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  1. How to Use the Mission SP1-L6H Toe Switch with Line6 Helix and HX Introduction Mission Engineering manufactures two expression pedals designed specifically for use with the Helix product line. The EP1-L6 is an expression only pedal and does not have a toe switch. It has one (TS) jack for Exp output. This pedal is designed to work with Helix Floor, LT, HX Stomp and HX Effects. The SP1-L6H is an expression pedal that includes a toe switch. This pedal is designed to work with Helix Rack only and has two separate output jacks. One (TS) jack for Exp output and one (TS) jack for the footswitch output. The toe switch is a DPST (Double Pole Single Throw) momentary contact (commonly referred to as "non-latching") switch. This pedal is designed for exclusive use with Helix Rack. There is no provision in Helix Floor, LT or HX Effects to use an external expression pedal toe switch as an additional controller or foot switch but with a mod we can utilize this functionality. Both pedals incorporate a 10K ohm pot for the expression output and both are built in the exact same enclosure/housing. The additional holes in the EP1-L6 have plugs installed in them. Purpose To modify either the EP1-L6 or the SP1-L6H so as to be able to utilize the toe switch output as an expression input to the Helix Floor, LT, HX Stomp or HX Effects. Use Case The idea of utilizing the toe switch came up when a user wanted to use the SP1-L6H as a traditional Wah pedal. Meaning the toe switch would simply toggle the Wah block in their Preset ON or OFF. With a little imagination there could be many more use cases. For example, the toe switch could toggle on a Delay block and then use the expression to control the Delay's Feedback parameter. Or the toe switch could be used to set any parameter on any block, completely independent of what the expression output is controlling. The Modifications This mod is easily performed on the EP1-L6 pedal also as the housings are the same. The holes are already drilled and have plugs in them. Notes on modifying the EP1-L6 (non-toe switch pedal) - As mentioned above, both pedals are built in the same enclosure. These modifications will require the addition of a (TS) output jack (along with the additional components listed below) if you are adding this feature to the EP1-L6 pedal. Also, you may need to add a felt or other pad under the treadle to engage the toe switch. For HX Stomp Only - If the desire is to simply use the SP1-L6H toe switch as an external foot switch, no modifications to the SP1-L6H are required. It will perform that function right out of the box. Parts Needed 1 -- Replacement Toe Switch as described below. The stock toe switch for a Crybaby Wah is a perfect replacement. 1 -- 100 ohm resistor. 1/4 watt is fine. The 100 ohm value is a suggestion. You can use whatever low value you have on hand. The Exp Input just needs to see something when the switch is off, or Helix will default back to the onboard Exp Pedal. Whatever value you end up with, you will need to adjust the "Bypass Assign" "Position" parameter to match that resistance value for the parameter being controlled to enable. For a 100 ohm resistor this will be about 25%. 1 -- 10K ohm resistor. 1/4 watt is fine. * The 10K resistor could be a pot or trim pot if a variable output is desired. This could be used for more granular control of the toe switch's expression input to the Helix/HX. * For the purpose of this article, the above resistor values will be used. For the SP1-L6H 1. Replace the stock toe switch with a DPST (double pole single throw) maintained contact switch. Commonly referred to as "latching". The stock toe switch for a Crybaby Wah is a perfect replacement. 2. Solder one end of the 100 ohm resistor to the N.O. terminal of the new toe switch. 3. Solder one end of the 10K ohm resistor to the N.C. terminal of the new toe switch. 4. Solder the two loose ends of the resistors to the Red wire going to the output jack. 5. Solder the C (common) terminal of the new toe switch to the Black wire going to the output jack. DONE Setup For this example we will use the expression pedal with it's new toe switch functionality as a traditional Wah pedal. Pressing the toe switch once will turn the Wah block ON. Pressing the toe switch again will turn the Wah block OFF. For Helix, LT and HX Effects 1. Select the Wah Block in your Preset. 2. Select Main Menu 3. Select "Bypass Assign" 4. Set "Switch" to whichever Exp Input you are using for the Toe Switch. 5. Set "Position" to 25%. 6. SAVE SAVE 7. Select Main Menu 8. Select "Controller Assign" 9. Set "Parameter" to "Position". 10. Set "Controller" to the exp input you want to use for the Wah function. 11. SAVE SAVE DONE For HX Stomp The HX Stomp does not have a Command Center so implementation is going to be limited. 1. Select the Wah Block in your Preset. 1. Select Main Menu 2. Select "Bypass Assign" 3. Set "Switch" to the expression input you want to use for the toe switch input. 4. Set the Position parameter to 25%. 5. SAVE SAVE 6. Select Main Menu 7. Select "Controller Assign" 8. Set "Param" to "Psition". 9. Set "Controller" to the expression input you want to use for the Wah function. 10. SAVE SAVE DONE Go play guitar.
  2. Hmmmmm. Interesting. I hadn't looked at the new manual, thanks for that. It appears there has been an oversight. You might want to write this one in. Powercab+ Master Volume MIDI CC#7. Edit: Not enabling control of the Powercab+ Master Volume via L6 Link is my big disappointment in the latest updates.
  3. Please, don't take my word for it. It's on page 13 in the manual in the MIDI CC - Global Functions chart, MIDI CC#7. It's functionally different than controlling the Level parameter in the output block because it doesn't affect the level going to the FOH or DAW or whatever from the XLR output of the Powercab+ and it doesn't affect gain staging.
  4. Oh, but you can. I've been doing it since I got the Powercab+. I use an exp pedal and it's awesome. MIDI CC#7.
  5. You can't control Powercab+ Master Volume via L6 Link.
  6. Yes, you can do that via L6 Link per Snapshot or per Preset in the output block.
  7. Most everything described above requires a MIDI cable. There is now, with 2.8, limited control of Powercab+ via L6 link, which is great if you don't need everything MIDI has to offer.
  8. What channel is HX Effects on? All devices must be on different channels. Example: JVM Ch 2, Bias Ch 1, HX Ch 3.
  9. This bug may or may not have been addressed in 2.8*, I haven't checked. Backup the Preset you are working on. Open that backup .hlx file with any text editor, like TextEdit on Mac. Search for the Snapshot labels within the code and change as desired. Save. Import the backup .hlx file into A NEW SLOT, so you don't mess with the original.
  10. Are both the Helix and the Powercab+ running 2.80 or later?
  11. If you have a Satriani model, that chart should work. Otherwise you will have to use the learn function. You will want to use an Instant Command in Helix. See the Command Center. You probably want to send a CC Toggle.
  12. Hello @PechGehabt, I am having similar troubles as you as I am going through the procedures above. I see where the trouble is. My fault. It seems Helix wants to be picky about saving the settings after each Program number change, for each and every Snapshot. Go to the Command Center and scroll through your Snapshots to see which Program number is being sent for each Snapshot. Change the ones that are wrong and save each Snapshot as you go. I will update the procedures above. Let me know if you get it working.
  13. Hello, Sorry to hear your having troubles. I haven't plugged into the JVM in a while, so give me day or two to check it out.
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