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  1. rvroberts

    HX effects with Amp1 - strange noise and artifacts

    Hi, I'd be very surprised if it was the HXFX. Known noise issue - I don't think so - you just show yourself that you can put the unit in other noise crucial applications without noise problems. It's either something about how you are connecting the devices, or the BluGuitar that is faulty. Just for interest you can see an interview with Jennifer Batten where she does exactly what you are trying to do.
  2. rvroberts

    Humbuckers and the 'Guitar In Pad'

    I'm inclined to agree with the above from MusicLaw. But I'm going to point at a couple of other potential maybes! Have you had a fiddle with the input impedance? Back in the early days you needed to set this - then auto seemed to work fine and everyone seemed to forget about it. So it's designed to match up to your pickups - but the Helix is not now seeing your pickups - it's seeing the Giggity. Maybe that's a potential problem? You may well need to drop the input level overall - till it reduces the Humbuckers to the strat level? Otherwise you will need to adjust all your patches individually. Personally. I'd never be plugging a humbucker into the exact same patch as a Strat - I'd be wanting to adjust gain and EQ at least specific to the guitar - so I'd have different patches for each guitar - but that's up to you. Hope some of that might help?
  3. and another - https://barefootbuttons.com/product-category/version-1/
  4. I don't agree this is the wrong place to post this! It would be if the only solution were a change in software/firmware - but have you considered a physical change?? There are risers and extenders for foot switches. If you were to make all the footswitches that you want to hit easier to hit than the patch up down switches - might that fix your problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbgJOVDGmhY
  5. rvroberts

    Trying to create a tone

    Have you tried pulling the high cut all the way down to 5K? My first few weeks were painful till I realised 5K is pretty normal for guitar.
  6. rvroberts

    Computer screen viewing Helix LT

    Make sure you use the same version of HX Edit as the firmware version of your Helix
  7. I see your problem! No one can guarantee that the Helix - floor or rack - will make you as happy as the Kemper. If you had the Kemper head with the built in amp, I'd just use the HX FX as an effects unit and patch changer in front of the Kemper - then you'd have all the smarts like snapshots and still get your tone from the Kemper. That you need a power amp and speakers starts to make this a messy setup for live. I like the Helix floor - I don't see why anyone wants the rack except if it's built in a studio setup. But the floor is instead of the Kemper - you would need to try it for enough time to get past the initial learning curve - not so much the learning curve of programming - that's pretty simple if you have experience with amps and pedals - but the EQ that's needed to get it sounding good. And I'd really suggest that the DT50 is a bad choice for that - you plug your Kemper into that?? i suspect you are EQing around a setup that is not really doing your Kemper justice - but then maybe it's the limitations of that system you like? after all, low and high cuts are the first thing you do with an FRFR system - the DT50 might be doing that for free! To make the Helix sing, you need a good FRFR system. You then need to EQ it with suitable low and high cuts and potentially some mid kick depending on your speakers. When you got that happening, you would know if you could live with the Helix or not. I personally can - but I'm not you. Try to find someone who has musical tastes that aren't a million miles from yours and who uses a Helix and get them to work with you to get some sounds - then you can make an informed decision. Don't stuff around with the HD500 and the HX Stomp - it's just getting into more mess and less clear path to your sound. If nothing sounds as good as your Kemper (even if you have to run it through the DT50!} then get the HX FX and use it to control everything else through snapshots and midi.
  8. rvroberts

    External Looper with Helix LT

    Have you considered that you can run the looper into the front of the Helix or after the helix? You don't have to put it in a loop. The loop might work well for you though if you wanted to use it in some patches live.
  9. rvroberts

    Are Helixes Identical ?

    Well you need to connect them side by side and check - cause one's faulty if you have that kind of difference.
  10. rvroberts

    Are Helixes Identical ?

    I'd bet the tiny variation in AtoD and D to A is so slight you wouldn't notice without test gear. And the digital stuff in the middle - 100% exact. Get more variation changing your cables.
  11. rvroberts

    Can I use with a tube amp or do I need a FRFR cabinet?

    I'm surprised no-one has suggested the obvious. If you are planning FRFR in the future, or thinking a lot of recording, the Helix is a good choice. However, if you plan on using it for FX with the amp, and want to keep using an amp, the HXFX is the better choice. It's all the effects without the amps and cabs.
  12. rvroberts

    Ts312 help

    Your alto 312 is FRFR - think of it as the PA. Your Helix is putting out full range too. But a guitar stack doesn't. Typically you have serious cut below 100hz and above 5KHz. That is what you need - not only will your bottom end tighten right up (you might find you can put back some bottoms in your amp for example), but the smoothness of your distorted sounds will improve out of sight. You can do that with Global EQ or in the cuts in the speaker simulation (or IR). Although doing it per patch gives you the option to tweak those for each patch, I'm yet to be convinced a general global EQ as described above isn't a 95% fix for everything. Then patch EQ is just fine tuning. 12inch guitar speakers have no resemblance to the 12 in your Alto - it's a full range speaker, not a guitar speaker. The EQ I'm suggestion sounds fine out to FOH too.
  13. rvroberts

    Helix Floor: Auto Engage Wah w/ toe button- How?

    Hi Macnevine, As I understand it, you can't do what you want exactly. The video above is for the rack not the floor unit. This pedal model acts exactly as the onboard expression pedal on the floor but for the rack. So (and you might not notice it if you don't actually stand on it because it's very heavy and needs a bit of body weight) the onboard expression unit is the one with a toe switch. So if you want it to work just like a typical Wah, the onboard pedal will do this - just put a wah in you chain and by default, using the toe switch will activate the wah. Obviously in a patch where you don't need wah, it can be anything else you want. That means you need another expression pedal to take over the job of volume pedal. (somehow, someone must have thought that not having volume control when using wah was a reasonable compromise!?!) There are 2 line 6 Helix compatible Mission pedals - just to confuse everyone - one is designed for the rack - as above, the other is a general expression pedal. But it doesn't do the toe switch. No problem for volume - a bit counter intuitive for wah. Some would maintain that some of the older heavy duty Volume pedals are actually nicer for volume anyhow (acting as an expression pedal in Helix land).
  14. rvroberts

    how to send a midi PC command to midi out via FS4/FS5

    I'm not going to tell you anything regarding midi and HX Stomp. I use the full Helix floorboard - but I did see this very interesting video -
  15. rvroberts

    New to Helix...long term Marshall user. Need advice

    Hi birwood62, You can get great produced marshall sounds with the Helix - which is not exactly the same as standing in front of a 4x12. To begin with the Helix is reproducing a Mic'ed cab - so you get the sound of the mic'ed amp not the sound (and hit) of a 4x12. If you got to have exactly that to be happy, try the power cab - that's it's reason for being - https://line6.com/powercab/ But if you could be happy in the studio hearing a great mic'ed and produced amp wound up through big studio monitors (compression, reverb etc) then you can get that! The first port of call would generally be some IRs of cabs like the ones you know - Ownhammer or Celestion IRs might make you more happy. Then you need to adjust the high and low cuts - depends on how the IR was made, but generally in the studio you need some savage EQ before that mic sounds like we all immagine a Marshall in the room. Drastic high and low cuts are common, regularly right down to say 5K in the high end and maybe 80-100Hz in the lows. Remember that what you hear through the system you have at the moment is what you will hear out of FOH. If you need a Marshall "up your lollipop" to feel good - check the power cab - and if that doesn't do it for you, you aren't going to get happiness out of any modeller.