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  1. SteveFrance

    Powercab Plus MIDI Control with Helix MIDI

    Hi, I just want to pick up on this post to add some note. I've got a lot of presets wherein i've only got one kind of speaker model, so i've programmed my preset with a midi message just with the instant one. Everything works fine in those cases. Nevertheless, i've noticed tardily (cause i use my PC+ tilt back), that the model was not the one i was waiting for in presets i have many midi orders. I've gone back on your post to see how to configure that. Following your screen print, i've done the same. So for example, i've got a preset with three snapshots. An intro with a fender twin, a chorus with a marshall and a solo with a boosted marshall. So i wanted to have a Jensen® P12Q on snapshot 1 and the Celestion® Greenback 25 model for the following. Then, i was on SNAP1 and go on each lightning to program all those three phases. When i call the preset, i've discovered that on the SNAP1, the model jumps directly to the Greenback..... It took me time to understand that, in this configuration, when i switch on the preset, all the orders are send on the channel so, all the instants are read at the same time and it stops at the last one once the line is entirely read.... In fact, if you wanna have a changing per snapshot, to be correct, you have to go on Snapshot 1, go in the command center, on the instant one and select the model you want. You don't need to close the command center window (on the device itself, don't know with HX Edit), switch to Snapshot 2, select the instant ONE and choose the model. Same thing for the third one.... Now everything is OK and works as expected.
  2. SteveFrance

    Powercab or powercab plus

    It only depends on how you use the plus today. I've programmed the midi on many presets to change the model speaker (i've got only one plus). With the futur helix's firmware update, we'll be able to put aside the midi cable and with L6 link to link both PC+ together (and command each model speaker). If you only use the FRFR mode, go on using XLR right/left modeler outputs (a "simple" PC will be enough)
  3. SteveFrance

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    It was my answer (not a question nor an allusion), i've looked at it on the web ;) You should buy it
  4. SteveFrance

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    When i see the specs (db and power), i assume it'll be allright !
  5. SteveFrance

    How to stop all midi messages when I change presets

    Ho yes, i've read that but i've never met the problem.....
  6. SteveFrance

    Powercab Strange Power-on Behavior

    I don't understand all. You talk about L6 link and right/left channel..... You don't have to plug XLR output into L6 link input... If you use L6 link, you have to go from your helix L6 link output (the red one) to the first PC+, then the same output from this fisrt PC+ to the second one. The other method is to plug with XLR : XLR left/mono to the input (XLR 1 or 2 following your setups) of one PC+ and the right helix's XLR to the other PC+ (XLR 1 or 2)....
  7. SteveFrance

    It arrived!!

    Congratulations and welcome !
  8. SteveFrance

    Firehawk FX and Variax acoustic amp model

    How do you use your Firehawk ? Do you plug it into an electric guitar amp ? If yes, it won't work I've done that with this rig and the result is bad. With a clear amp, it can work for electric guitar modeling but not for acoustic. The reason is that the range of frequencies are not the same between an acoustic and an electric guitar. You need a (active) FRFR speaker to obtain the sounds you search...
  9. SteveFrance

    How to stop all midi messages when I change presets

    I've got a powercab so i use the midi section to change my speaker modeling per preset or snapshot. What you tell is really strange, if you change preset without sending a midi order, nothing would happened....This is the case with the PC+, i stay on the same speaker.... Have you saved your preset after removing midi message in command center ? I don't understand why you have the same problem in an empty preset...
  10. SteveFrance

    Helix VS Helix LT

    I don't catch everything in your explanations and how you arrived at this conclusion :) I have got a LT too and I've got really no regret, i miss nothing.... I can understand that when L6 launched the first HX you had no other choice but nowdays, really look in detail if you need the plus brought by the Hx floor.... Following your needs you could have to buy it but i have a doubt... Is that : i pay more, i have the best thing..... ; Of course, yes, but i really think the extra money is not justified....(exept for some rare cases). IMHO, you could eventually add a FRFR speaker for the price if you don't have one....
  11. SteveFrance

    HX Stomp – New User Questions

    :), it was what i was thinking at the beginning.... lol But you're right it seems there's a possibility shown in this vid, i don't know how they do so (may be a fx loop block...) I don't own the stomp but i've seen the ability to send midi too, i thought it was impossible, this was really the main thing that prevents me to buy one. In this demo, there's powercab's model speaker changing, what i was looking for, thanks a lot Kilrahi, i want one now !!!! I just have to talk to my wife now !!!! ;)
  12. SteveFrance

    HX Stomp – New User Questions

    Allright, i'm sorry, i didn't understand that !!! Nevertheless, in this chain construction, you'll have a problem. i'm gonna take a simpler exemple. If there's only one amp sim, you split the signal after this one. You go to a cab model and to FOH from a stomp's output. On the other hand, you go from your amp sim into the return of your actual amp but it means you have two series poweramp, no ? There's a matter too...
  13. SteveFrance

    HX Stomp – New User Questions

    Iv'e understood the opposite but the Helix amp effects blocks mean a preamp + the poweramp. In this chain it means you have a preamp block + an amp block (preamp + poweramp) + the effetcs go into the poweramp of the valve amp....Thta's like having two serial amps (no exactly in fact)...
  14. SteveFrance

    Helix into front of amp ?

    The main problem is that "your old school valve amp" contrains you to have all the effects before the preamp. It's allright for the distortion but for delays, reverb, modulation, it changes everything following the place in the chain !!! You seem to want flexibility but with that constraint you won't be able to have a lot. IMHO, and for your needs, the best would be a HX stomp or a Helix LT and a FRFR speaker....
  15. SteveFrance

    FRFR is good, but LF Raw is really fun!

    i don't use it too. I've tried it before but i use the model speakers and have done the cut per speaker (high and low cut), you have this function for the Full range too.... Those setups have a real incidence on the sound your hear from the PC+ as the mic choice and its positionning (it wouldn't have to.....)