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  1. I did create a support ticket for the tuning problem. Didn't realize that something similar was going on with the tone parameter. When you advise "try clicking on the switch a second time," which switch are you referring to? Thx.
  2. Thanks HonestOpinion and Waymda. Your advice works. Too bad there's no automatic return to standard tuning, but I can certainly live with custom tuning each preset (or snapshot, for that matter).
  3. Hi, I've set one of my Helix presets to tune my Variax JTV69 down 1/2 step. When I go to other presets, most of which are in standard tuning, this detuning won't change - the guitar stays frozen in it. In these other presets, the Variax tuning page incorrectly indicates that the guitar has changed to standard pitch ("0"). It's actually still 1/2 step down. I do have one clumsy workaround: regardless of which preset I'm in, if I go to the Variax screen's tuning area and click "Custom" (it's usually set to "Don't Force"), the guitar suddenly reverts to standard tuning - it wakes up or something. But this move aside, there's no getting out of the alt tuning. In the preset in question, I've set the tuning to per preset (not global). I'd be grateful if anyone has a suggestion about how I might fix this. I realize that the problem could be the Variax, not the Helix, but since I'm detuning in the Helix (I'm not using Variax onboard alt tunings or Workbench), I figured I'd troubleshoot the Helix first since that's where I'm making the adjustments. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll give them a shot and see what works.
  5. Hi, When I use the Helix’s cab sims through my PowerCab 112 Plus, I get a lot of low-end buzzing, especially when the volume or drive is raised. I've got the PC in FRFR mode and I’m connecting with a Line 6 cable. I’ve done some EQ tweaking, but the problem remains. Using IRs loaded in the Helix - checking to make sure Helix cabs are turned off - or the speaker selections in the PC itself doesn’t produce any buzzing at all. So I guess the PC speaker itself is okay. I ran the Helix through my combo amp, using just the power section, to see how the Helix amps/preamps interact with a different speaker. No buzz. So the buzzing only happens when I use the Helix cab sims through the PC, but I can’t think of what might be causing it and why shifting to the PC speakers or Helix IRs (I don't have any IRs loaded in the PC) eliminates the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  6. I, too, couldn't change the volume via 'Digital Out Level' when using an AES/EBU cable. Thanks, HonestOpinion, for the explanation.
  7. Thanks guys. Having used HX edit mostly, I forgot how to save parameters on the Helix itself. That refresher advice really helped - shout out to SteveFrance! After following it and saving PC+ speaker selections to snapshots, I rebooted my computer and the HX edit is also saving these selections to snapshots. Was some kind of glitch, like SympohicDischord suggested.
  8. Although I'm able to switch PC+ speakers (and edit their parameters) per preset via L6 Link, I'm unable to select a different PC+ speaker per snapshot. I'm in preset mode in the Helix PC+ editor. When I hit "save" after choosing a speaker for a particular snapshot, it applies that speaker to every snapshot in the preset. I never had a problem pairing PC+ speakers with snapshots using midi. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.
  9. PaulWilliamson - totally agree with your assessment. My issues exactly!
  10. Thanks, Phil_m. Unfortunately, the red light does go on a majority of the time. The PC+ sounds fine, however, so the situation has me puzzled.
  11. Thanks for chiming in. I asked LIne 6 customer support if I should be concerned about the high frequency of a (red) clipping signal and they told me not to worry. Here's what they said: "In regards to the PowerCab clipping indicator, this will not damage the amplifier. The Cab was designed for full monitoring so you can ensure your signal is as clear as possible." This remark is a little ambiguous - the second sentence doesn't (to my mind) explain why the first sentence is true, which seems to be customer support's intention. But perhaps I'm missing something. I don't think that I'm sending a signal that's too high . No matter how little db or gain I'm using, or even how low the volume is (except when it's whisper soft), the clipping indicator goes red if I strike the guitar strings with some force. Curiously, I don't usually don't hear any distortion when the PC clips, except of course when I'm really overdriven.
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