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  1. ebodave

    Big Sur

    Ah now hang on...on the notes for Helix Native it actually just says HX Edit supports BS...I've tried downloading Native 3.10...it appears to be where it said it would be (in Library)...but when I try to use it in GB I still get the grey screen of doom. Help!
  2. ebodave

    Big Sur

    As you might know from my previous posts, I'm a MASSIVE DOOFUS when it comes to technical stuff. Forgive me: I got all excited when I saw everything was fixed and completely forgot the idea that there might be more to it. I will now go and do all the sensible stuff.
  3. ebodave

    Big Sur

    Is it done? It doesn't seem to work on my GarageBand. Do I need to do something different to make it work?
  4. ebodave

    Big Sur

    Hats off to Steve for that detailed and informative contribution: thanks so much. I had heard similar stories from a professional engineer friend... Nonetheless, I still think some kind of communication from Line 6 would be appreciated. It's all very well that they're in the same boat as 180 other vendors, but for the average non-expert like me: imagine the warm glow that we would get if Line 6 took the front foot and said - and kept saying - how much they love and value their customers, how frustrating it must be, and how they're working on the update as hard as they can with the limited resources they have. In my experience that kind of candour from a vendor is worth a huge amount.
  5. ebodave

    Big Sur

    Hello. Please go easy on me as I'm not highly tech-savvy. I run Garageband with Helix Native on a MacBook Pro 2013 running Catalina. I've just bought a "new" MacBook Pro 2015 with Big Sur and am in the process of migrating everything across. I've done everything I'm supposed to do to load Helix Native. I've authorised the new computer and de-authorised the old one. Weirdly the old one seems to be still working with Native; and the new one appears to open up Native, says hi and everything, but there's a sort of grey hole where Native should be. Is this the Big Sur issue that people seem to be referring to here? Or is something else going on? Thanks!
  6. Ooh. Mac Book Pro (2013). I've just had to look up Thunderbolt, and it appears I have two, and I think they might be TB1 or TB2. Does that sound right? If so, I might continue down the "looking for a better USB cable" route :)
  7. Hmm. Three. Any tips on how to identify a good one??? This whole business feels a bit shoddy. Can anyone explain (in non-technical terms) what the issue is here? Is there something inherently unstable about this particular type of connection? Could Helix have designed this better? I've wasted such a lot of time already.
  8. Thanks. I managed to get it to install by changing security settings. However I'm still facing the problem (which was the reason I was installing 2.82) - I can't make a connection to my LT - it's constantly "connection interrupted". I've tried the various workarounds suggested in other forums (eg changing the cable, changing USB port) to no avail. Any suggestions???
  9. Hi. I'm trying to install HX Edit 2.82 on my mac, running Catalina, and I keep getting the message that it can't install because it can't scan for malicious software. I found a tip online about dragging the installer into the Applications folder. That doesn't work either. Any suggestions???
  10. Thanks for the suggestion...I will take a look and report back! To be frank, I'm not very techy at all - I bought the LT because it appeared to solve a bunch of logistical issues, and the thought of bugs/needing to upgrade firmware gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm also surprised there's no mention of this in the (otherwise excellent) user guide that came with the LT. Anyone else feel this way, or am I the sole technophobe in the Helix gang?
  11. Hi. When I switch off the tuner on the Helix LT, it always defaults back to the Signal Flow View and not Performance View. Any ideas how I can fix this? (I looked around the forums and saw someone posted this issue a couple of years back. They didn't get any response, but said they'd solved it by reinstalling software, which I have no idea how to do.) Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  12. Hi - I see this thread is two years old but I am having the same issue. I'm not very technical so I've no idea what the reinstall fix might look like...Any help gratefully received!!
  13. Hi, just bought a Helix LT and am enjoying getting to grips with it. Now, I'm aware I can rename presets - but can I rename the amps and effects themselves (eg change "Scream 808" to "Tube Screamer" etc) - and if so how? I've tried googling this but to no effect. Thanks in advance!
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