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  1. I had some annoying issues at a gig last night with my HX Stomp XL. First of all, the graphics are so small, it's almost impossible to see. I also kept switching on and off the wrong snapshots and effects because of how close the buttons are. And last but not least, I have the Mission SP1-L6 pedal, set up to control wah. I had it working at home to switch on and off via the switch, and position set to expression 1. Somehow, at some point in the gig, the position stopped working. Meaning, the wah would engage with the toe switch, but rocking the pedal wouldn't sweep the wah through its range. And I couldn't figure out how to fix it on the fly. Very frustrating!
  2. Is there an application to view and edit Helix patches? I've heard a few Helix patches that I like, but they won't import into my HX Stomp XL.
  3. I've built several plexi and 2203/2204 circuits. It's pretty incredible what that bright cap can do! I have a few amps with switchable bright caps, and all have usable tones. I hate to keep bringing them up, but Fractal amp models have a saturation switch on every model, which does exactly what the Jose circuit does (similar to the option on the Placater). Also, a bright cap switch on every model (similar to the Derailed Ingrid). Why not add these to other models? I'm shocked this hasn't come up more than it has. And I'm surprised my asking about it is so funny.
  4. It has a single stereo fx send jack, and 2 return jacks (left/mono and right).
  5. With my HX Effects, I use 2 fx loop blocks in my chain. The first to do 4cm with my amp, and the second to being in and out an external pedal within different presets and snapshots. Can this be done with the Stomp XL?
  6. Why don't any of the Marshall models have a bright cap setting like Fractal? Has anyone had any success dialing in a good aggressive Marshall tone with the kerrang? I've tried this with the Plexi bright, 2204, Badonk, Placater, etc. They just don't get there with all that I've tried.
  7. Here's what I have and what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a Scarlett interface connected via USB to my laptop. My studio monitors are connected to the Scarlett. I'm connecting my HX Stomp to my laptop via USB. I'd like to be able to monitor the HX Stomp sounds through my studio monitors, without having to unplug them from my Scarlett and into my Stomp every time I use it. Is it possible to route the sound out through the Scarlett into my monitors? The only way I've been able to accomplish this so far is by running a 1/4" cable from the Stomp output to the Scarlett input. But I'm pretty sure I lose stereo output this way.
  8. Hi everyone! Long time HX Effects user here. I've been using it for live gigs in 4cm with my tube amps. Now I have an HX Stomp XL on the way. I'm trying to decide which FRFR to go with. Or would I be better off with a power amp and guitar cab set up? What's working for everyone?
  9. I'm trying to use my HX Effects to change my Fryette PS-100's channels. I'm sending external amp commands (ring, tip) the same way I use it to change channels on my different amps, but the PS-100 won't switch between channels. I'm using a TRS cable from the HXFX ext output to the footswitch jack on the PS-100.
  10. Hey guys! I'm running my HXFX in 4cm, and it's been great with just my speaker cabinet. I'd also like to use its IR capabilities to send a 2nd output to the PA. I'm struggling with getting this setup, if it's even possible. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone, I still struggle with the concept of buffered vs non-buffered. Has anyone run their unit with any of the available echoplex preamp type pedals (Chasetone Secret Preamp, Clinch EP-Pre, Dunlop EP101)? I'm trying to determine the best way to integrate an echoplex preamp pedal into my HX Effects 4cm setup. Any help or information would be appreciated.
  12. I've had my HX Effects for a few years now. Last night at rehearsal, it started acting up. I use it in 4CM with my Marshall DSL40c. A few times, it would bypass the preamp, and just play loud clean sound from the power section. Switching presets wouldn't fix it. I'd have to restart the HX Effects to get it back to normal. Has anyone ever had this issue?
  13. I've been powering my HX with the 1spot wall wart. I got a Friedman Smallbox pedal yesterday. Powering it with a separate wall wart, I'm getting a ton of hum noise. Both in the HX Effects loop or in front of it. Before I spend money on an ISO box, I'm wondering if anyone else has had noise issues with the Smallbox pedal?
  14. Hi everyone, I've had a few intermittent issues where my band rehearses, and I'm wondering if it's a power issue? A few times my expression pedal would stop working. After restarting the unit, it worked fine. Also, when using the unit to channel switch my DSL40c, it would suddenly stop changing the channels, even though the red/green indicator light on the amp would change. I haven't had this issue at other places, but I also use my rig mostly at this rehearsal space. I've read some things that mention odd issues when the HX Effects doesn't have clean power. Just wondering if that could be the cause?
  15. So, a couple concerning things happened with my HX Effects during rehearsal last night. A few times, the screens would start flipping back and forth between my patches and the tempo screen. And also, at one point, my expression pedal stopped responding. Both things went away by restarting my HX Effects. Has anyone else experienced these issues?
  16. I'm wondering as well how it would connect to the hx effects, if there is toe switch functionality in the future. I'm already using one of the ext jacks to channel switch my amp.
  17. Is anyone successfully using this with an HX Effects? I'm trying to decide if I should get the SP1, or just get the non-switching version to control the HX Effects wah function.
  18. Here's how I finally got it to work. "Create three patches to switch the amp channel. Patch one, I set the channel to 1 and the pc command to 1. Put the amp in learning mode as per instructions, send the signal from the HX Effects, select the clean (green) channel on the amp, save the patch. Patch two, set the channel to 1 and the pc command to 2. put the amp in learning mode and select channel two (blue), save the patch. You can figure out how to program the red channel #3. At the end, take the amp out of learning mode."
  19. Hi guys, I've been using my HXFX in 4cm to my Runt 20 with no issues. Tonight, I decided to give the ext amp a try to change channels on the Runt. As soon as I plugged the cable from the HXFX ext amp jack to the Runt's footswitch jack, I started getting a hum. I'm assuming it's a ground loop? I tried switching the ground switch on the Runt, but still hums. This works perfectly fine on my DSL and 5153. Any ideas how to resolve it with the Runt?
  20. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a close approximation of EVH's Balance era tone with my HX Effects. I have to my basic amp tone set, now I just need the harmonizer effect (Eventide Harmonizer with the -9/+9 cents left and right with probably 10 msec delay and 12 msec delay). I realize I won't get the W/D/W stereo effect, but I'm just wondering what effect(s) I could use on my HX Effects to get close.
  21. I'm really trying to love my Helix, but something is just missing in my sound. I'm coming from a 50 watt EVH 5153 into a 212 cab. Also a DSL40. The main tone is usually always go for is a Van Halen type of hard rock tone. Nothing super heavy. Last night I was using the Brit Plexi Bright with the gain dimed, into the Cali v30 412, a 160 mic, some early reflections (15%), low cut at 85, high cut at 10K. I'm running into a Laney LFR-112. I simply did not have the feel or the balls that I'm used to hearing. Is there something that I should change up with my settings? Any help would be appreciated.
  22. OH wow! Thank you! I don't know how I missed that.
  23. Hi guys, I just got a Laney LFR-112 and I'm going to have band rehearsal with it later this week. My question is, what level should I be sending to it from the Helix? Line or instrument? I've searched, but I've been unable to find any answer. Thanks!
  24. I've read that he used a cab with Peavey Scorpion speakers.
  25. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for Nuno's killer tone on the Pornograffitti album? He used an ADA MP1 into a Macintosh power amp, then into a BBE Sonic Maximizer.
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