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  1. Wondo100

    True stereo with two amps, how to...

    Johnam71, I am wondering if you were able to figure this out. Any new insights?
  2. Wondo100

    7 Cabel Method

    Found this thread on another forum. Still cannot determine if the loop on the H&K are line or instrument http://handkusers.forumotion.com/t357-helix-as-the-fx-for-a-gm40-4-cable-method
  3. Wondo100

    7 Cabel Method

    Thanks guys. I get overwhelmed by the Helix at times and have read where many people abandoned ship to go with traditional set ups again, but in order for me to run both amps in stereo, I can see something like the Helix being the way to go, so I am going to stick it out. Therefore, glad I can ask questions here and get answers. As far as the bleed from one fx loop to another. I have a 7 CM template chosen. One fx loop goes to one Grandmeister and the other fx loop goes to the other. If I turn off the one loop and keep the other one on, you can hear the live one bleeding over to the off one. It is the delay that I am hearing. I will check to see if I have trails on because that may be what is causing it. I am also curious about if I should run stereo effects to get true stereo with these two amps and if so, I am not sure how to do the signal path to achieve this.
  4. Wondo100

    7 Cabel Method

    Ok. So, I have had the Helix for a couple of months now and have been able to successfully hook up two H&K Grandmeisters to the Helix with 7CM. I have a few qestions. How can I stop bleed over to one of the Effects loop as a preamp when it is turned off? How can I set up the volume properly? When I turn the master volume of the Helix it gets really loud into the amp which overrides what the normal volume of the amp would be. (There is no Loop input control on the Grandmeisters, just simple series loops). Should I set up all inputs and outputs as instrument? Where do I find that? If I want my two amps to go back and forth with delay repeats, how do I do this with 7CM? Have not even begun to dig into how to get the channel changes with MIDI yet and how to do control commands for the amp. Thanks.
  5. Wondo100

    Helix with Amps

    Think I figured it out by choosing send 1 and send 2 with no returns and then I can use the Helix preamp.
  6. Wondo100

    Helix with Amps

    This is very helpful. The problem I am running into now is how to have everything hooked up in 7CM and then if I want, use the amp models as the preamp in the helix to just use the power amp on my guitar amp. Thus, being able to either use my amps preamp or the Helix. I cannot figure out how to do this. I have tried different paths and assignments to the loops with no luck.
  7. Wondo100

    Helix with Amps

    Thanks. I still have a lot to learn with this. So, I could use one path and have everything in Stereo without creating a second path and this path would go to both amps?
  8. Wondo100

    Helix with Amps

    I have seen this topic in a couple of places, but yet I do not hear much from anyone using 7CM. I have two H7K Grandmeisters and want to run the Helix into those so that I can get some true stereo effects. I am not exactly sure how to do that (how can I get the effects to be stereo into both amps in the signal chain/) Also, I want to make sure that in certain settings I can use only my H&K preamps but in others be able to use the modeling from the Helix as my preamps and not use the H&K preamps. Thanks.