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  1. jpdennis

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    So this isn't the year 2525? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKQfxi8V5FA Darn it wrong thread again! I think Line 6 is recoding me … Good Morning Dave
  2. jpdennis


    Where's the other half? Over kill? Naw! LOL
  3. jpdennis

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Hmm, is this the wrong thread to share how I really like the latest Helix Firmware 3.02.13454. Drat! ;-)
  4. jpdennis

    Future Helix 2

    Spikey, you know the answer. They are them. Now about that QOSP value … :-)
  5. jpdennis

    Helix and Tube Amp

    I'm going to be mostly general and rarely specific since I find my opinion is usually qualitative based upon my ears, style, guitars, & likes in balance and sound. And this has been a labor (long and tedious but in the end satisfying for me, the band, and my soundman) of love but to the point … My take on this is based upon venue. Inside small club and/or on small stage in large club I have a great sound with my Helix itself. Outside (and sometimes on a large stage in a very large enclosed building venue) I use guitar in to a split path - A goes to the mono XLR out with complete Helix effects using the most talked about way of running those FX blocks going before the Amp block to FX between amp to speaker IR to after speaker to XLR mono to PA channel #x1; Path B is four cable with no amp or speaker IRs going to one of my Boogies based upon my mood and sometimes with a slant Marshall (either way SM57 on the speaker of choice). As far as "unity" I set the path A & B gains, Send/Return (loop) FX block(s) gains, XLR & 1/4 OUT gains, and line or instrument setting(s) based upon what I am using the S/R FX block for (mostly the Amp send/return and sometimes a legacy or digital outboard FX pedal); it is here I set my Helix Vol pot to between 12 and 2. I have to add I spend a lot of time with my sound man and level software to do what I call "normalizing" the output volumes of my patches coming from the XLR mono out. I then use my headphones (in my case some DT 990 pros 250 ohms) to come close to similar sound(s) for the path to my 4CM to Boogie. I have also standardized on which Helix Amp I like for my specific guitars (several solid bodies 6s, a solid body 7, and two acoustics for those rare times) I use and my speaker IR of choice; the why could be a whole other thread though there are many threads in the Helix forum that address this. My soundman likes the Helix by itself in most small to large clubs as a rule. Outside he likes me using my Helix and the live amp since "... it does something outside that the Helix doesn't by itself outside" … his words; he does say the Helix inside small clubs does it by itself - go figure ;-). I have used many of the tips and tricks I have read in this forum over the past several years and it has been amazingly helpful. The people who constantly contribute are veritable fountains of knowledge. And the new comers who are like we all have been early on can come up with some amazing insights that turn my thinking upside down and really help me immensely. Oh yea, the point … for me the Helix is not a "drop water and expand to excellent stage sound" mechanism. It is a tool just like our fingers, mind, ears, individual imagination, and the "analog" amps and FX devices as well as the other digital devices we choose to incorporate into our dreams and musicianship. Just a vehicle to somewhere we want to take the audience/listener. For me I have a sound I want and I do not let just one train of thought limit how I want to express myself. On the other hand it can be painful wanting to play more while I am stuck in the "realm of finding the sound locked in my headphone sound chamber world". But I have found the Helix is just as satisfying by itself as it is with my amp based upon venue. Of course watch some newbie come and blow my mind with some thought or setting that turns what I just shared into hogwash. Either way - read this forum to use what works for you & discard that which does not, dream big, and play well my brothers & sisters Just plain (jp) Dennis PS: for me I didn't pick up the guitar and instantly played Mozart. It took me a couple years of training and practice before I played OK. Then more until I become proficient. Then finding the right amp took a while as well as getting the darn thing to emulate what I heard in my head. The Helix has let me get from point A to point B in a relatively short time compared to the years I have spent getting my sound. And it really is like a studio when I think of how the recordings I've been on are engineered. Go have fun … you'll get it! YMMV
  6. jpdennis

    Odd preset after updated to 2.71 on HX Effects

    I do not have your unit. However, as a test you would first do a backup of any of your custom presets then preform a factory reset. If this odd preset comes back the next step is to either wait for a response from someone who can verify it is a bad preset or not. Or call customer support. Even a question like this should be a quick reply from CS.
  7. jpdennis

    Colors of switches in channel changing on me.

    Hmm, try this. Set EQ block to the off (bypass) by using the bypass square button. Make sure the Distortion is on (not bypassed). Just touch (don't press) the FS that these are set to. See if every time you touch the FS just once if the color changes AND note the block that is highlighted. If it is the same thing I have seen you should at some point see the ring as Bright Red. Then save. Now, press the switch with something like a sock over your hand so the touch response doesn't get in the way of this test. If it is what I have seen you should now have the color on the FS ring in the color and state you want based upon the Distortion being on or off. If I am reading this correctly, you are using a single FS for the "switching effect" and want the Red lit when the Distortion is on and red dim when the EQ is on; I apologize if I am misreading your post. FYI - If I am correct it may take some practice to get the "only touch" and "color state" you want down correctly. This will happen even if you manually set the color of the ring by customizing the darn thing. It took me a while to get this down.
  8. jpdennis

    Swell Effect? Jake E Lee Rig Rundown

    I am not near my Helix however there is a stock patch for Dreams. I've taken that and adjusted it to get close to this. It is a lot of trial and error. It uses the auto vol before the amp and the autoswell after with the LA Comp behind that if you want to normalize any trails.
  9. Outstanding. I will try this this weekend as well.
  10. Nice. Thanks. Now I have to go back to the drawing board! ;-)
  11. jpdennis

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Wait, there is a built in coffee maker. I missed that! What about the motorized retractable awning? Oh crap … I just became a Beavis. Forgive all! ;-)
  12. jpdennis

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I set it up for emails about the end of the first year of Helix ownership. And yet, I still look - don't look - that's was the other voice in my head!
  13. I'll double check when I get to the Helix this evening
  14. jpdennis

    Does and Amp+Cab block exist for Ampeg?

    As phil_m said you can use just one block. Select the SV Beast you want (I think there are two) then page to the right until you see the speaker choices.
  15. I am using the same Y cable as you though it took me two times to decide the one I wanted activated when switching the channel and I place my hum eliminator at the final stage - the footswitch jack on the amp. I do not have any hum. I am using instrument. One caveat is all my equipment runs into a single well grounded circuit via a power conditioner as well; in addition I always have a three light receptacle tester with me.