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  1. Well, I essentially give up. I cannot get this to work. I am even bringing a preset up that had this all built in. It is from one that you and I built a while ago and no go.
  2. Please forgive me on this one as I stepped away from the Helix controlling my amps for a while. I am totally drawing a blank on how to go into Command Center and have a snap shot send a MIDI command to change a channel on my amp. I used to know how to do this, but now keep coming up short on getting it to work. Thanks
  3. Cool. I will work with this today. Big help as always @rd2rk Does this mean if big knob is set to 1/4 what does the XLR get set to since it will be running to FOH. Would I have signal path outs to multi?
  4. Hello. I need to use the Helix for a small gig this weekend. They have a house system and will be using XLR out to mains. I do not have a monitor and was thinking of using a Fishman Loudbox as a monitor. There is an Aux in on the back of the amp but it is 1/4 stereo and if I come out of 1/4 out of Helix L it is going to be a mono out to the Fishman in. Is there a way that you would suggest doing this? I was thinking taking L and R out of Helix into a left and right in connector that has a stereo tip to go in to the Fishman but not sure if this will work. Thanks.
  5. Email survey as a owner of pc
  6. Very interesting. Line 6 just sent out a survey about the Powercab and are asking about liked and used features as well as satisfaction. Maybe @rd2rk, you might have ruffled some feathers. But it seems ruffled feathers do not lead to a response, just a survey. Maybe they will come out with a new version? In any event, I am no longer an owner of any power cab. My Helix runs into my H&K GMs and Greenies and V30s. Happy camper! Would I get a new version? Maybe, because for me right now, ease of use, integration is important. I already know they sound good, but dependability is another issue. If they fix what is broke maybe I would consider going back again. But as of now....NO! And for those that cannot jump in to a new version, they better do some firmware updates and help out the loyal keepers of the faith.
  7. @rd2rkThanks for all of your help. You know I will be reaching out to you again with all of this but, you helped me with a difficult decision because the PC212 is so cool and so convenient, I just do not want to go down the rabbit hole with Line6 on this. Other problems when I had the 2 PC112s they were very reluctant to do anything about this. So, I am moving in the right direction. Also found that the GMs work just fine in an FX loop rather than send/return like you and I had set up before, if the FX loop is line level. I spoke to H&K about this and while technically you would think that the send should be instrument and the returns should be line, it works just fine in a loop with line level and hits the amp just right. I will keep you posted.
  8. Well, considering all of the potential problems with the HF driver and some other bugs in the system and Line 6 support not responding to anything really Powercab related, I am sticking with my tube amps and the Helix. That is the awesome thing about the Helix, you can run it any way you want!
  9. All this is very helpful. I am going to go back into 7CM with the Grandmeisters and their respective cabs for a few days to see how they size up to the PC212. Then I will let you know how it is going.
  10. @rd2rkthanks for the update. About the bugs with the 212. I think I remember this in the PC app and some issues with the HF driver stuff. I did have the GM on top of the PC212 and was going to integrate it into the Helix in 4CM, but then I sat there and remembered not only will this mean 4CM but also MIDI and every time I would want to dial in a tone on the Helix I would also have to dial in the tone on the GM (use the GM app on iPad) and then store it and then go into command center and set up MIDI control and any CCs and then store it for each of the settings on the GM. With using the onboard Helix amps, it is much, much easier and I actually dialed in a couple of tones that are almost exactly like the GM. Only difference is that the GM212 seems a bit more organic and punchy especially with the GM25s. I don’t digital can quite capture a speaker cone breaking up right in front of you. BUT…the Helix/PC212 is very close. Also, the GM 212 sits on the floor vertices so points at your waist while sitting in front of it while the PC212 was sitting on the other GM212 to get it up and off of the floor (since the tilt back of the PC212 was taking up more space in the room) pointing more at my shoulders while sitting in front of it. Not sure if I should try it on the ground again and tilted back, but it takes up a much larger footprint doing it that way.
  11. No I have not been following along. What am I missing?
  12. @rd2rk I have the full Helix and a PC 212 and two GMs and two TM 212s one with V30 and one with GM25. Keep going back and forth between whether I should use the GMs or the Helix with the PC 212. I do not have the space for all of them right now which is my dilemma.
  13. @rd2rk That sounds great. I am wondering why you might do that. Does the Catalyst have different amp models than the Helix? I thought the Catalyst was based on some of the Helix models?
