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  1. SteveFrance

    helix preset vs Variax model

    Yes, the Helix can control the Variax and this is all the interest to link those two devices to each other. The first thing : you have to link it with the VDI cable, it won't work with 1/4".... After that go on the second and third page on the input block. Select "Per preset" in Variax settings. Then go into the preset/snapshot you want to change. If you only want one guitar per preset ; select it. If you wanna change the guitar per snapshot, do as you do for other things, press on the knob and turn the button at the same time ; your model will appear into brackets.... You can select the tone, the volume, the alt tuning the same way !!!! Have fun !!!
  2. SteveFrance

    Powercab considerations and thoughts

    The main question is ; What is your goal ? I've bought a powercab plus because i wanted to keep the versatility of the modeler but wanted to have the "amp in the room feeling" that i've loosen with FRFR. The powercab and the inside model speakers brought me that !!! ;) The simpliest RIG is Helix and guitar direct to the mixer.Now i have to bring another device for rehearsals and gigs..... What you tell is that your sound is weird/harsh and not out of the mix when you listen to it. Even if you buy a PC+, when you'll go to the FOH, there'll be a mic'ed simulation, so the result will be the same for the crowd. I mean that the powercab won't automatically be the best solution. A simple FRFR could be enough to work on your sounds and reach what you want for your gigs.... The other question is ; will you be able to tweak your sounds at home with that device with a minimum level (it doesn't seem to be the case) ? Have you done EQ and/or High/low cut on cabs sims ?
  3. SteveFrance

    Variax et corde

    Thank you Psarkissian, you are really helpfull.... What do you mean by "check the configuration", is that linked to the software or is that only a setup on the neck or other guitar's part that can be done by a luthier ?
  4. SteveFrance

    I Love My HX Stomp... But My Bandmate Doesn't

    As Cruisinon2 said, a PA speaker is FRFR and you can/would follow advices above. Nevertheless, even if they're said to be flat response, All the PA don't reproduce the same sound curve. I used to train on a PA at home and play on another brand at rehearsal, the sound was harsher/in the highs when i play with my band....(I think this is one of the reason why there's a so huge range price between speakers (with inputs number, noise, power, quality....)) I imagine you haven't bought the same speaker you have in your band.....
  5. SteveFrance

    Variax et corde

    Bonjour, Vraiment bizarre comme symptôme !!! Dans quelle configuration êtes-vous ? en simulation ou cela vous le fait-il même avec les micros guitare ?
  6. SteveFrance

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    I know how it WOULD work and i was estonished too. In fact, i've read that on a thread on "the gear page" website....After trying that at home, i really noticed a difference with and without those setups.... For the connection, the OP had a problem between XLR/1/4" input and L6 link. The only way to equalize those inputs is to play on the input gain parameter, you can tweak it between –95.5~+12.0dB, i think it's enough to find the same loudness....
  7. SteveFrance

    I Love My HX Stomp... But My Bandmate Doesn't

    Yes, what kind of speaker do you use ?
  8. SteveFrance

    Using Powercab+ as solo pa?

    Your mic has to be amplified, you won't be able to go direct into the PC+, nevertheless, you can take your Helix and create a voice second path. It means, you won't do that with the stomp too.....
  9. SteveFrance

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    In flat mode, i use an acoustic guitar or i add a cab modeling that drops the volume, this is the reason why, in this mode, i need more volume. In speaker model, i've tried to go to 0dB for many of them to increase my volume but the red light appears in continue, i would say those values per speakers are the limit with amps parameters by default. If you turn up, the gain, the volume and the master it generates digital clipping too.
  10. SteveFrance

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    Well, i had another look at the PC+ to see all the setups i've done and retried the different input. I've changed between the L6 link and the input 1 and didn't notice any volume difference. Here are my setups (only on the powercab, the idea is to have the same volume whatever the link you use) ; _Input1 Gain : 0dB -Input2 Gain: -10dB (to play lower quickly if i wanted to) I don't use those two inputs now but only the l6link -Flatlevel : 3dB - Vintage : -9,5dB - Green : -9,5dB - Cream : -10,5dB - Jarvis : -7,5dB - Bayou : -10,5dB - Essex : -8,5dB - Natural : -9,5dB I've done this setup if i want to change the speaker model, then, they have the same volume. The last thing, that wouldn't have any incidence on the sound but i've found it had, i've defined a mic/position/high & low cut for all model speakers : the high and low cuts are at 65/70Hz and 13KHz. The mic is the 160 or 121 Ribbon at 2" or 3" distance.
  11. SteveFrance

    New Speaker Models?

    I assume that the PC+ will need an update when the new helix's version come, at least, to integrate the fact of communicating without using the midi cable. It would be nice if L6 avails this update to purpose new speaker models indeed..... No preference for a new one, just curious and impatient to have new possibilities....
  12. SteveFrance

    Good acoustic plugin for Variax acoustic models

    I had a firehawk before my helix and it goes pretty well with the Variax for acoustic stuffs. You don't talk about that but what about one important thing, The speaker ? I used to play with a Yamaha DBR10 and the result was good (you need an active FRFR speaker, it's a must ;)) I agree with you that the twelve strings (and the alt tuning) sound digital but you can eventually play with workbench to try to tend to a better sound. I've recorded a song only once and the listening was really good.....
  13. SteveFrance

    Helix total control of Variax

    Helix commands some parameters with the VDI cable and you can programm the Variax passing by this device, so i assume it could work. But, i think L6 has intentionnally limited the number of parameters to not been drown in an endless variax parameters list (and pages (dot)) in Helix. Imagine the number of commands ; type of shape, mic, position, impedance, 12 strings, etc......
  14. SteveFrance

    Current status on L6-Link, midi and a PC+?

    Have you resolved your problem ? Because, i've only got one PC+ but i had some issues, and the explanations i've found given on the web were not the good ones..... I had matters to setup things with snapshot's changing....
  15. SteveFrance

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    Your powercab is badly adjusted. You can/should have exactly the same level between the XLR and the L6 link. The method would be this one : - Helix out on multi - Volume knob on the position you have the habit to use. - link the Hx and the PC+ with L6 link - Play a preset and remember the dB level - Plug all in the XLR/Jack input and go in the main menu (house icon) on the Input 1/2 gain, decrease the value to obtain the same (low) volume as the L6 link (you can setup the input 2 lower if you want to play at home for example) - Select each model/FRFR speaker while turning the LED knob, press it and increase all the dB parameters. You can do so with a same preset (except for the FRFR) to have the same volume between speaker models (I know i have many dB of difference between the jarvis and the greenback). Increase it and play to see if the light don't blink in red. If that's the case decrease a little to prevent it. Play with the Helix/PC+ volume knob to obtain what you want following the conditions.... Enjoy !!!