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  1. Support does not think there is a problem. I have been back and forth with them and their position is that there have not been any users complaining of any issues with the power cab especially the issue with the two cabs linked with L6 Link. Oh well.....
  2. Just heard back from Line 6. They said they are not seeing this with other users, so they are not seeing this as an issue. This is why we all should put tickets in. This looks like this will not get resolved. I tried my best with them to explain everything. I am just hoping it does not happen again. If you follow the steps I mentioned, you have a good chance of it working most of the time. Over 95% of the time. Would suck to be in a gig during the other 5% though.
  3. What type of file are you trying to import? .wav or .hir? If it is .hir, they will not load into the the PC+. Those will only work in the Helix. We all found this out the hard way. Market place does not tell you this.
  4. Well, a lot of people here will tell you different things about this. There is no absolute answer. The Helix with the PC is a different animal, bottom line. It will be different than a tube amp in some ways and similar in others. I think the biggest plus with the PC is that with the Helix, it is extremely versatile and you can pretty much do everything with just those two pieces of gear. That is what I like about it. When compared to my tube amp with 2x12 V30s, the Helix and PC sound just a bit more thin at times. However, this is because my 2x12 cabinet has much thicker birch wood and it is a 2x12 vs my two 112 PCs. But, they sound very close and I can dial in something that sounds almost identical. I find myself playing mostly through my Helix and PC now because everything is just so versatile. I can have HX edit open on my computer and dial everything in here since I am using L6 Link with the two PCs. Can't do that as easily with the tube amps. Even when I was using 7CM with my two tube amps, things sounded really good, but then the level of programming was much more involved with dialing in two amps, setting MIDI controls to do channel changing and presets, etc. A lot of work. With the Helix and PC, pretty easy to do.
  5. Heard back from Pete today. They are looking into this. Keep sending tickets.
  6. Came into my studio this morning and this is what I found. He wants the PCs to and Helix to stay.
  7. Seems like at the same show or maybe same tour, he figured the mic was not necessary?
  8. Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Steve Howe, but why would you do this when you can send direct outs from the PC +??
  9. @rd2rk can probably chime in on the 212 issues. I did not have my 212 long enough to experience that. I preferred the 2x 112s
  10. Just submitted another ticket about this. PLEASE, of those on here with same issue, do the same. They do not think it is an issue. I sent them the link to this thread (although there are other places this is posted on the forums). I love the Power Cabs now that I really understand them, but this issue sucks! A lot of people may not be experiencing it because they do not daisy chain two cabs, but this was the beauty of the L6 Link set up and Line 6 Edit being able to control both cabs. I really think if they fix this bug and the problem with the HF Driver issue that pops up on the 212, that these Power Cabs will be their best thing yet when added to the Helix.
  11. Ah, you got me bro. I play everything. Just got done playing Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Maiden. But last night, playing some ambient stuff with pads and looper. Might venture in to some old Rush later tonight. Fly By Night album. I still have to change my Hemispheres setting that I was using in 7CM with my two Grandmeisters (think you helped me build that patch along with Josh at L6). and translate it to full modeling with the PCs.
  12. One thing that gets confusing is with 2 PC 112+ in HX Edit, in the Powercab section when using IR and set to preset, you have the choice of 1, 2 or 1+2. I bring up 1 and put the IR I want in there and then I bring up 2 and put the IR in there, then if I choose 1+2 it defaults to IR number 0. If I want to put the same IR on both cabs, I have to choose 1+2. I hope that is right because the ear can play tricks on you sometimes thinking that there is a difference in what you are hearing when choosing 1 or 2 because technically you are hearing both cabs but just editing 1 or 2.
  13. Actually, also meant to add that of course you can bring up the volume of the internal IR on the helix to match what the IR does when loaded in the cab, but I find just a small bump then on the Flat level brings the FRFR to have a bit more presence. Louder is not always better, but for the IRs it tends to bring them into a more present state and not too harsh or not too dull.
  14. Ok. Verdict is that FRFR with Helix IR sounds just like Power Cab with IR with L6 Link. All is working correctly. It is not messing with the HF Driver. I think what I have been doing is turning up the IR level when loaded in to the cab and that is what is sounding better. It allows the speaker to come alive a bit more. You can bump the level of the Flat level too. Typically, I am bumping the cab IR up to -12db from default -18db. That is a good range. If you bump the Flat Level up by +6db, the Cab with IR and Helix with IR in FRFR sounds the same. But, in theory, you have more headroom in the cab to bump the db up a bit. I find that little bump allows the speaker to be more present.
  15. So, you would like me to: 1. Import Preset 2. Add my own IRs to where you have them in the preset. 3. Add same IRs to PC as well. 4. Link up both PCs with MIDI 5. Play preset in FRFR and notice what it sounds like with changing HF Trim settings. 6. Have snapshot turn off IRs, in the preset and turn on IR setting in Power Cab 7. Notice if there is a difference. (One thing to consider is that in my presets using IR in PC, is that I use different IRs for each cab. Not sure how I would do this with IRs in the Helix and going FRFR with PC....For this experiment, I will use the same IRs in both cabs).
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