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  1. Thnx that kinda fixed half of it. Now when I go down, the banks also go down or up like they should. Now the only thing is the higher numbers are always displayed on top 5-6-7-8 1-2-3-4 I still was hoping I can flip these around so the smaller set is always displayed on the top like this if I went downwards... 1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8 then next screen would be 9-10-11-12 13-14-15-16
  2. Yes it's weird. I have to click the upperwards bank button to cycle descending thru the patches whether I use numbers or alphanumeric. I would be inclined to think if I stomp the upper button it will cycle up towards 1A (which is what I want preferably). I must have reversed it somehow. I mean I guess it's correct to a point. Since the LCD displays what I mentioned, if I click upwards it would be heading down the number pattern in the right direction. My brain wants it flipped harhar.
  3. HI fairly new to the helix and I'm sure this is an easy fix but right now I have this on my display for presets... 004-005-006-007 000-001-002-003 I'd like to swap them so the lower numbered row is always on the top going from page to page, descending top to bottom. Thanks.
  4. As a new owner of a helix and PC+ I'm just curious if people are disabling cab sims and/or IR in patches and turning on the speaker in PC+ or using a bit of both or perhaps just using the initial preset cab sims and playing in flat PC+ mode.
  5. Hi I have the AES cable between the PC+ and helix....using the HX edit I can hear the speaker changes I make in HX edit with the PC slidebar, I can see the lights changing on the PC+ when I do so, but isn't the speaker names supposed to change as well to reflect what I have chosen? Am I missing something? It stays on whatever speaker I have but switches to say "edited". Bit of a bummer. Can't see on the PC+ LCD what you are currently using.
  6. Hi, getting to using midi to change my PC+ speakers via helix. I have a handful of patches but only one works right. I have one patch that wont land on the correct speaker unless I double tap the A button. The other buttons cycle thru my patches BUT also cycle thru the PC+ speakers in numerical order. I have only tinkered with 2 of my patches. My patch #3 uses the essex #6 speaker perfect everytime. My patch 2 lands on speaker #2 until I hit the patch 2 button a second time then it flips to the correct speaker. All my other patches are untouched by command center yet when I click on them, not only does the patch change but so does the speaker. Ex patch 4 engages but so does speaker 4.....patch patch goes but so does speaker 5. Its very weird to me that one works great, one almost works, and the others are changing the PC+ but I havent assigned them yet.
  7. Wow love the input from all, looks like I got some homework to do. Those tips was what I was looking for. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I know you can download user created presets from the community. Is there any good starter packs you can get that really makes this setup glow right out of the gates? I keep seeing the term IR, is that the same thing?
  9. Hiya, keep in mind it's a guy walks into a music store and demos the helix LT into PC+ 112 setup on factory settings. I do use a HD500x into my blackstar with 4CM so am familiar with pods. SO, can user patches on the helix change what speaker to use on the PC+ thru a link or something? Or do I have to manually change the speaker on the PC+ ? I'm not sure if the helix and PC+ communicate to each other like a voodoo commander type of deal having the pod changing amp channels per patch setup. How does one use the helix and PC+ setup live. Would you run helix to PC+ then to FoH so they get the helix thru the PC+ then into PA so they hear the speaker choice? It sounded great for sure, very impressed. The only thing that eluded me was that attack/pop you get from a tube amp when striking the strings. Not sure if that can be tweaked to replicate. I onyl spent like 20 minutes playing around thru presets fast. Thanks for the read.
  10. Thank you for the above post. I have seen Tyler's video before and have followed his tutorial to great success. I do have 2 sets of set list patches for each scenario but I'm going to double check the comments you made and see how mine line up with those mentioned for sure.
  11. Oh yes I actually forgot to add in step 2 that I turn off the amp models when I use my blackstar, I edited the above to reflect. Good point thanks.
  12. Hi I am truly sorry for yet another settings help but I run 3 different setups between my amp, HD500 and pedalboard so I'm making a chart to keep myself lined up. I also bring all the gear in case I have issues, I have a backup plan. Setup 1- I use my HD500 alone thru the FoH and use the modelers if the stage is small or need a fast setup Setup 2- I use my HD500 in 4CM with my blackstar stage mkii with amp models OFF (most used setup currently) Setup 3- I use my blackstar with my regular pedal board So I would love a guru to just check over my settings because although everything seems fine, it might not be right. What would my FX loop level be set to on my amp in all 3 setups, I have the +4 or -10 choice for loop level on the amp. Now for HD500 settings regarding #1 and #2. Line or AMP on the top? Guitar IN on normal opposed to PAD on top I assume? Line or STOMP on the backside? MASTER volume knob on the HD goes to full 100% wet? within the page setups......COMBO and Line/studio selection I also read having the mixer levels in the software up slightly to +3 works good so that's what I have for each patch. Welp I do thank you all for the read and any comments. Always concerned for tone zap like the old boss units, so trying to be diligent here. Love the versatility!
  13. Hiya I'm considering a firehawk FX but I'm reading lots of chat from older threads and no doubt old revisions about bluetooth issues and lag between patches....has all this been resolved now a days? I have an HD500 so I'm weighing my options. I'm just using 4CM and my amp so using the processor for FX really alone, no amp sims. No need for loopers, variax stuff etc. I have an M9 on my pedal board so I use this as the same but small versioned for small gigs. Thnx.
  14. Hi quick question. I picked up a pod and just use a custom wah 0-100 and I like how it sounds except I find the sweet spot I like is about 90% toe in. Is there anyway I can move that sweet spot into maybe %60 toe instead like on my crybaby Q wah?
  15. I've been looking for this but haven't found a solution. I have a an HD500 and those left-most footswitches that let you scroll thru the patches is backwards to me. I click up and the numbers descend? I'm looking to flip that so when I click down scroll, the patch numbers also descend like I'm looking at my editor on the computer. Down means descend in my lingo lol....thanks.
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