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Found 25 results

  1. Dcacuci

    IR's? Help

    Hello, I am a new guitarist and recently got a POD Go. I love it but I just do not understand what IR's are? Can anybody explain? Are they just a different kind of cab? if so, how?
  2. My band is doing Elton John's "Rocket Man". There are big slide effects here and there throughout the song that I want to emulate on my Helix Floor. I've got the Poly Pitch sounding great. It is set up to do a 4-beat octave slide-up at the touch of a momentary stomp button. I've got a few more quicker ones that go down. All bring up the reverb. So far so good. Now I want to add an automated semi-fade out that happens at the same time, over those same 4 beats. I'm not finding any way to reduce the volume over time. I'm thinking that there has to be something hidden in an effect somewhere. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I just finished updating my HX stomp with line 6 updater and then I see this thing called QtWebEngineProcess in my finder under - helpers. Does anyone know what this is and if I can get rid of it without it causing any damage to the updater? Thanks
  4. does anyone know is planning on adding external clock sync for the looper in any future firmware updates? I hastily bought the DL4mkii after reading it clock synced only to later find out the delays sync but the looper does not... *sorry if this isnt the right place to post
  5. Hi everyone, Previously, I have used my POD Go in combination with my laptop (Windows 10) via USB. I was able to automatically get my Windows sound to play through my POD Go, and hear both desktop audio and my guitar via the headphones output. I could jam along with YouTube backing tracks playing from my PC without any issues. Now, on my new PC (Windows 11), I do not seem to be able to get the audio from my PC to play through my POD Go using USB at all. My POD Go is recognized by the POD Go edit software. I've installed the drivers both automatically with the Edit software, and later on individually as well in an attempt to solve the issue. The POD Go is fully up to date (Firmware 1.4). I'm not sure if it's supposed to, but the POD Go doesn't show up in my output sound devices. I am not using any DAW software and am only trying to use my POD Go in combination with desktop audio. I am aware of the aux in workaround, but would prefer using the already existing USB connection. If you happen to know what is going wrong, or if I can provide any additional information to clarify the situation, please let me know!
  6. Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m getting into the guitar world more seriously for the first time coming from being a bassist. I’ve decided I’m going to get an HX effects unit for the project I will be playing in. I’m going to need to utilize a wah, and from what I’ve gathered I want the Mission Engineering EP1-L6. Now, I’d much prefer the spring loaded variant so that leads me to my first question. Can you set the HX effects to recognize the engagement of the expression pedal without having to engage a foot switch? Or do I need an expression pedal with a foot switch in order to engage my wah from my expression pedal only. I want to conserve space I need for other presets and would like to just put my foot on and have wah. Also, is a TRS cable still needed for the expression input on the unit or can you just use a regular cable now? I was unsure about this when reading some threads. Thanks!
  7. Morning all - I'm looking to buy some decent in studio monitors to play my helix through and do a bit of recording. Currently playing through a small guitar combo amp and looking to upgrade. For in home use, Can someone recommend a speaker set you have some experience with that you are happy with? Just saw these:
  8. The foot controller has a option to control the foot pedal for volume and wah how do I switch them? Thanks
  9. Good morning i am a drummer turned home guitar player, i was learning the riff on a whitesnake song and my little orange amp sounded pretty bad with the built in overdrive so i startrd looking at pedals and quickly got lost on all the different things, I enjoy a wide variety of music and was hoping i could just buy one thing instead of multple different pedals. I am a little concerned that i will need to be a guitar savant to understand and program different sounds, is it easy to configure to get close to a specific sound? Is there a way to download sounds other people have programmed so i can easily just use different ones? Thank you
  10. Just learning the ropes on the HX Stomp, but something has me stumped. In snapshot mode, with reverb and delay tails ON, when I switch from a snapshot with a long feedback & decay on the verb and delay to one with shorter, the tails seem to die very quickly. Is there anyway to control this? Think of it this way - I'm going from an ambient snapshot to a non-ambient one and want the ambience to fade out in the background after I switch. Thoughts? 2021-09-22_10-18-33.mp4
  11. I very please with my original sound connection my ESP B1004 Bass to a Orange Terror Bass amp with a Orange B112 Cabinet with 50% gain for that lovely crunch, the problem is when I connect the HX Stomp with no single effect added to the mix, the signal losses bright and gain, its a slight but noticeable difference. How can I avoid this? Im connecting my bass to the stomp input, and from the stomp output to the amp front input. Thanks ahead for your advise!
