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  1. jpdennis

    Amplification Survey Re: PowerCab & Helix

    I took the survey. Not using cabs. Our PA engineer has worked with me to get the monitors to give myself and the other performers what they ask for. Venue owners and the crowd like the Front of House sound and keep hiring us back so ... I did explain that as clearly as possible so the results of my responses probably place me outside the target demographics.
  2. jpdennis

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    Just updated last night and really like the choices for the tuner. I moved through the three selections watching for some noticeable variance that would have me choose one over the others. That did not happen. All three are usable, in my opinion - YMMV. The strobe is rather cool!! A couple of my patches sound better to my ears and I will be creating some new ones this evening. Thank you Line 6 Dennis
  3. jpdennis

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    WAIT!!!!, Are you saying we are supposed to be tuning our instruments? ;-)
  4. jpdennis

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    It comes in convertible, compact, hybrid, and perpetual motion as well. Plus it will have the older game asteroids for those who need something to do during intermission and the release of 3.0
  5. jpdennis

    Helix mystery - Need your help, please!

    I opted for the TRITON AUDIO Phantom Power Blocker Connector https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1245018-REG/triton_audio_phantom_blocker_phantom_power_blocker_connector.html?ap=y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsMfz4sGF2wIVCxMbCh217wYEEAQYAiABEgL0TvD_BwE
  6. jpdennis

    Violin-like volume swells with volume pedal set to "Logarithmic"

    https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Boss-Slow-Gear-SG-1/818934-23508#idea-tab-comments There was a post in this forum around april 2016 which actully demonstrated what the SG-1 can do.
  7. jpdennis

    No where else to turn to before I return My Helix

    To start, if you have been using the Helix for several months or even a year then I may not have anything of value for you, however ... [My beginnings] I may have a different take as I started by going direct to PA. For me it took a lot of trial and error to find what I liked as well as A/B'ing against a few of my favorite amps. Once I felt comfortable I then used the PA to dial in the sound in a staged sound room. Once in the live performance I work with the crew to get a final tone check and they are getting rather good at finding what I like wherever we play now. At that point I only used the floor monitor systems or in-ears to hear what I play and trust the PA mixing crew to make it sound great out front. I find that my various guitars sound good and I use the volume pots as well as the tone pots for rolling off and on based upon what I am needing in the songs and what passage I am in; that being verse, chorus, bridge, and/or solo based upon the song. I am sure you are doing the same and want that magical touch response as well as the clean to drive. I do not know how long you've had your Helix; if only for a month or so then the people in this forum have given some great advise to people like myself when I started out and still have great insight. I search the forum using key words and adjusting those key words until I find something that could give me insight into what I am looking for. I also use IRs for cab simulation and have learned about where to cut my highs and lows from the speaker sims of those IRs. [At this stage] I now use a path (in my case path 1) direct to PA and then path 2 uses the 4CM to one of my Mesa amps while using a SM57 to mic that beast. I then A/B both channels until I get the balance I want. On path 1 I actually have a F/S set to switch between two different amp (not combo nor pre-amp by the way) for several reasons based upon how clean and shimmering I want the amp to be as well as how responsive to touch. Since I have path 2 in 4CM i do not use any amps or IRs on that path. And the balance and compliment in tonality is very pleasing to my ears, our sound crew, and apparently others as I keep getting compliments; to the point I am now being called a fine artist instead of a fine guitarist though I am a guitarist, so ... ;-) [Final thought] It has taken me some time (gosh ... about 2 years+ at this point) with the Helix as I started with a Floor-Pod Plus just for short recording gigs (off and on for about a year) then went to the HD500X for a minute as the Helix became available to the public 4 weeks after I got the HD500X and Guitar Center made me a sweet deal on the Helix after accepting the HD500X back with no loss of cash on my side. And I did have good luck with getting my tones down but like everything in my music career I am always looking to improve and not just settle. I don't have the modeling experience of you and others in this forum and other blogs I have read. But I have been using "analog" amps (wow that phrase just hurts my brain) since 1967. Point on that is I do know what I like and how to get the tones out of the "analog" realm with various pedals I have had and/or still have over that time and carry over that ability into the digital modeling side. I can successfully use the Helix just direct to PA if I want and I do from time to time now. It was just a huge learning curve but it really was worth the time spent for me. But that is just me. Good luck in your decision and whatever that decision is I am sure it will be the right one for you. Dennis
  8. jpdennis

    Line 6 Relay G75 $299 today

    Thanks for the 411 zooey. Anyone know what the real reliable signal distance is?
  9. jpdennis

    Helix extended service.

    I have come to rely so heavily on the Helix that I got the warranty with loaner capability. With the slight difference in cost it just makes sense for me.
  10. jpdennis

    Helix extended service.

    I had my card statement as well as the shipping information via an email. That worked for me.
  11. jpdennis

    How to get rid of hum

    Due to the various venues and their "individually unique" power feeds this is an issue that has plagued me no matter what amp I use even when using my Monster 3500 exclusively for all power connections. I have the Ebtech Hum Eliminator and it works great. I have used Behringer and Pyle as well with success. Dennis
  12. jpdennis

    Helix Service Plus Available Now

    I purchased the Helix Advance Replacement within time. Thought I needed to use it but it was merely a block change issue. Still, having this piece of mind is worth it.
  13. jpdennis

    Overdrive/distortion tones not sounding good at all

    WickedFinger, Nice ... I use the Flux Drive as well and find it very organic and musical while being more pronounced in the mix of things. I was having my Heartbreaker repaired when these pedals first came out and Rich sold me on it. He, oh so subtly, said ... "While your waiting for the paper work why not see what you think of our brand new pedals. Try them all with this old LoneStar." Hahahaha Dennis
  14. jpdennis

    Extended Warranty: Thank you CS

    I had an RMA sent to me back in September of 2016. Line 6 Tony explained that the warranty is a pickup of where my original warranty fell off as I purchased the original in March of 2016. Before I had the conversation with Tony I realized my original registration was gone due to the RMA so I went and set it up using the September 27th 2016 date which was wrong. I was able to correct this to reflect the March 8, 2016 date and attach the Guitar Center shipping email receipt of purchase as well as a snippet of the RMA support thread into a PDF as my proof of purchase. I also called support today to tell them I had made the mistake. The gentleman told me that they are a little flexible about the date due to the Guitar Center shipping versus ordering versus actual in my hot hands timeline so not to worry. In addition, two days ago I purchased the Extended warranty with instant replacement while at the shop. This provides me immediate shipping of a loaner until mine is returned. For me that type of cost versus the out-of pocket cost of full replacement is great peace of mind as a well as a small percentage compared to the costs other companies have "offered" me in the past. Line 6 is a rare breed to allow us this type of understanding, flexibility, and customer service. Just wanted to give a shout out to the CS and the whole Line 6 company. Dennis
  15. jpdennis

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Too soon for me to tell. I should have some idea by this Sunday.