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  1. After playing around with it for awhile....... I found a work around Delete one of the 2 Volume Fx Block Get the settings on the (now) singular Volume Fx Block.... how you want Copy, and Paste that Volume Fx Block into the space you deleted the 2nd Volume Fx Block Now both seem to work accordingly
  2. Hi, I have a Helix floor. I created a preset, where I use/switch between two different instruments in this preset. One is the Guitar In, and the other is the Aux In. I have TWO different Volume Fx Blocks, in two different places in the preset. One for each instrument. I'm more than ok with have the heel/toe settings being identical in both places. INITIALLY when I made the preset I set both Volume Fx Blocks to: linear (curve) heel position to be at 59% toe position to be at 100% SooooOOooooo....some days later, I tried to change the preset, I want to change the curve to be logarithmic and the heel position to 80%. Again.... I made changes to BOTH Volume Fx blocks. I changed them one at a time, making SURE to save the preset after the changes. However....... Helix won't save changes to BOTH Volume Fx Blocks One of the Fx blocks keeps 'thinking' the heel position is 59%, which is what it was originally set at. The 2nd Volume Fx Block correctly keeps the changed settings. Any Thoughts? Anyone else use or switch between TWO instruments and use 2 Volume Fx blocks? Any ideas on how to get Helix to keep or remember the changes. Frustrated in Philly
  3. Don't tell me............... isn't that what compression is? HhhhHHHhhmmmm...... I suppose it is - it's not exactly time based, but it's typically threshold based. When the volume level gets above a certain threshold.... it kicks in.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to configure or setup the Autoswell in reverse? So..... over some time period it gets quieter and quieter? I'm not certain what the 'RelOffset' (relative offset) is, if that can make the AutoSwell go one way or another. Not So Swell in Seattle
  5. @lou-kash Very cool. You would 'think' with all the advancements in fx, you should be able to this type of thing with just a guitar and fx ::: but alas, no.
  6. Hi, I have a preset with 2, what I'm hoping is ..... independent signal chains. The top chain is strictly for guitar fx. The Snapshots are used to control the settings in the various Fx blocks - but ONLY in this top signal chain The Snapshots do not control ANYTHING in the lower/2nd signal chain The bottom chain is strictly for synth /string pad - which turns on/off with the 3 note generator (then it goes to a 3 note Synth Oscillator and to a 2 note Pitch Shifter) The starting Fx block, the 3 note generator is turned on/off via a Stomp Footswitch... which IS NOT used for anything else The problem: I go to the preset, Snapshot 1, then I start the synth.... it's playing..... then I switch to Snapshot 2 or 4 or 5, to play on top of the synth pad; then the synth STOPS playing. I walked through the snapshots, one by one, and didn't see that the 3 note generator is impacted or controlled in any way to any of the snapshots. But as soon as I change snapshots, the synth pad stops playing. Any Thoughts WhatzWrongSynth.hlx
  7. @SaschaFranck Thank you SO MUCH!!! I used to have an Axe Fx. Their synth has 'white noise' mode (in addition to sine, sawtooth, triangle and square). When you trigged it with a short note - it actually sounded like a snare with springs. Thanks Again
  8. @craiganderton Yes...... I can modify the picking style, thumb on the instrument or whatever..... My intension here is to loop an actual guitar part, then overdub a kick and snare sound on top.
  9. @SaschaFranck This is AMAZING!!! (the drum sounds on Google drive) What Fx blocks did you use for the Kick, and what blocks for the Snare? Were the kick and snare recorded separately? THANK YOU!!!
  10. No surprise here. I said if you don't have a genuine answer please don't reply ::: and of course, look who replies - the guy who can't understand what users post.
