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  1. I am going to have to try this block. Thanks for the informative thread. When I was working on the road during the late 70s / early 80s I wish I had the Helix. I had to change strings every week on the Sunday travel to the next job. And sometimes in awkward positions in a darn over-stuffed van! ;-)
  2. I have bookmarked the links. In the middle of work. However, for $20.00 I think this will be very valuable. Especially as the talk is the current Helix version will be in play for some time.
  3. theElevators, Thanks for the feedback. I have the Helix Floor not the LT. codamedia, I will use that and see. Thanks! datacommando, Thanks as well! I'm going to be investigating the various solutions. I haven't had the chance to keep up lately with the various music work I have found as well as my "soon to retire from" non-music career. I will report back once I have investigated and get a chance to breathe! lol just plain dennis
  4. I thought I read a topic concerning this yet I cannot find it so .. Since the last update I have this issue with my Volume Pedal block. After moving between a few presets regardless of the number of snapshots my volume pedal block changes on its own in the following manner; At full down it will be anything but 100. It may be 94 or 97 or even 92. In addition when full up it will be anything but zero. It may be 4 or 7 or 8. The fix is, of course, to reboot though not the best approach when segue from song to song in groups of 3 or 4 is the demand of the group. Any thoughts and has this been discussed yet I just haven't stumbled upon the correct search string? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas Dennis
  5. Well, all, I did it I purchased Helix Native and Reaper yesterday to see if I can manage to normalize my Helix output signal as well as improve on my tones before I start recording my ideas. I just wanted to say the Helix Native Forum has already helped me with the "authorized device" issue for the install. I will stick to the Helix Native forum for those questions and this forum for my Helix Floor questions. Just thought I'd let you know I am learning to DAW crawl! So far it has been quite rewarding but the real test will be our next performance this coming Saturday Dennis
  6. Just wanted to say hello. First I want to thank the members for posting in this searchable database. I already solved one issue. I have never used a DAW before so I am really treading new territory. I purchased reaper & Helix Native yesterday for many reasons. My main one is to see if I can normalize all levels with respect to my Helix patches. The second is to learn DAW and start recording my ideas. I built my recent system; Windows 10 Enterprise AMD Ryzen 7 3700X MSI MPG X570 MB Corsair Vengeance Ram (32GB) Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 500GB Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 Reaper 6.29 x64 I have a couple 1TB SSD internal drives and several 8TB external for off loading data. My question is ... does anyone see any problems with my setup so far? I will be replacing the memory with 64GB next month and the Ryzen 9 5950X once the supply chain improves or I find some special. I will be purchasing an audio interface as well but for now I am using my Helix. Let me know if I am missing anything. Thanks in advance Just Plain Dennis
  7. I am glad I found this topic before I freaked out too much. I had the same problem after deciding to purchase Reaper and Helix Native yesterday. I have reached my limit of authorized devices which I didn't realize. I deauthorized all the older units that I had retired or had crashed. Now everything is working as expected. Thank you UnTimid and datacommando for the solution and thread for further troubleshooting. Dennis
  8. jpdennis

    Setlist swaps?

    The Metal-i-Kid ... great to know I am not alone. I have been doing this for a few and find it a lot easier as long as the lead vocalist doesn't forget the list order. I have a FX ID next to the song which lets me reuse certain presets that multiple snapshots may allow for use in more than one song. And that way I can keep up with the vocalist's re-list from time to time. Of course I still have adjust my setlist FS per setlist from time to time. Just Plain Dennis
  9. Datacammando, Now I have something else to add to my tool bag. Thanks. I did see the video when it came out but failed to realize the full impact of that one feature. Dennis
  10. Station Alert! This may be my fault. Remember back in some distant post to how I was saying I always backup then reset to factory settings before upgrading then reset again after upgrading, restore from backup, then manually update my restored patches to the latest firmware version again so it can do it for me automatically upon the next reboot, and finally manually update just because; intentional long sentence to prove my neurosis. Maybe I passed my neurosis over to the engineers? Now, back to your regularly scheduled debate of speedos versus fig leaf!
  11. You may want to consider this item; EM CUSTOM. Loopers, Midi controllers, interfaces ... Dennis PS: Read about this item and even reach out to the developers if you have any questions. The drop down before purchase tells which amp you want to use it for.
