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  1. SteveFrance

    Power Cab vs Combo Amp

    Codamedia said everything ! If you only want to play FRFR, i should tell, don't buy a PC (i know that's not your case;)). The PC/PC+ brings you the best of the 2 worlds : "amp in the room" and versatility of modelers.... I assume that your amp gives you a good feeling but wether it's neutral and you feel the amp difference (only i'd liked to say) or your cab's speaker has its own behavior that will color every amps... I enjoyed playing yesterday evening, just pick an amp sim and play with the changing speaker models in PC+, one to another, this is really a totally different rendering.....
  2. SteveFrance

    Smart patch switching?

    There are snapshots. You can configure your presets per song and change the snapshot, there's no gap. If you change the preset, there's a little gap. Edit : (Silverhead was faster ;))
  3. I think that the HF tweeter is not active in PC speaker mode. On way i found to modify the sound in this mode, is to go in the speaker parameter list (click on led button and go downside) select and adjust the high/low cut in each model as you like...
  4. SteveFrance

    2.81 Should I wait?

    Do you face some matters with the 2.80 update ? I had some problems to switch between stomp and snapshot mode, so i did the update.....
  5. SteveFrance

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    You're welcome ! If i remember it well (and after had a look at a picture on the web), you can go in that menu by clicking on the "system" icon on the powercab window's editor right side up. I found it by chance a long time ago....;)
  6. I entirely agree with you, the more i play with mine, the more i love it !!!!
  7. SteveFrance

    212 plus

    It's not Available yet. Frank Richotte on TGP said it will be there in September for US and October elsewhere.... In another post he said it arrives in few weeks....
  8. SteveFrance

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    You'll find it in both ! (House icon on the PC+)
  9. SteveFrance

    Anyone upgraded to the Powercab 212?

    I've seen you had some answers on TGP : no one has done so 'cause it's not arrived yet ! Some could be interested in the switch, but.....
  10. SteveFrance

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    I've done the update of my two devices too.... I've started playing with the new implementation. It seems to work as if the Helix has the same behaviour to command the Powercab as if we were playing with Powercab Edit... At first, i find it pretty usefull 'cause it replaces a remote, i don't have to move and play with the parameters. I could make a lot of test, following the speaker modeling, the high/low cut, etc.... On the other hand, I realize that i have to work on every presets/snapshots to put all those parameters back (and i have to disable all my midi commands). In fact, I would have prefered to call back the speaker i want as the midi command do and having default parameters that i can change if i want to.... It's gonna request me much more time to rebuilt all my presets (that i haven't done entirely yet)....
  11. SteveFrance

    PC 112 Plus as floor monitor on stage ?

    Nobody talked about that but You can have the mix return from the FOH in the PC + too. Have a look at that vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEaqiznGobU , Paul Hindmarsh explains all the conncetions capabilities you can have with your devices....
  12. SteveFrance

    Why Speakers models are all squeezed to ~-15dB?

    This difference is logical. In speaker models, you have no cab sim before. If you use FRFR, whatever the mode, you can have nothing just a studio amp for an acoustic guitar or you should have a cab sim for the amplifier. And the add of this one reduces the dB level. I know that some just uses the amp block with FRFR Raw mode, i know it can sound good but IMHO it's a mistake, and i don't understand what they send to the FOH . It's exactly the same that sending an amp sim directly to a FRFR speaker..... I've done my setup like that and i have the same difference. The FRFR modes are set to 3dB and my speaker models are between -8db to -10.5dB (if i go further, it starts clipping). I have my level Helix knob between 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock.
  13. SteveFrance

    Line 6 Helix with Powercab plus

    As Cody said, take a Xlr cable 110 Ohm. With the futur version of the Helix (2.8 coming soon) with L6 link inputs, you'll be able to command the change of speakers models on your PC+ per preset/snapshot, etc....
  14. SteveFrance

    Problems with Variax Standard and Helix

    It works with the Input parameter turn on the "multi" entry too. I assume his presets are OK 'cause they are working with his other Variax.....
  15. SteveFrance

    Potential Helix user with a couple of questions

    We don't play very loud with my band, i don't need more power. I feel the powercab is very directionnal, i assume that its design make it don't spread all the sound everywhere as an open back cabinet can do....So the add of another PC+ can eventually solves this matter.