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  1. SteveFrance

    heavy metal without amp preset

    You can eventually take a simple active speaker to have a cheaper solution.... I've bought a yamaha DBR10 that brings a good sound. There are less expensive speakers (Alto for exemple) which seem to be good too !!!
  2. SteveFrance

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    You've forgotten the coffee machine controller ! :)
  3. SteveFrance

    Will we see a new firmware with any major update?

    I'm pretty proud of my message. It made you react. At first, i wanted to tell that a "major update" means nothing or not so much because each one doesn't wait for the same things..... Finally, you explain that you are bothered with fizz, etc.....I think we are far from the amount of new amps that could arrived.... It's clearer now ! I agree with you. I use a variax with the helix. I've just changed my pickups on my Gibb SG and my fender strat. When i plugged them in HX, there was a lot of buzz, fizz, etc.....More than with VDI cable. At first, i thought it was from the guitar....I adjust my guitars because i thought it comes from frets.... Then, i discovered the noisegate and it's better....Even if i'm not entirely satisfied. I've learnt (and had to) a lot of things with modeling, position of effects, how to make a signal path and i believe that's not finished. I hear that clean amps gives really good results, the responsiveness and dynamic has no comparison with my last FX and have heared good disto sounds. Today, i think that i have still things to learn to improve my sounds and work this way....
  4. SteveFrance

    Will we see a new firmware with any major update?

    I think we don't have to counfond a new device and an improvement. The strategie is really not the same. Every trademark uses to announce new products long time before to keep customers and prevents them from switching. On the other hand, the device is already sold. I've seen nowhere that it was a must for line6 to bring a new firmware every X months.... Are the customers happy with it ? Even if there wouldn't be any improvement, i love my HX (and i'll keep it) !!!! Every improvements are some plus and i'm pleased to take them but they're not also a revolution... And i believe, i anticipate the next one who will ask : when will arrive the 2.7 firmeware and so on...... Last point : what is a major update ? Philosophical subject ! You've got 4 hours..... :)
  5. SteveFrance

    Considering Variax...what are the gotcha's??

    No, the variax doesn't allow you to do so, easily. It reminds me a jason sadites' vid in wich he splitted the signal in two ones following the frequencies. So you can do so, Path 1 split with crossover following the frequencies and you have different amp/cab on Path A and path B (there's no need of variax for that) The other possibility is to send the variax models on path 1 and the variax magnetics pickups on path 2 (but you will have all the strings).....
  6. SteveFrance

    How to Change Snapshot mode to Stompbox Mode

    You just have to switch on the "mode" button to flip in one mode to the other one. But the original patch has might not been configurated for every/each button.......
  7. SteveFrance

    High cut and low cut settings in Global EQ?

    Personnally, I don't use the global EQ. One reason is that i use a variax and play with acoustics models so the Global EQ wouldn't be a great solution to cut frequencies on every patches. I don't think that it's either a good solution if you only play electric.... The low/high cut configuration varies following which cab/amp you use to offer good result.... I use to tweak it in the cab block's parameters patch by patch. Some adds an EQ block to do this...... Edit : DunedinDragon was faster..... :)
  8. SteveFrance

    What's next?

    It means we have a lot of choice more than elsewhere and some people are always disapointed and would like another thing.
  9. SteveFrance

    What's next?

    Is that a joke ? Line6 has declined its helix with : - The rack + control pedal - Helix Floor - Helix LT - Helix native - Helix FX There's no other brand that has done so on a same base ! So you need another device.....I believe it won't happen ! I don't use a lot the pedal too but i think it's always good to have it for the volume control.
  10. SteveFrance

    Only 128 Impulse Response Presets?

    This is the reason why i've surrendered with the IR's. It already needs a lot of time to know how to put the effects in the chain / to tweak the EQ and all that stuffs..... The amount of possibilies is so more important than the device i had before that i waste more time on the buttons than on playing the instrument..... I consider that factory cabs, well setup, can provide good sounds and offer a lot of possibilities.
  11. SteveFrance

    Question on output : amp vs speaker

    In fact, i've quickly changed the FH for a helix LT after buying the DBR10. I've tried at first a soundbar (an LD system but wasn't convinced for the acoustic part) The DBR10 is a pretty good speaker, i can really get the sound i want to. The only matter is that my band has other speakers for rehearsals, so i find the good tone at home and i'm unsatisfied with the difference (the volume and the size of the room changes too). I've progressed in how to setup my parameters too (High/low cut, EQ.....), and this has an important incidence on the sound.
  12. SteveFrance

    Question on output : amp vs speaker

    I agree with you, Line6's speakers are expensive, this is the reason why i haven't bought one ! I couldn't buy all the more expensive devices :) I've bought a Yamaha DBR10 because i wanted a second input. Nevertheless, the Alto has a good reputation and have hesitated to try it. The only thing is that you'll have some work to tweak and find the sound you like, because even if you have a FRFR, they don't sound the same, some are more bassy, more precise..... But whatever you take, you won't have the limitations of an ordinary electric guitar amp.....
  13. SteveFrance

    Question on output : amp vs speaker

    OK, i've read your post many times to know how to respond and it was a good thing to do so..... There are two answers the "would" and the "you have to" ;) I wouldn't recommand an amp if you want to change the modelling of amp with firehawk because even if you have a clean one, the cab will change the color of the modeling whatever the way your inputs....You can eventually do it, it works but..... I've seen that you have a Shuriken, so i think you'll want to play the acoustics and resonators models, there's no other choice than the FRFR speaker !
  14. SteveFrance

    Alternate tunings on the fly -can't make it work!

    If you want a 1/2 down tuning, it's already configurated in tthe variax memory, you just have to select the good position with the alt tuning knob. You have to be on the model position to work -> the knobs lights are ON.
  15. SteveFrance

    Considering JTV 89 vs Evertune

    A Variax and its alt tuning can't be compared to a mechanical sytem like evertune. The virtual capo will add a 1/2 tone, etc... whatever you want by electronic (the strings won't move ! ). If the variax is not tuned, as a physical capo, the notes won't be good.... The Variax won't setup and don't have an integrated tuning system. Evertune is a physical component that provides the guitar to stand in tune once it has been set up....