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  1. Hi guys, I've been using my HXFX in 4cm to my Runt 20 with no issues. Tonight, I decided to give the ext amp a try to change channels on the Runt. As soon as I plugged the cable from the HXFX ext amp jack to the Runt's footswitch jack, I started getting a hum. I'm assuming it's a ground loop? I tried switching the ground switch on the Runt, but still hums. This works perfectly fine on my DSL and 5153. Any ideas how to resolve it with the Runt?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a close approximation of EVH's Balance era tone with my HX Effects. I have to my basic amp tone set, now I just need the harmonizer effect (Eventide Harmonizer with the -9/+9 cents left and right with probably 10 msec delay and 12 msec delay). I realize I won't get the W/D/W stereo effect, but I'm just wondering what effect(s) I could use on my HX Effects to get close.
  3. I'm really trying to love my Helix, but something is just missing in my sound. I'm coming from a 50 watt EVH 5153 into a 212 cab. Also a DSL40. The main tone is usually always go for is a Van Halen type of hard rock tone. Nothing super heavy. Last night I was using the Brit Plexi Bright with the gain dimed, into the Cali v30 412, a 160 mic, some early reflections (15%), low cut at 85, high cut at 10K. I'm running into a Laney LFR-112. I simply did not have the feel or the balls that I'm used to hearing. Is there something that I should change up with my settings? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. OH wow! Thank you! I don't know how I missed that.
  5. Hi guys, I just got a Laney LFR-112 and I'm going to have band rehearsal with it later this week. My question is, what level should I be sending to it from the Helix? Line or instrument? I've searched, but I've been unable to find any answer. Thanks!
  6. I've read that he used a cab with Peavey Scorpion speakers.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for Nuno's killer tone on the Pornograffitti album? He used an ADA MP1 into a Macintosh power amp, then into a BBE Sonic Maximizer.
  8. Does anyone know of any deals for Powercab?
  9. I have 112, 212, and 412 guitar cabs. What I don't have is a power amp. But, I'm trying to slim down my gigging/rehearsal rig down to simply the Helix and speakers of some type. All that being said, I'll never fully part with my amps and cabs.
  10. It's out. I think I'm going to return it and get a Powercab. I didn't want to ha e to justify the cost of a Powercab. I'm still having a hard time justifying $600-$800 for a 112 cab. But it's essentially what I want for the Helix.
  11. I'm wondering if I should have gone with the "cab" options I was researching (Powercab or Laney LFR)? Or perhaps one of the other options (QSC or Yamaha)?
  12. Thanks guys! I have it standing vertical on the floor. Most of the presets already have a cab cut at 80Hz. I'll give your tips a try.
  13. Received a Headrush FRFR-108 today. This is my first FRFR, after researching a bunch. Wow it's very bassy! I've gone through all the factory patches, just to make sure it wasn't any particular patches. Every one is very bassy. Does this mean I have to dial back the bass on every preset? Or could there be something else that I'm missing?
  14. No, I mean that I set the output level to -10dB or whatever level when the Helix amp is on, and set the level to 0 when the FX Loop block is on and the Helix amp is off. Then I save the patch. Then when I switch back and forth with the footswitch, the levels don't always change back and forth.
  15. OK, I've tried this. Again, thanks for your help. I had to set the output block alot lower than - 5dB. What's weird is that sometimes when switching back and forth with the footswitch, the output block level doesn't change correctly. And other times, it does. I guess when you use this method, you have to adjust the output block level whenever you turn the actual amp volume up or down, since the volume of the Helix amps isn't affected by the actual amp's volume controls?
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