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  1. Qwerty42, The path 2 output is what I have been monitoring and yep you are correct! Have you noticed any loss of volume in live settings when this happens? Or is it truly just cosmetic? Thanks Dennis
  2. firehawkkwah, I know the challenge of "what gear next". This is more a "been there and am there again" for me as opposed to giving you my opinionated direction. So the answer to the age old question of "How many <fill in the blank> do I need ... 'Just one more'" I recently had a friend of mine who is rather noted in the West Coast instrument merchant arena send some guys to appraise and then purchase and then haul away much of my many years of gear collecting. The reason is - it helped me with new purchases in many arenas in addition to and other then just musical instruments ... hahahaha. I still have my ol' Goldie, Strat, & Martin. I have added the Limited Edition Helix to the family and I have now got GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) for a new Mesa; does it ever end? So I have decided to be patient, save, and try the gear to make my decision since in my case I use the Helix so much that I sometimes use an amp to make my fellow musicians feel happy; I have two in the band who feel stage sound is what they need to be inspired - go figure but their feelings are valid for them so I support that. If the "6 months no interest" leaders are available in about 4 months I may use that to defray more waiting if I am not at the level of savings I want. In the end only you can decide. However, getting a Helix was the best move I made many years ago. I really have no regrets selling my gear recently which included my older Helix since I did want to get the Limited Edition for my own reasons. Adding other gear such as guitars and/or amps will be easy since I have the Helix. And going to music stores or even the manufacturers that allow me to try gear helps. And even though I mitigate buyers and thus purchase decision remorse I am always thinking "what else might help?" But that is just my experience and thoughts. YMMV Dennis
  3. David, I have been using the Helix for several years and every time a new firmware upgrade is pushed out I feel like a novice all over again. With the 2.92 firmware update I have found a few things that helped me. One of course required money even before the 2.92 which was the purchase of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250k headphones as I found anything below the 200k just didn't give me a realistic sound match to actually playing direct to PA with my patches. I don't know what the ohm rating is on your headphones but it could be in the 40k ohm that was a problem for me with other headphones. I don't have nor have I used a FRFR so I can not speak to that. Now to the free stuff. I always search for better ways to improve my sound since I have always lived by the mantra that "I know less today then I knew yesterday". I ran across a recent video by Jason Sadites and used it with the latest Helix floor I purchased. This was a changer for me and I have created his stock template to move forward. You said you have purchased his patches so you may have this already. I am adding one more video next and my final thoughts will be in closing after that. Next I have used the information from this video by Steve Sterlacci. I am taking the bits and pieces from these to create my new patches since our group is on hiatus until 1) we find anew drummer and 2) some gigs open up. I use my headphones while listening to the patches as well as, for now, Jason's Lonestar patch. I then add the EQ shelf in a recent video from Jason (append "watch?v=72DlinRw1pM" to a plain youtube link). The guitars will make a difference and the snapshot allows me to marry Steve's & Jason's concepts while using my ear for the sound I want. The Helix and the time I've taken to learn in this forum and the channels of the folks here have been rewarding; up until a few years ago I was the "elitist tube sniffer" - boy was I wrong. Anyway, good luck and you never stop learning and/or creating when it comes to music. In closing I have watched and learned from many more here in the line 6 helix forum and the youtube channels they have. David, welcome to an amazing family. Take your time, ask more questions, and enjoy the ride! Dennis
  4. qwerty42 Looks like I got the bug (achoo) https://line6.com/support/topic/57325-output-meter-strange-occurance-during-patch-creation-and-modification/ Dennis
  5. datacommando, It does seem to be similar if not the same. I didn't search for lag or lagging though I did see "It's not the tunah ..." and breezed by it thinking it was another tuner accuracy issue thread. My bad (and we all know about assumptions) ! Hopefully DI and the Y/L gang are now aware and it will be addressed. While it is a cosmetic issue for me so far I have not had any sound lagging over this but I have yet to use it live. Thanks again Dennis
  6. I searched for my issue before starting this and may have missed it if it is on our forum. Forgive me if I did miss it somewhere else. I have just received a Limited Edition Helix. It was already at 2.92. I have decided to create new presets from scratch after lessons learned from the past several years with my older Helix. I am only using my headphones for now which are beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250k. I have only been using HX Edit to create the patches. I have double checked f/w and HX Edit for matching versions. I have been creating the patches over the past two weeks and then removing blocks, adding blocks, and moving blocks. I set the focus on the last output block to view the meters for matching levels. Somewhere between 20 minutes and 45 minutes or so I perceive an odd occurrence. The meters no longer match what I hear through the headphones. I'll strum a chord or play a note. I hear the response of my playing. However, the meters are not showing any activity at first. Then after a second or so they move though it is after I have played the note(s) and I have yet to play any further note(s). If I turn off the Helix then turn it back on all is good. Has anyone experienced this, or is it in the release notes & I missed it, is it already reported as a bug, or ...? Thanks for any guidance. Dennis