  14. Ah, @rd2rk you read my mind. So right on many levels. The thing with 7CM is when you are setting things up, you have to also bring MIDI programming into the equation. However, that being said all you have to do on the GM is grab a knob and get it where you want it, save it and then you can call it up so easily. The front end loading is more work than just working with the Helix and the PC. However, as you mentioned above there is the "It" factor that you found with the Catalyst that brings these questions to mind. I know I would never do the 7CM thing live at least not for stereo, maybe for switching back and forth between amps. With two GMs why would I do that? Because one is a GM 40 and one is a GM 36. They are voiced differently and the GM 36 with Tung Sol tubes sounds really good. Plus one goes to a 212 with V30s and the other a 212 with Greenbacks. This is what I end up doing with the PC 212. I put Greenbacks on one side and Cream Backs or V30s on the other with IRs. Usually not much more than that. Reading what you wrote has me thinking that I keep coming back to the two GMs. The sound from those cabinets is just so good. Most small live gigs, I would not even bring the Helix. I would just bring the GM, footswitch with volume pedal, tuner and noise gate. All effects from the Grandmeister. Bigger gigs the Helix and probably both GMs in 7CM run mono for the different cabs, run Redbox out to house or mic cabs. At home, you are right the ambient stuff is really cool and I can run that through the stereo set up of the GMs, or just through my Yamaha HS7 studio monitors. PC 212 sounds good but not much stereo spread for that kind of thing. Gave me a lot to think about. "You're killing me Smalls."
  15. Hey @rd2rk I was hoping you would chime in. This is what I was kind of thinking might need to be the way to hook it up which you would probably agree kind of defeats the purpose since I could just plug in to my GM 212. However, this set up will allow me to see just how close the IR of that cab comes. Other than that, it just seems like a lot of work just to get the GM integrated when maybe that time is better spent getting the Helix and PC to take the place of that whole rather involved 4CM/7CM of the GMs.
  16. I am trying to integrate one of my Grandmeisters with a Redbox into the Helix. Not quite sure the best way to go about that. I used to have two Grandmeisters hooked up in 7CM and while really nice...quite a PITA with all of the routing and MIDI. I want to use the Grandmeister in a preset and use the Grandmeister into my PC 212 with IRs. Grandmeister has a Redbox direct that could be used to capture both preamp and power amp. I also have an IR of the Grandmeister 212 which sounds good. Not sure how I should hook this up. Normally I would use FX loop on Helix and Grandmeister but the Redbox seems like a cool option to take both preamp and power amp section of the Grandmeister through the Redbox and into the PC with IR but still want to integrate the effects on the Helix Any ideas on how to do this?
  17. What kind of stand did you use for your PC 212?

  18. I know this topic has been addressed before and a lot of mixed answers and of course it is all a matter of preference. I had to move in to my studio as an office b/c working from home. I have been using the Helix with my two H&K Grandmeisters in 7CM. I have also used 2 PC+ in stereo. I like the tone of all of these options but the space now is just not practical. I have a nice set of Yamaha HS7 for mixing and listening to music, but for guitar, I really like the sound of a cabinet pushing some air. I am wondering if space wise, if it might be better to get a PC 212. It would have less footprint than the two PC+ and less footprint of the two Grandmeisters. Plus, a lot less cables. I would only have to run two XLRs to my mixer and one L6 Link cable from Helix to PC. Just not sure if the 212 is overkill for a space that is about 12x11. But, it certainly would save some space and clean things up a bit. Thoughts?
  19. Thanks for all the help. The conclusion, this pedal only comes alive straight into the amp or in front of the Helix. So wanted it work in the loop.
  20. Ok. So, I am going to use this signal path with Noise Gate off>FX loop with TI Boost >FX Loop for amp>delay>reverb second path without TI Boost> Dual guitar effect with slight delay>reverb. I will use snapshots to send MIDI to amp to go from clean to dirty and to turn boost on and off.
  21. I did not get the chance to try some of these things yesterday, BUT, I did hear back from Laney that the TI Boost input is 1M ohm. So, how would I handle that? Should I, like rd2rk said, set up a preset where I will be using this boost where the IN-Z is 1M when the boost is on and back to 230K when it is off for the benefit of other blocks in the single chain? This with the global IN-Z set to enabled??
  22. Good ideas. I will try this tomorrow. Lots of things to try out. I will let you all know and thank you so much for all of your help. I am determined to figure this out.
  23. Nope. Not using wireless in this particular configuration. I do have wireless, but I use it with my Les Pauls. For what I am using the TI Boost for, you guessed it SGs and I hate having the wireless L6 Relay sticking up out of the top of my SGs. I have not had a chance to try rd2rk's preset yet, but I will give this a try. If it does not work, I will probably use it in front of the Helix, but that limits me being able to hit a switch on the Helix and have it change settings on my amp and turn the pedal off. Fx Loop for this pedal is set to instrument. My amp Loops are set to line via Hughes and Kettner that told me to use line for their fx loops.
  24. So, in the preset I am building, change the IN-Z to auto and with global at being enabled it will pick up that setting in the preset? Or should I figure out the impedance of the pedal and set it to that?
  25. Hey rd2rk, I have tried the onboard boosts. None of them do it like the TI Boost in to my amp. I kind of wanted to be able to have the Helix turn this loop on and off as I select different presets on the amp. I guess my only other option is to try the global settings thing you are talking about. I guess if I do this in global, then all presets will be like this or just the one I am building with the TI Boost?
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