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  1. I had a Firehawk in 2016. Everybody was laughing at me cause it was considered as a gadget....Set parameters with a tab is a must-have nowadays :) Helix ergonomic is already incredible. I think some of us always have GAS.
  2. Two years with the Helix, no problem with the built-in pedal. I've just played with the screw setup 'cause the pedal was too hard to manipulate for my taste and i didn't want too much strength (i knew the pedals matters).... I didn't use it a lot for the wah ! ;)
  3. My first question would be ; How long has you owned the Helix ? If it's new, you can need some time to reach your sound....If not, and you have tried many things to improve your sound, i would say ; surrender and go further for something else. I've owned the Helix for two years (and a firehawk for 6 months before). I liked it but i was always tweaking to obtain something more. I've bought a Variax, a powercab (that i keep) and even if it was better, i couldn't help playing with buttons instead of guitar.... I've bought a Kemper Stage and that was what i was looking for. I've got nothing against L6, the community is really helpfull, the device is simple to understand and to use. The routing possibilities are huge/infinite.... But we are all looking for something that can be different expactations.....
  4. You have created this topic + "112+ with 112 "+ "Combo" for exactly the same question. It would be great to concentrate and follow only one, it's really better and easier for the poeple who answered and the ones who want to find an answer to the same question.... Thx
  5. SteveFrance


    NO, they aren't the same, one has two speakers and the other ; only one. I'm kidding, it's a joke, sorry ;) ! More seriously, the only difference between the 212 and PC+ is the speaker itself. The 212 has neodynium instead of ferrite, i imagine to reach a lighter weight. I don't know if it brings something in the sound. For the rest, it's the same, the PC+ has the same number of profile, when L6 launched the 212, they added new speaker models via firmware update, i assume the 2 devices will grow up and follow the same updates.... Choose two PC can be a good thing ; if one is out, you can use the other one. You can separate them farther to have a better stereo effect. But you have to know how you are going to use them, what you want to do. I wanna mean, the PC (non +) is locked, you can't update it, there's no USB input....So you have only 6 speaker models (forever), it won't change. The PC+ has already six more amp sims. You won't be able to change on the fly the parameters with the PC, there's no L6 link input and no midi input neither. So if you do gigs, it can be an obstacle. To resume it simplier : - If you only want to play at home you can run this configuration but if you want to change speaker models. On one device, you will have to go and change it by yourself by pressing the button on the back. It's gonna be quickly boring ! - If you know you are going to only play with an electric guitar in FRFR (whatever the mode) and won't change that you can have that, but i would go farther and say, why not buying two traditionnal PC ? It will be cheaper, you go from your XLR right/left devices' outputs adn you'll have your stereo. - If you want to change on the fly your speaker models, go to two PC+, you can command them with L6 link. You can go from one PC+ to the other via L6 link, the stereo will be automatically done. In my opinion, it's not a good choice to have two different devices. It would be better to have a more coherent RIG. Whether two PC+ or two PC following what you want to do.
  6. I totally agree with you ! I've watched a lot of comparison on Utube and noticed really little difference between all the modelers. I was about to think that there's no need to pay more. I couldn't distinguished the différence. But the day i played the kemper at home, it was a revelation. I've realised that the recorded vids were a trap ! Just try and appreciate by yourself in live and choose following your tastes !!! I waste time on technical quitar videos now, there are more benefits.... :) ;)
  7. It's weird cause it would have to go on working. The only manner to cut the sound is to turn the main button.....There are no parameters in the menu that play with that function.... I assume you use the good inputs/outputs....
  8. Since the 2.8 Helix's update, it's possible to command PC+ via L6 link. Before it worked but with midi.... I have used the two methods. The midi possibility works differently. It calls back the preset you want. With L6 link, you programm the ouput block in Helix but it's per preset or snapshot. It's cool too cause you can change all the parameters per songs. IF you want to have a different mic/distance or high/low cut for exemple. If you have two PC+, you can tweak all the parameters in the Helix's output block and go from one PC+ to the other via L6 link to have stereo signal. Plugged into FOH, as explained Rayray6, with model speakers the mic'd sim will be send via PC+'s XLR output.....
  9. Do you want to mean that there's no sound coming out from your PC+ when you plug it into your stage monitor ? Or you have no sound from your monitor ?
  10. I don't know what you mean exactly with "full". In fact, I've had plugged the Helix into FRFR for a long time before and wanted to have the same feeling when i play my amp, at home. I bought the PC+ and it was closer to this feeling of an "amp in the room". I used only the cab sims cause i felt that the FRFR position was worse with the Helix even in Raw position. It seemed as if the sound was farther from me. As if i was really listenning to a mic'ed cab in another room (all that IMHO)..... But when i compared it (not directly) to my fender twin (cyber), i thought that i missed something. I've thought that this lack was the fact of the different design. I compared an open back twin amp to a 1*12' close back speaker, of course, it can't be the same. But when i plugged the Kemper into the PC+, i've immediatly realised that it was what i was looking for. The deep, the sound around me, the attack, the behavior with a fender sim is exactly what i think of. I choose a sim and start playing for hours instead of tweaking..... I only use the FRFR raw mode now, cause the cab sim can bring some improvements with some patches but it happens really rarely....