  7. In an alternate universe DI has created the ultimate low cost wireless in a Helix design with "modeled wireless" units for different sounds. From first Sampson wireless with the slight breakup ability to the 2078 Line 6 creative cloud wireless and beyond. Man I just killed the wireless dream - please don't flame me. Now on a more serious note I was offered a substantial amount of capital for almost all my gear. So I just received the Limited Edition Helix in Space Gray and must say it feels like Helix II in that the darn thing is clearer and boots extremely fast. I did have an early release of the Helix that was part of the gear I parted with so maybe DI can weigh in and let me know if the LE Helix is slightly different under the hood. Seriously the thing just smokes. ... But not to totality steal the thread ... I would like to see the top grade modeler be just that - a top grade Helix II and it's own piece of the musicians every greater dream of finding "that tone". Yet as I type this I really can't find anytime wrong with what Line 6 has accomplished with the Helix. Maybe more CPU and a slightly longer path chain with 14 buttons ... that's my dream and I'm sticking to it. Dennis
  8. DI - Tell the Line 6 crew Yahoo & Far out!! Thanks for this as the update went very smooth. As a baseline I followed the instructions you gave. The backup was quick and I started the firmware update at 3:07pm Pacific today and it completed with a full boot into my patches at 3:15pm Pacific today. Now to play! Just plain Dennis
  9. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing with the Helix. So ... I am using this "shut-in" time to accomplish many home, music, & fun projects. This is an amazing feature. Looks like my Helix project just got #1 priority! Dennis
  10. My laptop is in need of an upgrade sooooo.... I decided to use my Windows 10 workstation. I installed the same release I currently had (2.82) on my floor Helix and did a complete backup as well as a individual setlist backup because I am that neurotic. I installed HX Edit 2.90 and complete FS9+FS10 reset on my Helix before re-connecting to the system. I used HX Edit via the login icon to upgrade the Helix to 2.91; my first time using HX Edit direct and find this to be a really nice feature. I then did something I have never done ... Once it started the process I walked away (I know I am tempting the fates) for about 20 minutes or so and when I returned the Helix was upgraded, rebuilt, and rebooted. I then restored the IR & Global settings then only installed two of my setlists since I am going to try a new approach to building my the parallel path Helix to PA and 4CM to Boogie later. Then I switched off then back on the Helix using FS10+FS11 to force the rebuild just because. The upgrade was swift. It is the individual preparation before and after that I choose that added the extra time. I did a final backup after I was finished and noted that the 2.91 does take a little longer then any previous version to date; not much but it is a little more. Dennis PS: All in all it went very well.
  11. Are you actually saying you also have another system with Windows 10 using the Helix drivers and not ASIO4ALL? And you experience the same issue with that system? Thanks for any clarification Dennis
  12. I purchased the Helix for the "what if" possibilities it seemed to open up. I have stayed for the same reason. It is very versatile for me and has paid for itself with the multitude of upgrades I have worked through. I use it with two paths - 4CM to a Mesa Boogie and complete emulation path out to PA with 3rd party stomps. I also use it as an all-in-one FX-Amp modeler now that the KOT has been modeled. While practice on my instrument is required to improve my ability and technique daily I have discovered the Helix has allowed me to really dive into a very creative sonic realm regarding the "I wonder what placing this or that block in this or that path in this or that way will do or sound like". It is rare I sell gear after a mistake I made with a 1969 ES-335 back in 1976 but someday I am sure I will be in a place to down-size - someday hasn't come yet ;-) YMMV Dennis
  13. Same here. I then do a global reset after the update before restoring IRs & Global settings only from the backup. I will restore setlists individually as over the course of waiting for updates I tend to re-think my setlists when I have down time. This way I may only restore two of the three to five setlists I have based upon needs and initial testing prior to a show. And just a note I started with v1.04 when it came out after my Helix purchase. I have a lot of various backups based upon the export ... backup technology over the years Line 6 has been upgrading the Helix system. And I only use Firefox to download the software. That is my experience to date Dennis
  14. jpdennis

    My update story

    After reading and rereading the instructions I have yet to have a failure during the update process; this is since day-one of ownership 3 to 4 years ago. Not sure if it helps however, I use a browser OTHER THAN Internet Explorer to download most critical updates and that is per Line 6 instructions as well as my experience over the past several years with other vendor products.
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