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  1. I use snapshots for this - one snapshot with the wah bypassed and another with the wah engaged. I also sometimes want the behavior of the Bad Horsie wah, which disengages the wah when you release your foot from the pedal. The option I use for this is an external expression pedal, spring-loaded, with the wah always engaged, but using the Wait and Position parameters to turn it off when it returns to the heel position.
  2. Two sides: I have all my tunings (capo and alternate tuning) controlled by snapshots/presets, mostly because the majority of material I perform is segues which wouldn’t allow time for guitar switches and capo placement. Having it all at my feet (or in custom models accessed by pickup selector switch on JTV when I am playing wirelessly) has been a game-changer. Before this technology, we would actually change set lists to accommodate the changes, now we can build set lists with the best aesthetic choices, not worrying about the logistics. However... for pure capo behavior (meaning all 6 strings pitched upwards from open), using a real capo sounds significantly better than electronic transposition, particularly when going beyond a step/minor 3rd or so. If the guitar part is exposed, this can make a big difference.
  3. Generally people post when they have complaints, so I thought I’d relate a positive sentiment. In the last month I’ve had two support/repair situations. 1) I got a brand new Variax JTV-59 that was defective. The tech helped troubleshoot and quickly came to the conclusion that it would need repair/replacement. Unfortunately the vendor I bought it from did not have any more in stock, so I couldn’t get a replacement from them. So Line 6 quickly sent me a replacement guitar, no muss, no fuss. 2) My Helix LT preset knob froze up and wouldn’t pop up any more, or turn with any reasonable effort. I was about to head out on on the road, and luckily I had gotten the Advanced Replacement service, and, true to their word, a new Helix arrived at my door within 2 days as a loaner while mine is being repaired. The ONLY problem is they sent me a full-fat Helix, not an LT, so now I’m going to get used to it and want an upgrade when mine gets back - very sneaky, Line 6 :) Anyway, just wanted to relate this to give a pat on the back to Line 6, but also to let folks know that they can have confidence in the support of the devices we’ve come to depend on!
  4. I assume you mean that the other wah options are greyed out. This is likely because you only have enough DSP available to run the ones that are showing as available. You can try eliminating other blocks on that path, or making the preset multi-path and spreading the blocks across both. Each path has its own DSP capacity.
  5. I would DEFINITELY pay $500 for wireless VDI, not sure about $1000 - when I need to go wireless I currently get around the issue by setting up custom banks on the Variax that are aligned with my Helix presets/setlists/snapshots so that I can make quick switches using the guitar's toggle switch. BUT, most of those gigs I have sheet music nearby, so I just note those switches on the music - if I had to make the switches from memory it would be bad, my brain would be the weak link, and that's mighty weak indeed. Those Helix presets/setlists/snapshots contain all the same Variax switching so that when I'm connected via VDI it all works the same, just without the manual switching. I also expect this to not get off the ground, but would be delighted if it did.
  6. Resetting globals fixed the problem! I also found that I hadn't noticed that I had my global setting for "preset mode switches" set to "Stomp/Snap" but it was displaying as 8 snapshots. So something was definitely honked up in there and resetting the globals fixed that too. Thanks folks!
  7. Hello all - I apologize if this has been discussed already, I was unable to find anything in a search. I am wondering if anyone has a workaround to the Workbench HD limitation of having only two pickups on at the same time. I would like to create a model of my main Strat, which has the "gilmour mod," a toggle switch allowing for the neck pickup to be on in positions 1 & 2. Position 1 (neck and bridge) is no problem, but position 2 (all 3 pickups on) isn't possible. Any suggestions? Has anyone opened an enhancement request with Line6 for this? I would love to model my 3-pickup Les Paul Custom with all 3 pickups on too (a la Peter Frampton)! Thanks, Bruce
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