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  1. Yeah, I have heard that with the 212, this is not an issue especially when running dual amp paths, but as far as I can tell with 2 of the 112s it is an issue. It is okay. I am really happy with my two amps in 7CM at this point and I can save some money.
  2. Thanks. That thread talked about the same set up I have with L6 Link. When the Cabs are run in stereo, it cuts the volume in half. I may just decide to send these back. I get much better tone of what I am looking for running two Grandmeisters in to two 2x12 with V30s. I have much more control over things this way. In this set up, I use Helix in 7CM and primarily as an effects processor and sometimes will switch from the loops to an amp block using my power amp and cab to power it. Sounds great. For studio, I have a great pair of Yamaha HS 7s. At this point all the extra tweaking of the PC is just too much headache for me. They may be good for some, but not for me. I spent a good deal of time with them and they are cool, but not my cup of tea at this point. I do thank everyone on here for their help. Great forum with very knowledgeable people. Although, I may be done with the PC, I may still need guidance with the Helix and hopefully some day be able to return the favor and offer help to others (especially when it comes to 7CM, since not many people are doing that, and I think I have found a great set up).
  3. As soon as I noticed the volume drop, I went in and bumped the cabs up as far as I could I also adjusted levels on the Helix and still low volume of both compared to one. Both together does not have the volume of one by itself. All of the cut through that one was doing is gone. There has to be something wrong with something I am doing or something wrong with one of the cabinets.I am stumped. I did post this over at the Power Cab thread but have not heard anything yet. Am I getting impatient? No, not really. I am getting tired of having to constantly fight with these things to get them to work properly.
  4. Spend most of the day with two 112 PC+. Updated to new FW on both cabs. Both cabs hooked up via L6 Link. Just one cab by itself is starting to sound good. Hook up the other via L6 on back of cab and now the power is cut in half and it is really hard to get both cabs to hit that sweet spot that the one cab does. Someone said there may be problems with a stereo set up with both cabs. Not sure if this is it, but running both in stereo does not sound good. I adjusted both levels the same in the PC.
  5. Ok. Checking over at the Powercab thread. Hooked both cabs up. Not everything links together, but I think it might be that one had IRS loaded and the other did not. In any event when both are hooked together via L6 LInk, the power is cut in half unless I am doing something wrong. If that is the case, they are on their way back to Sweetwater. My two Grandmeisters do not have that problem.
  6. I do, yes. So 1 edits can 1 and 2 edits cab 2? And 1+2 edits both simultaneously?
  7. It does. But where is the ability to edit both cabs?
  8. Ok. All hooked up. I do not see a way to edit both cabs from HX Edit. There is only one listed there.
  9. Took 6 attempts to get this particular cab to update. Not sure why, but lets hope for the best (note to self - I never need to do software updates for tube amps). :-)
  10. Yeah, I do not plan on giving up yet. These things are pretty cool. Just not sure if it is worth the cash at this point. But, I am still working with them. I am ready to set up the other one in stereo. Things I do not know about this is when I hook up both, can I edit both in the HX Edit software? Or do I need to run the Powercab software for one and then the other to get tones dialed in? I am running L6 Link to both cabs, so hoping I can edit both. Also, not quite sure the best way to run stereo with two PC. With my 7CM I run two separate paths, but thinking maybe with the PC, I can run in stereo the way some of the stock presets in the Helix are set up. In other words a lot of those presets are mixed in the middle instead of pan hard left and right. Also, want to find the best way to run two amps and the Piezo at the same time.
  11. Thanks JLondon. Yes, I had already seen that video prior to getting the cabs so that I knew what to dial in. Still working on getting tones. It is hit and miss. I find it ironic how much tweaking you have to do to get it to sound right, I mean if it is a Vintage 30 speaker simulation, it should sound something like it, but you have to tweak and tweak to get it close. When I A/B the PC with my Grandmeisters through their 2x12 V30s, there is a presence and aliveness that is just instantaneously there. Can I get close with the PC? Yes, close, but after about 20 minutes of tweaking. Jury is still out. I think I will set up the other PC now and see how that does.
