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  1. I typically run FRFR with a pair of CLR Neo wedges, but I recently re-tubed my 2:90 and ran that into my 30th anniversary Marshall 4x12 for fun. Sounded wonderful, but way too loud.
  2. Helix fx loop send 1 to triaxis input, triaxis left out to helix fx loop return, enjoy. Cheers.
  3. I just can't stop playing with new Cartographer amp model. And thanks to phil_m for sharing Ben's detailed notes in the Helix 2.3 Tips thread. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. FWIW, I have seen similar behavior for footswitches with multiple parameter assignments from different blocks. Cheers!
  5. Active = built in power amp Passive = requires external power amp cheers.
  6. there are no factory IRs. Just cab models.
  7. same here, 15 feet, no issues.
  8. http://www.morningstarfx.com/#!product-page/r1cv0/47b4b0a3-6b44-962f-fd61-0d127b066052
  9. thanks for the correction. note to self "coffee before posting". ☺ï¸
  10. i believe it's for controlling playback volume for (apple) devices connected via usb.
  11. there is no going back to the old tuner display. just ignore the new -3,+3 bar and the tuner operates the same as before.
  12. i see the same behavior you decribe for that preset.
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