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  1. Snap66

    More volume

    I seem to run out of headroom at times since 2.80.Ive started using the digital Aes XLR line 6 link to twin Powrcars +'s. Will increasing the dB digital out global setting give me more volume and if so will it bring distortion?
  2. Wow that's a creative solution thanks I will give that a go
  3. Not sure about operating the volume pedal in reverse apart from it being weird I suspect I would endd up eitb no volume. I will play around with an external pedal but I just bought the Helix to avoid all that additional stuff.
  4. Good idea I've added a boost to all presents using the output block so I don't use DSP. I found this Ben Vesco YouTube clip about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y3tg33qMNI&t=411s
  5. I have several presents where I want the volume pedal and the wah. When I add these blocks to the path it automatically assigns the volume to exp2 and Wah to exp1. To change between you use the toe switch on the pedal. This is all good except as it's in volume mode as default I have to press the pedal all the way forward to activate the hidden toe pedal to get to the wah. The problem is now I'm at 100% volume as I've had to push the volume pedal all the way forward to get to the tow switch ie all my spare headroom, and it's too loud. Any suggestions please. Thanks
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