Ah the Helix... three and a half years in...

    great news!!! i'm 1.5 years in, studio wise , its fantastic with amazing results. live, I still struggle to get what i want, but i know i'll get there eventually.
  3. you cannot go wrong with Yamaha HS 8's fpr the price. Its more than you mentioned....but.... 6.5" are decent, not sure if the low end drops out on them. the HS5s require a sub. JBLs seem to get a lot of love. I haven't heard them personally. But I've never seen them on a pro mix desk. While I have watched the machine mix lamb of god on HS8's.
  4. Heavyville

    Odd ground noise?

    if your USB cable is plugged in, unplug it. report back, I didn't see that in your list of things performed.
  5. Heavyville

    HX Stomp Buzzing Loudly only when USB connected

    Understood, but its important to understand what else is plugged in to your "signal". I also get a ground loop issue when USB is connected and i'm also routing a signal to a physical amp at the same time. The USB is the culprit that's causing it for me. so when i'm adjusting my physical amp i cannot have the USB connected. i can resolve it with a hum eliminator device, but unplugging it is way cheaper.
  6. Heavyville

    HX Stomp Buzzing Loudly only when USB connected

    What else is hooked up to the Stomp? this is definitely a ground loop issue. start unplugging other things to see if it goes away. Try other plug sockets. you can try and chase it down or do what @rd2rk mention with a hum destroyer type device. good luck.
  7. Heavyville

    Amp & Cab Block defaults vs. other cabs

    I generally use the Cali V30 cab and the Hiwatt cab if I'm using the cabs, they've become my defaults to go to.
  8. Heavyville

    Amp & Cab Block defaults vs. other cabs

    One very last thought. I look at the IR/ Cab thing as tools in my tool box of tones. its awesome place to be but also generates a lot of varying opinions among all the humans involved in digital manipulation units. I take the stance on this is a great place to be for creating tones.
  9. Heavyville

    Amp & Cab Block defaults vs. other cabs

    This is a rabbit hole for most of us. my current stance on Cabs vs IRs is IR's have worked better for me for getting the tones where I want them in studio recordings. Cabs seem to be more "forward" so I use them for solos or single string work. I always use 2 cabs generally the 57 on the grill and ribbon pulled away. this is just something I noticed in my studio and to my ears and current tastes. Ultimately, I still have a preference for IR's, but it takes a lot to find the ones that work for each patch etc. It really pays off to already know about mic choice and positioning. The Hiwatt cab is big and bold, I use it sometimes with an 87 pulled way back to give some depth as the second cab. the more i write this, the more i'm inclined to say experiment with them all, the variables are immense, and if it sounds good, it is good, lollipop the settings.
  10. Heavyville

    Choppy notes for certain amp models

    it may be a good idea to post up your signal path? do you apply high and low cuts to the Cabs / IRs?
  11. Heavyville

    Metallica tones on Helix

    When playing Metallica, you need James right hand to do it. Check out Seacow cabs, he has some metallica IR's. I use some of his other IR's and they pretty damn good.
  12. Heavyville

    New User question

    You can easily set up the Helix to do this is Pedal mode. it also has snap shot mode which is far more powerful for changing setting per patch. I'm sure in reality, you can do far more with the Helix than your current unit could ever do.
  13. Heavyville

    noise issue with palm mutes

    When mixing music at that level and you pile on the double tracks along with the distorted bass it starts to sound more distorted or saturated than when soloed, plus all the mixing magic that gets applied. Trust me, they still have gain, its just not what you would think. One of the coolest guitar tracks on the last album was this Randall modded MTS module call the C_WATT and all the dials where set to attempt to "break" the amp and it sounded so thick and meaty that it was crazy. Most of the perceived low end on that record come from this track floating in the background with the bass. less is more. I don't use the 5150 Panama, imo, its not an amp that L6 did a good job with. I could never get it to sound good. Try the Rev Gen, it reminds me of what a 5150 should sound like.
  14. Heavyville

    noise issue with palm mutes

    I guarantee that the gain on the amps during recording where lower than you'd think. Less is more. I've had Meshuggah stems from new and old music in my studio ( not for me to mix for them as part of NTM) and those guitars in solo are not as gained as what you hear in the end. they even had all the double parts done with the volume on the guitar at half to reduce gain. I'd just play with the gain until it sounds good, and if you still get weird lollipop, its most likely fleshy bits of hand skin rubbing the strings that aren't quite muted out the right way.
  15. Heavyville

    noise issue with palm mutes

    you need godly hand technique to minimize that stuff on palm mutes. I see a lot of palyers use that "muffle" thing up by the nut. do you have a noise gate? also, turn the gain down is a very good rule.