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  1. That's an option, but for me, there's no point in doing that. IRs are the sh*t! :) IRs is what makes Helix one of the most versatile units ever. I'd get rid of the 5153 and the cab and go with Helix + PowerCab/Headrush 112 + some Ownhammer IRs.
  2. Just a friendly advice - 5150 in the Helix is nothing like a real 5153, except for obnoxious amount of gain available. Line6 Badonk is your best friend in that regard. I had the same setup as you, and went full Helix. Actually, now, after a couple of weeks of learning, adjusting, and getting used to Helix's workflow, I wouldn't go back. Oh, and a Headrush 112 or a PowerCab will move some air. Definitly. Just don't use a real cab, as you lose the ability to use IRs correctly. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Check Ryan's video about some best free IRs. These should get you anywhere you want :)
  4. Hello, Randall Satan has been my all around favourite sounding amp since the 1st time I've heard it live. Since their availability in my country is an issue, I never got to buy an actual unit. Well, now I have a Helix - reasoning behind going digital - that I'll leave to myself. All I can say is that I sold all my tube thingys. I saw Collin from Plague Scythe Studio dial in a Randall Satan patch with the AX8. Since AX8 can do it, I bet Helix does too - "Sky is the limit" is the common phrase around this forum. I bet that we can get somewhat close to the real thing. I already cracked the Grind pedal - all it took was a 10 band EQ with specific settings (I'll post a screen later, it works great). I just don't know where to start... The Badonk? Elektrik? What amp would be a good starting point? Maybe somebody already tried tonematching the Satan? I have a wide array of IRs available - ML Sound Lab Mega Oversize, Ownhammers Mesa, Orange and the HHC2. I even laid my hand on Ola's own Hesu IR - I already use it as a "to go" IR. Truth be told, I can't even imagine using the Helix without third party IRs. I think this is where Helix fails, and if the stock cabs were better, we wouldn't hear about AXE FX eating the HX for breakfast. All advice is welcome - lets crack this thing, and prove once for all that the Helix is capable of good, modern, tight, djenty high gain. Down the rabbit hole, Cheers, Chr1s
  5. Dunno if that's a thing with modelers, but newcomers seem to get fustarated during the initial couple of hours and claim to "hate" their Helix or AX8. Couple of facts first: 1. There's a learning curve to these things, especially to Helix, as it's the least "plug-and-play" of all modelers available on the market, due to all the tweaking that can be done. 2. Most tones are there. With the help of IRs most people find what they need. 3. Fizz is a mutual part of all guitar gear, try stripping down any metal recording down to raw tracks and listen to the guitars. 4. As mentioned above, forget the feel of a massive bass rig. Can;t be replicated with a single 1x12 5. Oh, the headphones thing. Helix will sound horrific through low-impedence headphones. I use 250 ohm Beyerdynamic cans and they seem to get the job done. Seems like this technology may not really be your thing, especially considering how *different* your setup and expectations seem to be.
  6. Hello, Quick backstory: Had a tube amp - EVH 5150 III with a 212 Hesu cab and a pretty nice pedalboard. Sold it because I don't want to do bands and gigs for a while - I rather focus on my music, alone. So the tube amp had to go. I was either going to buy a Kemper or the Fractal, because "Line 6 can't do metal well", according to some folks on the internet, but something told me to hear it for myself. I ended up buying a Helix. I did a LOT of research before buying it though - I saw presets being made, IRs being loaded, how to mess with global settings. In less than an hour after I unpacked it I created a great modern 7 string tone (Had to use external IRs - ML Sound Lab MEGA oversize pack). It rips. This goes out to everybody who's looking for a modern-proggy-and-quiety solution. Buy the Helix. Oh, and I just want to mention that I was VERY dissapointed with it for the first 10 minutes. I was like "Did I just buy a POD FARM 2.5?". Turned out High a low cuts at IR blocks are the key. I started with 80 Hz for lows and 14k for high with my 7 string. What cut ranges do you guys recommend? I have just one question. Now i don't plan on using it anytime soon, but how the hell do I "unblock" the expression pedal? It's still, stiff. Can't move it at all. I found some kind of allen wrench. How do I proceed? Thank you! Chris
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