  12. Just got my two PC+ yesterday. I spent several hours with one of them (not opening other cab until I am convinced the cabs are worth it). First impressions: At first, I was disappointed because that all familiar blanket over the cabinet effect was happening. In other words there was that muffled feel to the sound and missing that organic live presence of a real cab. But then I really started to tweak the tones and started to come up with some good sounds. I have two H&K Grandmeisters with matching 2x12 cabs with V30s and have been using those in 7CM to get stereo but thought the PC would be an easier set up. That has yet to be determined. The stock speakers in the PC are about average. Can you dial in a good tone with those? Possibly, but the onboard IRS are much easier to dial in and then I loaded some Redwirez Greenbacks and got some really good tone. Better than my Grandmeisters? Not so sure yet. Luckily I have Sweetwaters 30 Day return period to decide. Here are a couple of observations about set up so far: You have to get the levels right. To do this you should have the volume knob on the PC all the way down with no sound. Then bring up a preset on the Helix make sure your levels are where you normally would have it. Then start playing or perhaps run a loop so you can have free hands. Now turn up the big master knob on the helix to get the light on the PC to fluctuate from green to orange. Maybe even get the light to go in to the red and back off a bit. Now your volume is set. Now turn up the volume on the PC to listen to your tone. You can go in to edit on the PC and set the volume of the speaker for each preset. I find around -8db works in most cases to bring the speaker sound out and make it more alive. Check to make sure the light on the PC is not clipping and now you should be good to go. There is a Low cut switch on the back of the amp. Probably want to turn that off. Also, you may have to mess with the Hi and Lo Cut settings on the preset as well to really bring out the sound you want from the speaker. Also, tilting the cab back or setting up on something makes a world of difference as it would with a real cab. Having just sit on the floor pointing at your ankles makes for a very muffled and thuddy sound. I dialed in a Cali Rhythm amp setting on Helix and then brought in the Allure IR V30 on the PC and started playing Metallica. Took some tweaking, but it actually sounded like the tone on Kill Em All. Went to my Grandmeister and was able to dial in the same tone, but the PC got it exact with some tweaking. Got to really work with the Hi and Lo cut on the speaker setting. I will update once I spend more time. Also beware that when you purchase IRS from Line6 Marketplace that the files are in .wir. This will not load in to the PC. Line6 is being very stupid about this because .wir is supposed to be their proprietary format for the HX line, but the PC is their product as well, but you cannot load .wir in the PC. So, go to the direct source for you IRS. I was disappointed to discover this yesterday because I had loaded some OH, and some Celestion and Cigma in prep for the PC and to listen to them on the Helix. Of course I can still use these IRS in the Helix and then the PC in FRFR mode which is a good option, but the speaker sims in the PC is what works best so far and using IRS loaded in the PC.
  13. Nope. No cab sims in Helix. No IRS in Helix. I turn the volume of the Pc all the way down then start playing my guitar and then turn up the big volume knob on Helix to start getting the PC to go from green to orange and not red. If the big knob starts to go beyond like 1-3 o’clock, I then go into the volume of the speaker in the speaker setting in the PC and bring that up to stay within that green orange range. That usually ends up being around -8db for most speakers vs the -12db as the default for most. Then I bring up the volume on the PC to begin hearing the sound. I have been able to get some okay sounds, mostly heavy overdriven sounds that sound good. I need to work on the cleaner tones to see what I can do. I find that most of the speakers in PC are so so. Some of the stock IRS are good. I have some IRS that work, but unfortunately my OH and Celestion and SR3 do not work because they are not in the right format unless I am missing something. I did post something in the Power Cab area, but most people come here. Any other tricks, I could try to start dialing in some better tones? I am not sure how I save the settings. I save the preset in Helix, not sure if that carries over to the PC. Not sure If I have to name the preset and save the settings in the cab as well as in Helix. Not sure where to find IRS that are just for the PC. I thought my IRS would work in the Power Cab. Only ones that work are ones that are wav files. I must be doing something wrong because I spend some money on IRS hoping they would carry over to PC.
  14. Ok. So I got two PC+ today. I have not opened the other one yet, so I can make sure these things sound good. I am kind of getting that blanket over the speaker effect that I have noticed with modeling. Are there some tricks to getting this thing to sound right? I kept the volume knob on the cab down and then played some stuff to dial in the green to orange setting. I turned off the Low Cut switch in the back. I tilted the amp to get it off of the floor a bit. I am running it through the L6 Link cable I have downloaded the latest update for PC+. Some of the stock cabs in the PC+ sound muffled like I am in the other room listening to it. I loaded an IR and that sounded pretty good, but I cannot imagine that the stock cabs would be that bad from jump. Any ideas, greatly appreciated.
  15. I am checking on this now, but even if I could get Helix to control it, I certainly hope I can make it sound better. As it stands now, I do not see how anyone likes these things.
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