  12. I had saved for a few months several years ago to purchase the HD500X. I had the FloorPod Plus and the band I am in wanted to give the sound person more control and less mis matched stage balance. So I go and purchase the HD500X about three weeks before the Helix come out. While I had no problem with HD500X I realized I should jump in and get the Helix since Guitar Center said they'd give me my full refund for purchase on the HD500X. I had made about 15 patches that I liked for the HD500X but I still returned it and purchased the Helix. At first I had some issues due to the overwhelming amount of ability the Helix has. I am very glad I made the switch. I mean, yes I like the color and the clarity of the visual display panel is clear the HX Edit program has been a boon for me It is much easier to create and then tweak the patches I make It is very intuitive of I have to make changes during practice or a show as I work directly with the sound engineers The updates are quite impressive whether slight bug fix or a complete additions of FX blocks The amazing helping hands I have received in this forum or on YouTube or even when running into someone else using the Helix is not only impressive, it is quite valuable to the added information I can glean as well as share I should say the number one thing is that the Line 6 support team is responsive and quite collaborative but that is regardless of the product you may own The way it works as a stand alone or with a valve amp or SS amp is quite useful though more and more with the F/W upgrades I am using is as my on stage rig. There is more I can say however most of the others have said it or touched upon it. In the end it is your choice though I can't think of a better choice to upgrade to. Dennis
  13. Wait, what about 3.02 ... 3.09? oh no Mr Bill!
  14. I am fairly certain he does. However, I was going to do the same thing so ... he beat me to it! ;-)
  15. I thought I'd ask this question since I see many OP threads on issues and or questions concerning the Helix FX family that have been addressed in detail in existing threads with several nice solutions. When I did a search on "use search" I found a thread in which stevekc had directed someone to use search in 2015. I have used the feature improperly and properly in the past. I see that the Line 6 crew have added some suggestions on how to use it once you start to use the search feature itself. I find it useful if and when I figure out the phrase and or phrasing to use to get a result. Not sure if this is a great question to ask but I thought I'd put it our here that it works well for me and saves me time in waiting for replies concerning issues and or needs I have. Have others found the search feature helpful or a bother? Dennis
  16. In regards to the initial question by the Guest OP. The polyphonic feature has already helped me dial in a clean and extremely satisfying polyphonic setting for three of my patches. I have found that the new FX models & features as they are added seem to let me become more curious in regards to the "what if?" code in my DNA. YMMV Dennis
  17. Bank down in 3.00 skips bank 1 - Helix - Line 6 Community
  18. Jeff, please prepend this thread with [SOLVED] Thanks Dennis
  19. And a big thank you to Line 6 for updating the Pilot's Guide for v3.00 as it is now locally on my computer after the HX Edit v3.00 install. Dennis
  20. I am using a Windows 10 Enterprise OS system. After years of updating with out any failure this finally happened to me yesterday. I do not use usb hubs, I do have the connection on the usb port closest to the power supply, etc. However without any previous updating issues up to and including v 2.92, I have been using a usb extender cable for ease of access due to how my desk area is setup & the metal box is set in a desk cubby hole... yep. I am lazy that way. My solution was to remove all the remnants of the 2.92 install and the 1.92 & 1.93 drivers; then i installed HX Edit v3.00 fresh. Then I rebooted my machine and after the third time of following the instructions I am quoting from datacommando's post it worked perfectly using HX Edit itself. Looks like I am going to stop using the usb extension in the future. Of course once my re-fi closes on my current home and I purchase our retirement home in Tennessee I will be buying a new laptop as my old one of 12 years finally bit it; its true. Happy trails all. And hopefully this thread has now covered about every issue new (and some of us older) users have ran into. Dennis
  21. OK, I am sure it can get better, however, I have gotten fairly close to Nirvana. For now I am merely talking about the Acoustic EQ, the 12 string, the Poly Capo, and the Das Benzin FX blocks. As Line 6 offered more and more FX blocks leading up to and including 2.92 I had been using a filter to drop my guitar tuning but it seemed a little distorted when punching triads if not full chords (kind of expected). Since I constantly use my guitars volume and tone pots during my playing as well I could control the beast to some extent. With the Poly Capo my ease of use for this drop tuning issue is greatly solved; I use a 1970 Gold top and 1983 Strat. As far as the attempt to get acoustic guitar or 12 string acoustic or mandolin or even Dobro out of my stock guitars I had similar challenges; slight distortion and the 12 string could not get a comfortable polyphonic sound even just using a diatonic style of playing. Creating the four aforementioned patches with the new Line 6 12 string, Poly Capo, and Acoustic EQ cleared up all my challenges. The polyphonic sound is extremely satisfying to my ears using the Line 6 FX blocks instead of the IRs I had been using. And yes there are more new features like the favorites and the ability to have custom settings on my go-to blocks as well (not at my home studio so I cannot remember the exact term but there you go). Now for the up and coming "when is the next firmware upgrade" posts and blah blah blah. Please don't flame me as I don't start those; anymore ;-). Now about that tuner ... I am joking!!!!!!!!! (Shutup Dennis) lol
  22. Regardless of how you get there, the Benzin Amp is amazing. I upgraded to v3.00 yesterday late afternoon. After making some adjustments to my go-to setlist I thought I'd play around with my scratch-pad setlist I use for testing prior to moving to my go-to set list. All I can say is "WOW!" After setting up my template I use with the 2x12 interstate cab I added a tone sovereign & gate at the front then seasoned to my personal liking. So far I have two snapshots to go between the stock Benzin settings and the tone sovereign and gate. But it is amazing. Just Plain Dennis PS: Thought I'd attempt to bring this back to the Benzin even if it wasn't the OP's focus of "where is it".
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