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  1. Anybody mic'd their own amp or cab through Powercab and with what results? Silly question you might think but not really as it means you don't have to use a modeler and some people might like the idea of running their own amp in stereo. I imagine you would go through the flat setting but wouldn't want to damage anything so thought it best to ask. Many Thanks, Richard.
  2. Yes, all inputs and outputs working perfectly fine in all other situations. I have just used a floor mic to get round the problem. Very Much Appreciated.
  3. No sound from the PC+, just from the monitor. Much Appreciated, Richard.
  4. I've ended up micing mine for extra juice...….and that's in my living room!
  5. Dear all, not sure what I am doing wrong but in speaker mode when I run a line out of my Powercab Plus XLR out to a stage monitor this seems to cut any sound coming out of the Powercab. I thought the whole idea was to be able to maintain the amp in the room effect while running out a line to FOH for example. Anyone any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?...….any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Many thanks for the clarification...much appreciated.
  7. Sorry if this is a daft question....I am new to FRFR. Could I run a line out from Powercab XLR out to dB Technologies Flexsys FM10 XLR input and would the signal be emulated (i.e identical to the preset I am using on the Powercab Plus)? Much Appreciated.
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