  12. Hi all! I take my Helix back and forth from rehearsal space every week. When I'm not using my Helix as an audio interface, I got my Focusrite 2i2 hooked up to my monitors. Is there a way to more easily switch between the two than unplugging the audio cables from the Focusrite and plugging them in the Helix? Basically, can I hook up both my Focusrite and Helix to the same speakers, and switch as I need to? This way my Focusrite is always plugged in, and I can just plug in the Helix when I can and switch to it. How would I go about this? Cheers!
  13. For the outputs, XLR and Line out If I’m outputting to a console, will it be mic or line? If both are connected to the same type of speaker, (all knobs same), will XLR and Line out have the same levels? Also am I correct in saying that I don’t need a DI box?
  14. Hello, Quick backstory: Had a tube amp - EVH 5150 III with a 212 Hesu cab and a pretty nice pedalboard. Sold it because I don't want to do bands and gigs for a while - I rather focus on my music, alone. So the tube amp had to go. I was either going to buy a Kemper or the Fractal, because "Line 6 can't do metal well", according to some folks on the internet, but something told me to hear it for myself. I ended up buying a Helix. I did a LOT of research before buying it though - I saw presets being made, IRs being loaded, how to mess with global settings. In less than an hour after I unpacked it I created a great modern 7 string tone (Had to use external IRs - ML Sound Lab MEGA oversize pack). It rips. This goes out to everybody who's looking for a modern-proggy-and-quiety solution. Buy the Helix. Oh, and I just want to mention that I was VERY dissapointed with it for the first 10 minutes. I was like "Did I just buy a POD FARM 2.5?". Turned out High a low cuts at IR blocks are the key. I started with 80 Hz for lows and 14k for high with my 7 string. What cut ranges do you guys recommend? I have just one question. Now i don't plan on using it anytime soon, but how the hell do I "unblock" the expression pedal? It's still, stiff. Can't move it at all. I found some kind of allen wrench. How do I proceed? Thank you! Chris
  15. So I'm really close to taking the plunge into the Helix world. Partly what accelerated this decision was that I decided to upgrade the firmware on my HD500 and it totally failed, had to wipe my presets and ultimately when I was able to load a few back they sounded different and I was getting weird crackling here and there. To be fair, I haven't sat down and tried to recreate patches as I haven't done that in a LONG time and really have no desire to go through that process with the HD500 as I'm not a fan of the editor. What I'd like to know is whether it's possible to route a dry signal into my DAW ( Reaper ) then have that fed back into the Helix for the purpose of editing patches. I'm hoping this is possible as sometimes it's easier for me to hear what the settings are doing while a signal is being passed through as opposed to having to play for a minute, stop and adjust a setting, play again, then stop adjust again, then play ( rinse and repeat ). I know the Helix has pretty flexible routing options. Has anyone used a method similar to this when building patches? If so can you elaborate on the routing that you used to achieve this? FYI - the dragon I'm chasing is a solid modern rock rhythm tone - one that's meaty but not flubby on the bottom, has a well defined mid range but not nasally and isn't too soda fizzy on the high end. Think Red, Breaking Benjamin, etc. I'm interested to try the Archeon model and pair it with some Ownhammer IR's. Many thanks!
  16. Hay I have a question .When I play on a keyboard 3 note At the same time I heard one sound .When I play on a guitar 3 note At the same time I heard more than one sound I Wondering if I can to get in my guitar unity of sound like on keyboard by pod hd500x ? pod Thanks
  17. I am currently looking to buy the new Line 6 Spider V 240 Combo amp. The only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on the purchase is whether or not I can connect the combo amp to a speaker cabinet. Is it possible to connect the V 240 Combo to an external 212 or 412 cabinet?
