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  1. There seems to be plenty of "cheat sheets" supplied by the community if you want to check them out.
  2. If a sound wave is generated, it's a very real thing. Anything after that is hogwash fanboi marketing. Hook line and sinker. there is zero proof or real evidence to correspond that any of these devices are better than the other. I'd argue they'll find the mighty big foot first. 100001110101
  3. this is 100% false. Both are 100% real.
  4. this subjective and depends. I prefer ML soundlabs Mikko plugin. I prefer to craft my IR's to each amp and recording. Although the catalog for this plug in is new, so selection of speakers / cabs is smaller at this time. but essentially all the "classics" are there. Ownhammer has good stuff too. I don't mind the L6 cabs, but tend to use custom IR's. although i'm a toontrack guy mostly, there are plenty of drum libraries out there with really good quality as well. its how you use it that really matters. good luck.
  5. use the volume knob right on the helix and be down with it. you're also confusing, you have to turn down correct? but you state you need to feel it. . . no feels happen at low volume if you are talking about pushing air bro.
  6. GIG-FX Chopper. verbs and delays
  7. I'd like to congratulate the entire team @ L6 for this update. the update process is much improved and the quality of the experience updating was very good. some simple GUI and workflow improvements are also appreciated. The helix keeps me playing and inspired with less "fiddling" and that was a goal for me. Thank you.
  8. Why not just turn the master volume (2 buss) up or down on the DAW? the DAW is controlling the Vox? HX controlling the Guitar... mix to taste. maybe this is too simple or I missed the point all together.
  9. this already exists in a simple form. When you upload a custom tone of yours into your "account" @ line 6 you have all kind of information you can enter about what was used to create that specific tone etc. It saves your patch and all the info. You can access that from anywhere in the world as long as you have that internet thing, which you do. the wheel is already there.
  10. Heavyville

    Helix 2.9

    In the digital domain, whats more important is your ears. Level me off here if i'm wrong....
  11. you should back up and provide some additional details guitar is it a 6 to 240 string guitar? Stock cab guy or IR's? do you use a boost all the time? what are you trying to achieve.... whatever it is....... the Helix has it covered mostly. you may be aware the badonk has a tonne of available and usable low end, most guys throw the screamer in front to cut the low end out, tightening the sound up even more. I"m not big fan of the amps that feel super tight - and there are a bunch that feel that way.
  12. amp choice with EQ = personal choice bud... and ultimately a necessity, that's why most amps include an EQ right on the front of an amp, even the badonk has EQ controls. If you want other amps to sound like the badonk, keep using the badonkydonk....
  13. Heavyville

    Helix 2.9

    what the hell is 2.9 ?
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