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  1. I did have best recording result: helix send1-->amp input-->amp out to Capture input (red)--> Capture's balanced dry signal to Helix return1-->XLR out. Guitar-OD(fxloop2)-Noisegate-amp(fxloop1)-delay-IR-->
  2. Do you think is there any differnce about the sound if I'm using 4CM (effects loop) or the method you are using? Thinking about the amp's raw sound coming to Helix before thr IR..
  3. Thanks for replys. Sorry for my unclear message at the beginning. I have mesa single rectifier with modified fx loop to serial. And my intend is using BALANCED line out to fx return. Purpose is for silent recording and use the IRs I have loaded in to Helix.
  4. Hi, How do I connect the cables If I'm using Two Notes Torpedo Captor load box with my tube amp? Is this corret: Helix send 1 to amp's input then load box output to helix return 1? Then IR block?
  5. Thanks for reply. I use my Seymour Duncan 805 OD pedal in fx loop 2. Guitar-OD(fxloop2)-Noisegate-FXLoop1(amp)-delay-echo-->4x12 cab (v30)
  6. I think I need to also adjust return and send levels of fxloop..? At band practise session I did not get as great tones out of my single rectifier as I get when connected straight to amp! (I have modified the parallel fxloop to series, so that should not be an issue) I have also set the volume knob to control XLR only from global settings.
  7. One question more. Do I need to set out put to line or instrument? I read some old forum where was mentioned that single rectifier's effects loop is line level. "I spoke with Boogie on the phone today and wanted to post the answer incase anyone hits this thread through a search in the future. The loop is line level." http://forum.grailtone.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21239 Do I need to change the 1/4 out to line or the fx loop block (amp) to line or just leave to instrument? is there any difference? Confused..
  8. One question more. Do I need to set out put to line or instrument?
  9. I have connected Helix with four cable method to Mesa Single v2. Also I have connected 1xTRS+2xmono ( Y-cable) cabels into helix ext amp and Mesa Single Rectifier's rear pannel channel and solo. I can get the switching work but, then, Infernal buzzing and humming starts. I killed the humming with Behringer microhd hd400 but theres comming this electrical buzzing noise from inside the Mesa when swtiching the clean channel's "pushed" switch on!! Is the Helix even compatible with Mesa single rectifier when changing channels (ext amp) or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for advise.
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