  11. Hello, I can understand what you feel. It was a long journey for me too to reach the sound i was looking for. As for many of us and as you tell, i have a traditionnal opened back twin cab i like and my simulation RIG on the other side. I've bought a variax, the Helix and the powercab to have the full RIG. I wanted to have a wireless guitar system so i've surrended the variax ('cause i loose every controls)....And with the PC+, when i compared with a traditionnal guitar, i miss something in the attack.... I've had the Helix for two years and with the PC+, i always miss something. The PC+ and the internal, speaker simulations (the only way i use it at the end) brought something else to respond to my need of an "amp in the room" feeling but when i compared it to my opened back cabinet, i wasn't entirely satisfied. At rehearsals and gigs, it was OK but at home, it was not. I believed that the design was the cause of this sound difference. Recently, i've decided to jump on the Kemper stage option and till i started using it i saw/heared the difference and it's exactly what i was searching. The attack, the deep correspond to what i think of, i played for hours instead of tweaking to improve things.... The funny part is that with the Helix, i only used the PC+'s speaker simulation. With the Kp, i only use the raw/FRFR position. The Helix was Ok when i go to FOH. The Kp don't cut in the mix so well this way ( i didn't take time to weak the EQ too). So, at rehearsals, direct to FOH, i'm not satisfied yet. I had a gig one month ago and i brought my PC+, it was allright, the sound was exactly what i wanted, have tweaked at home.
  12. You don't talk about it but this parameters is like every other one that you wanna change per snapshot. I don't remember the way to do that with Helix Edit, but it means, on the hardware, you go in a snapshot 1 you select the jarvis speaker in the output parameters. Then, snapshot 2, you go on the same parameter, you PUSH and turn the button to select the Green speaker --> It will appear into brackets ! :) ;)
  13. I think it's gonna be really hard to obtain an answer (and mostly for a gig comparison).... In europe, it's hard to find a shop with PC+ (and i've never seen the Laney too). I had to order the PC+ on the web, no other choice.... So, to have a shop with those two devices, a painful.... Furthermore, i've never been happy with my tries in shops. All those kind of devices needs some sound tweaks to be improved. I assume you'll only find feedbacks from poeple who has bought one of these devices, and who are happy or unhappy with it. They can eventually talk about advantages and drawbacks too....
  14. If PC+ is on FRFR position, it's the same as to send the sound to the FOH, all the chain will be done/organise in the Helix. So you choose the position between cab sim and effects. If you use the PC speaker models, those ones subtitute the cab sim in Helix, of course at the end of the chain, no choice , you have to arrange the positions like any amp and effects loop.... I prefer the sound of speaker models, sounds more real....
  15. What is your RIG and how do you use your Variax ? I used to play it through my Helix and a DBR10 speaker. The sound at home was good but it was weird in my small room. I just explained that to friend of mine this monrnig. I believe that we are accustomed to use an actual acoustic guitar with a huge sound coming from the instrument itself. With the variax something misses..... I have recorded few songs but the result was really good with the Variaxes acoustics guitars. At gigs/rehearsal, the sound (louder) is pretty convincing too !
  16. I've disabled all my cabs from my cab+amp blocks after buying the powercab to only use the inside PC+ models. I've noticed that if i turn an Amp+cab block into only an Amp block on the hardware, all the parameters are reseted by default. But to do this work in all my presets, i finally decided to use Helix Edit, then, i noticed that click and turn an Amp+cab block into only the same Amp block conserves all the Amp parameters ! ;)
  17. Codamedia said everything ! If you only want to play FRFR, i should tell, don't buy a PC (i know that's not your case;)). The PC/PC+ brings you the best of the 2 worlds : "amp in the room" and versatility of modelers.... I assume that your amp gives you a good feeling but wether it's neutral and you feel the amp difference (only i'd liked to say) or your cab's speaker has its own behavior that will color every amps... I enjoyed playing yesterday evening, just pick an amp sim and play with the changing speaker models in PC+, one to another, this is really a totally different rendering.....
  18. There are snapshots. You can configure your presets per song and change the snapshot, there's no gap. If you change the preset, there's a little gap. Edit : (Silverhead was faster ;))
  19. I think that the HF tweeter is not active in PC speaker mode. On way i found to modify the sound in this mode, is to go in the speaker parameter list (click on led button and go downside) select and adjust the high/low cut in each model as you like...
  20. Do you face some matters with the 2.80 update ? I had some problems to switch between stomp and snapshot mode, so i did the update.....
  21. You're welcome ! If i remember it well (and after had a look at a picture on the web), you can go in that menu by clicking on the "system" icon on the powercab window's editor right side up. I found it by chance a long time ago....;)
  22. I entirely agree with you, the more i play with mine, the more i love it !!!!
  23. It's not Available yet. Frank Richotte on TGP said it will be there in September for US and October elsewhere.... In another post he said it arrives in few weeks....
  24. You'll find it in both ! (House icon on the PC+)
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