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  1. ponsolle

    3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection

    Just bought th modern classic and its awesome!!
  2. ponsolle

    Black friday sales

    There is also 25% off at sigma audio!!
  3. ponsolle

    Tuner accuracy

    Ok so there is nothing to do for now... I keep tuning with the tc waiting for a fix!
  4. ponsolle

    Tuner accuracy

    I have already did that... :/
  5. ponsolle

    Tuner accuracy

    Hi all! I ve just tried tout compare the tuner of the helix and my polytune and while it is perfectly in tune with the plytune i am slightly out of tune with the helix... Somebody to explain? Thx
  6. ponsolle

    Helix Native

    Same here, i can't login!!