  11. I am looking for suggestions on fx blocks (or combinations) to emulate or mimic a kick and snare (separately) so.... I play one note on my guitar; and what comes out of the Helix sounds uh, somewhat like Kick Drum so....I play a note or perhaps a chord, and what comes out of the Helix sounds uh, something like a Snare Drum hit (with springs) PLEASE, please, please....do not suggest getting other pedals/equipment or getting a drummer. If you CAN'T or don't know how to make the Line 6 Helix produce this type of sound; just DON'T REPLY and waste everyone's time. PLEASE, please, please.... do not ask why. Why did Jimi want fuzz on his guitar sound? Why did Wilbur want to fly? Why did Eddison spend years making a light bulb? If you CAN'T or don't know how to make the Line 6 Helix produce this type of sound; just DON'T REPLY and waste everyone's time. Again, ideas on how to produce a Kick Drum sound from a note played on a guitar, and how to produce a Snare Drum hit sound from a single note, or chord played on a guitar. Thanks in Advance!!
  12. Here we go again with forum users who a) DO NOT READ the post b) CAN'T COMPREHEND the post........... but then provide worthless feedback. I said in my post (which you obviously NEVER READ) - the need for low cut is for live situations. The only reason I used a DAW is to view or to measure what Helix is, or is not doing. My post has NOTHING to do with me recording the Helix. NOTHING about me actually recording sound from the Helix was ever mentioned. But you READ something that wasn't even there. The only reason there was even a DAW mentioned was for "measuring" or "viewing" what Helix was actually doing. OBVIOUSLY.... you CAN NOT get this lovely view in Helix itself like you do with nice EQs (like FabFilter and others). Axe-Fx has an fx block that is an analyzer; it's not as nice as the EQs in DAWs, but in a similar fashion to those, you can it measures the db of sound at about 15 various frequencies. It's somewhat mimics these nice EQs, just from a visual perspective of what's going on. Then you - didn't really read my post, but jumped off in worthless commando style and shot off some nonsense from 2016 that is irrelevant to what my requirements or needs are. QUIT the forum, since you don't have the capability of ACTUALLY reading and understanding what's written or what's being asked - and save yourself a lot of wasted time or worthless replies. REALLY. Later, when I have some time, I'll look at Mr. Sadites video on high and low cut. I know what I visually see coming out of the Helix, and I'm not thrilled with it.
  13. From what I can see in the settings...... Helix can only cut -12db. AGAIN..... it looks like this (-12db cut at about 50 Hz) doesn't do much - in my DAW's EQ, I can see sound levels of -6 db coming in at the low frequencies they are "supposed" to be cut at. This seems like a rather lame "low cut" filter. Does the EQ analysis shown support my statement here? I think so? [PLEASE.... look at the EQ picture in the original post, where you can see all of the low frequency sound coming in] Thanks AJ
  14. Hi, I was wondering how much DB do the Global EQ and the Stereo Parametric EQ actually cut (in DB)? I have the Global EQ set to cut low frequencies - as shown; and I have the Stereo Parametric EQ in the signal chain with a low cut - as shown ::: however, as I run the signal into my DAW, my EQ inside my DAW is suggesting or showing that a ton of low frequencies are still coming through. see the screen snapshot below. PLEASE - Aside from the fact both the Global EQ and Stereo Parametric EQ are "supposedly" performing the same function - it seems these low frequency filters aren't working or they're not cutting out very much DB. What's the purpose of a low cut filter, if it doesn't work. What or how many DB actually gets cut or filtered out in the Stereo Parametric EQ??? Is there a way to 'set' how much DB gets cut in the Low Cut filter in the Stereo Parametric EQ? [my DAW lets me cut 96db] My DAW provides an EQ that does a 96db cut, which "seems" much, much more than the Helix's ability (either the Global EQ or the Stereo Parametric EQ); Is there a BETTER fx block to accomplish filtering out low frequencies? [opbviously....for use in live performances where I have no computer or DAW] Is there a setting or something that invalidates or prevents these low cut filters from working somehow? Thanks in Advance UnCut in Columbus......
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