  18. I own a DL4...I am looking into new power supplies for my board. Will the Strymon Zuma power supply be able to handle the DL4? (Each port on the Zuma is capable of producing 500mA 9V and two ports with 9V, 12V, and 18V options all at 500mA.) Here is the link for the Zuma:
  19. Greetings! If you are reading this then you are probably a proud owner of the Helix. With that said, I'm looking for an answer. Has anyone had their presets and settings wiped out in any given situation? I'm talking when a breaker pops, after transportation or even just booting Helix up normally. Has anyone had that issue, or should I really get into the habit of backing my presets up? I use Helix Rack to tour with. It's been absolutely fantastic to use but with touring, you know that stuff seems to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. I'm just trying to gather a failure report. Questions does not pertain to corrupt files that occur from updating Helix - I already knew that was a thing. Thanks folks, and keep on Helix-ing! Jaime Trevino of RockStar
  20. Hello friends, perhaps you can help me with this one. Both the phones and line outs from my ux1 have louder right channels than left channels. This is especially noticeable at lower output, where if i turn it down enough, it's like only one speaker is playing. It's not my mac or my phones, because using the same headphones I get a balanced output directly from the computer. Logic follows that it can't be the speakers either, because that would be a crazy coincidence that they have the same problem as the headphones when the headphones only have the problem when plugged into the ux1. It also follows that can't be the cables because my phones and my monitors use different cables, and when I swap the left and right cables at the outputs, the other monitor sounds louder. My unit is fairly old, but I noticed this once years ago, forgot about it, and am only now trying to deal with it as I get more serious about my critical listening and production. I also looked around online and this seems to be a common problem with some ux2 and ux1 units, but not all of them, meaning it's almost certainly a defect. My warranty probably doesn't apply anymore, so any ideas on what else I could do to solve this?
  21. I have a Line 6 UX1 and use the associated POD Farm with it as my main source of amplification within my DAW and as standalone. However, my concern is the requirement of using the UX1 for POD Farm to work. Is this requirement based on using the UX1 drivers, having the UX1 plugged in, or a combination of both? I've been considering doing a jerry-rigged setup of a Steinberg UR22 (Or Scarlett 2i4) as my main interface while having the UX1 plugged in but not being used, but would like some clarification before I purchase a new interface. TL;DR: How is the device specific POD Farm attached to the device?
  22. Hi all Im looking for replacement tubes for my DT25, the website im looking at lists 3 types of HH EL84, soft, medium and hard. Which kind are the ones that come stock in the amp? Thanks, best regards Oscar
  23. Hey guys, noob question. I've been playing guitar for a few years as a hobby, but I've been using a Line 6 Pod XT Live multi effects pedal. I recently started experimenting with my Line 6 Spider III which has built in distortion settings, and I prefer it's sound over my effects pedal. I have been looking into buying individual pedals, but I have a few questions regarding which pedals to buy. Most of the articles I've read say that an Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz pedal are necessary for a good distorted sound, but I am happy with the Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane channels on the amp. If anything, I would buy a fuzz pedal, but do you guys think an overdrive and distortion would be necessary? Also, my amp has delay, reverb, phaser, tremolo, and some flanger effects, which are activated using the knob. Is it worth it to buy effects pedals for each of these effects? I know it's more convenient, but is it necessary? If you guys have any tips on which pedals are most important to buy that would really help. Thanks
  24. When I attempt to download a patch from Customtone 500X it downloads in the L6t format instead of 5xe extension ??
  25. The goal of Line 6's Technical Support System is for all Line 6 users to be able to get the most out of their Line 6 gear. Over the past few years, we have developed our online support system to include not only specific tools to find answers with, but also the opportunity to enjoy the collective experience and expertise of the enormous family of users keen on offering their expertise, as well as offering up tips and tricks for using your Line 6 gear. So how does this system work? When you have a technical support question, and you can't find the answer in your product's manual (found at, our system gives you four options: Search our Knowledge Base for Line 6-authored information and video tutorials. Review previously answered threads using our keyword search tool. Ask a question within your Line 6 products' community forum. Posting your question tells our online community that someone is looking for help. Contact our support staff directly at with a support ticket or a phone call. For registered product owners, Line 6 is pleased to provide technical support free of charge. If your product is not registered, you still have access to our other resources that can assist you 24/7. Please CLICK HERE to register your Line 6 products. German Für registrierte Besitzer eines Line 6 Produktes freuen wir uns Ihnen gratis Telefon und Email Unterstützung zur Verfügung stellen zu können.. Sollte Ihr Produkt nicht registriert sein so haben Sie immer noch die Möglichkeit unsere online Resourcen 24/7 zu Rate zu ziehen. Wissens Datenbank Video-Tutorials Forum Gemeinschaft Produkt Mandbuch Bitte CLICKEN SIE HERE um Ihr Produkt zu registrieren. French Pour les propriétaires de produits enregistrés, Line 6 est heureux d'offrir un soutien téléphonique et e-mail gratuitement. Si votre produit n'est pas enregistré, vous avez toujours accès à des ressources qui peuvent vous aider 24/7: Base de connaissances Tutoriels vidéo Forum Communautés Manuels du produitct S'il vous plaît CLIQUEZ ICI pour inscrire vos 6 produits Ligne.
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