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  1. I typically run FRFR with a pair of CLR Neo wedges, but I recently re-tubed my 2:90 and ran that into my 30th anniversary Marshall 4x12 for fun. Sounded wonderful, but way too loud.
  2. Helix fx loop send 1 to triaxis input, triaxis left out to helix fx loop return, enjoy. Cheers.
  3. I just can't stop playing with new Cartographer amp model. And thanks to phil_m for sharing Ben's detailed notes in the Helix 2.3 Tips thread. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. FWIW, I have seen similar behavior for footswitches with multiple parameter assignments from different blocks. Cheers!
  5. Active = built in power amp Passive = requires external power amp cheers.
  6. there are no factory IRs. Just cab models.
  7. same here, 15 feet, no issues.
  9. thanks for the correction. note to self "coffee before posting". ☺ï¸
  10. i believe it's for controlling playback volume for (apple) devices connected via usb.
  11. there is no going back to the old tuner display. just ignore the new -3,+3 bar and the tuner operates the same as before.
  12. i see the same behavior you decribe for that preset.
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