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  1. I was hoping to be able to control a Digitech Freqout (feedback generator) pedal from the HX Effects. With the way my board is set up the Freqout has to go above the HX Effects unit. This is a pedal that would be used with the momentary function so I’d have to precariously put my foot on the switch and not bump anything on the HX. I was thinking that I could use the effects send and return on the unit but there is no way to set that up as momentary as far as I’m aware. The next option would be the EXT/AMP out and set that up as a momentary. Has anyone used the EXT/AMP out to control an external pedal that’s momentary?
  2. I have an EP1-L6 spring loaded version that is giving me some issues. I am currently using it mostly for wah, and I notice that when I let the pedal return to the non-engaged position, sometimes it’ll get hung up or “stuck" at the very very end and I will have to really step on the bottom part of the pedal to make sure it disengages. Is there a method to servicing or adjusting this pedal so it will not get caught at the very end? Has anyone ever run into this? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m getting into the guitar world more seriously for the first time coming from being a bassist. I’ve decided I’m going to get an HX effects unit for the project I will be playing in. I’m going to need to utilize a wah, and from what I’ve gathered I want the Mission Engineering EP1-L6. Now, I’d much prefer the spring loaded variant so that leads me to my first question. Can you set the HX effects to recognize the engagement of the expression pedal without having to engage a foot switch? Or do I need an expression pedal with a foot switch in order to engage my wah from my expression pedal only. I want to conserve space I need for other presets and would like to just put my foot on and have wah. Also, is a TRS cable still needed for the expression input on the unit or can you just use a regular cable now? I was unsure about this when reading some threads. Thanks!
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