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  1. DI - Tell the Line 6 crew Yahoo & Far out!! Thanks for this as the update went very smooth. As a baseline I followed the instructions you gave. The backup was quick and I started the firmware update at 3:07pm Pacific today and it completed with a full boot into my patches at 3:15pm Pacific today. Now to play! Just plain Dennis
  2. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing with the Helix. So ... I am using this "shut-in" time to accomplish many home, music, & fun projects. This is an amazing feature. Looks like my Helix project just got #1 priority! Dennis
  3. My laptop is in need of an upgrade sooooo.... I decided to use my Windows 10 workstation. I installed the same release I currently had (2.82) on my floor Helix and did a complete backup as well as a individual setlist backup because I am that neurotic. I installed HX Edit 2.90 and complete FS9+FS10 reset on my Helix before re-connecting to the system. I used HX Edit via the login icon to upgrade the Helix to 2.91; my first time using HX Edit direct and find this to be a really nice feature. I then did something I have never done ... Once it started the process I walked away (I know I am tempting the fates) for about 20 minutes or so and when I returned the Helix was upgraded, rebuilt, and rebooted. I then restored the IR & Global settings then only installed two of my setlists since I am going to try a new approach to building my the parallel path Helix to PA and 4CM to Boogie later. Then I switched off then back on the Helix using FS10+FS11 to force the rebuild just because. The upgrade was swift. It is the individual preparation before and after that I choose that added the extra time. I did a final backup after I was finished and noted that the 2.91 does take a little longer then any previous version to date; not much but it is a little more. Dennis PS: All in all it went very well.
  4. Are you actually saying you also have another system with Windows 10 using the Helix drivers and not ASIO4ALL? And you experience the same issue with that system? Thanks for any clarification Dennis
  5. I purchased the Helix for the "what if" possibilities it seemed to open up. I have stayed for the same reason. It is very versatile for me and has paid for itself with the multitude of upgrades I have worked through. I use it with two paths - 4CM to a Mesa Boogie and complete emulation path out to PA with 3rd party stomps. I also use it as an all-in-one FX-Amp modeler now that the KOT has been modeled. While practice on my instrument is required to improve my ability and technique daily I have discovered the Helix has allowed me to really dive into a very creative sonic realm regarding the "I wonder what placing this or that block in this or that path in this or that way will do or sound like". It is rare I sell gear after a mistake I made with a 1969 ES-335 back in 1976 but someday I am sure I will be in a place to down-size - someday hasn't come yet ;-) YMMV Dennis
  6. Same here. I then do a global reset after the update before restoring IRs & Global settings only from the backup. I will restore setlists individually as over the course of waiting for updates I tend to re-think my setlists when I have down time. This way I may only restore two of the three to five setlists I have based upon needs and initial testing prior to a show. And just a note I started with v1.04 when it came out after my Helix purchase. I have a lot of various backups based upon the export ... backup technology over the years Line 6 has been upgrading the Helix system. And I only use Firefox to download the software. That is my experience to date Dennis
  7. jpdennis

    My update story

    After reading and rereading the instructions I have yet to have a failure during the update process; this is since day-one of ownership 3 to 4 years ago. Not sure if it helps however, I use a browser OTHER THAN Internet Explorer to download most critical updates and that is per Line 6 instructions as well as my experience over the past several years with other vendor products.
  8. Could you upload a picture of what you are seeing in place of the stomps?
  9. I wish a I had a quarter for every time a fellow employee in my department didn't read the instructions and takes two weeks to work on a project only to come to me for a solution. So I read the documents which can take from 20 minutes to 3 hours based upon the system. At that point I prepare a system from scratch and never fail to have it running successfully at the most within an 8 hour period. Granted if the Line 6 _________ (fill in the name of yours) is broken that is a wild card. However, from my perspective Digital Igloo, Phil, and others have provided not just a direct path to installing the upgrade, they have already provided a list of known issues you could run into; said list let me think about my next choice of upgrading or not. And if the upgrade truly is unusable they have provided the path back to a working version. Though may be I am misreading (pun intended) the instructions and getting lucky. Just Plain Dennis PS: I do agree it would be great to have the Line 6 staff wait until any and every bug is resolved before releasing the upgrade; search every "I WANT IT NOW" thread from day one to think about how that would really play out. Thank God the tuner was fixed! Crap - did I just mention the tuner? <wink and a nod>
  10. After a complete restore from Backup I resolved this by powering off, FS10-FS11 "Upgrade to latest format" then going into Global settings and changing the behavior to "Model", use it once, change back to "Selection", use it once, then shutdown and turn on again. If it appears again I am going to try MonkeyXT's suggestion as well.
  11. Interesting post. I was cautious during the update and was reading the screen. It took about 10 or 12 minutes since I knew to click the OK button everything time it came up. Used it after a week break from playing live venues at least twice every weekend for the past several months. Our sound man said it was the clearest and best sound he has heard since I've been using the Helix. Have I had a couple of bugs, well yes. Did I find work-arounds until the next update, yep. And yes I am sure I use it different from others. However, I use the on board EXP and switching between the Vol and a Wah or the Vol and Drop or Drop and Wah in several of the patches haven't been problematic; having the sweep value has been GREAT by the way. I must be lucky.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. My joy stick works fine for everything but adding a new model in an unoccupied location. I have to double tap it (not hard just twice). Then it wakes up to let me select the model I want to add. If a model is existing at that location it works fine. I'll check this when I get home this evening.
  13. I use Firefox and never have a problem, YET ...
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