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  1. Thanks for the detailed comments. I appreciate the time invested to answer. Lots to look into and yes I also thought the mix had guitars nestled too far back and vocals front and center in most cases. My tone is not scooped at all, more regular crunch then anything. I think I'll dial back the solo levels to my old 2-3 db but I will also load up a backup setlist with the splits installed in case I get a tech who wants more oomph.
  2. Yes some good points and I am guilty for not giving the tech the LEAD volume at times and I guess I can hold them responsible for not asking for it either, goes both ways and the diff betweens a good tech and hey I'm a DJ but can do sound for your band. I'll get my helix out and ya so I'll pull down a path near the end and make one digital other analogue and make the output levels into the same FS instead of a gain block which is great more for space. I follow I think lol. Thanks.
  3. Oh I like this. Yes I do get the techs to plug into the XLR on the PC+ because it's usually closer to the snake, but I like your solution if I'm understanding it. I might need to hunt down a screenshot of this setup. I do use a AES cable. I might have to look for the PC+ input level boost ON part. I'm not sure I've seen that option before. I also thought I'd add that I just use the PC+ for the FRFR, I dont use any of the speaker perks so my cab/IR in my chain should be ok where it is I'm thinking if I understand this.
  4. Hello. One regular very complaint I get from different sound techs is my solos always need more volume to pop out over the band in live shows. If they aren't riding the faders during my solos to boost me, it seems +5 or +6 db volume boosts keeps them happy during the solos. I use a gain/volume block on the end of my chain to accommodate this and engage during my SOLO snapshots. My problem is, when I have the PC+ pointed at me on stage, this +6 db volume jump rips my head off and I find it very unnatural either using the PC+ or IEM. I only like about a 2 or 3 +db boost on stage or in my ears. I will add that if I dont go with 6 db, the band can't hear the solos either so I've been told. Of course in my ears when I have my level a little higher in the mix, blows me away. Thoughts?
  5. I have FW 2.00.1 yes. Yes I can see the output levels change as I'm turning the knob while watching the software on speaker tab. The only thing is when i flip thru the flat-speaker-ir tabs, that lower window doesnt change. The low cut, high cut, level are all off-off-0.0 after the reset.
  6. Ok I am following a bit more now. I have installed the powercab edit software (I wasn't following on system tab mentions previously). I did a factory reset on the PC+ itself. I am using the AES cable for connection, not XLS. Yes the direct out radio button is selected to mic, not line (thanks) I use FLAT for everything so it was/now at 0.0 db like you mentioned. I'm not sure if FLAT is the best choice but I haven't tried anything else.
  7. Ah yes thanks. Now that went back thru the PC+ 112 menus (and I feel ashamed because I already did this once but obviously blew right past this on first pass) the direct out was set to LINE not MIC. TO be honest I have no idea why both my helix and PC+ were set to XLR as LINE instead of MIC, because my brain has always agreed that XLR should always be on MIC going to a mixer (and because techs go XLR to a snake as normal) and have viewed setup videos on youtube from J Sadites and S Staracci for guidance. Baffled lol. My PC+ direct out levels are all at 0.0 db. I bet this will work now and this just demonstrates, double check settings periodically.
  8. Hi. Now that life is back to normal I can use my Helix for live gigs but I have an issue. 2 of 3 live gigs so far, the sound techs have told me the signal is way to hot but 3rd gig sound tech made no such comment and I proceeded with my normal settings. I don't know what mixers the sound techs use as I just go into their snakes setup for the band. I'm confused why all 3 didn't ask me to fix the signal. I "fixed" the signal by turning the large dial back to 11pm and had no choice but to crank my PC+ to MAX volume and I could hardly hear it if it wasn't for monitors. For gigs I use a Helix into PC+ 112 via AES cable. They take the signal from the powercab+ XLS output. I have the large dial normally at 3pm and the PC+ volume anywhere from 9pm to noon depending if I'm at practice with the band or not (not going thru a PA). most of my presets are all at 0 db normal untouched levels and I would say they sound awesome and normal volume. guitar in pad - off 1/4 out - line XLR - line (hrmm i thought I had this on MIC now that I'm looking (i find new patches change a few global settings every time, such as preset mode switch option, reverts to setup I dont use) big volume knob - multi digital level out - 0 db powercab plus - all factory default (*update* hrmm this may not have been the case here, direct out was set to LINE not MIC) Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. Awesome thanks for the replies. Good reading.
  10. I'm just curious how some of you manage your preset arrangement on the display? For example some creators only use presets with no snapshots if they use IR's (so clean, crunch, lead spread across 3 presets with various IR's and mixed amps), some use all snapshots with maybe a single IR/amp (clean, crunch, OD, lead all within same preset as snapshots then extra stuff to fill out the 8 slots). Up to now, I have only been installing presets that are using snapshots for ease and avoiding single presets only (because I think it's a waste of space not utilizing snapshots), however I'd like to start mixing both methods because some presets with IRs are excellent by tone. I haven't mixed in stompbox mode as of yet in a hybrid display. If have needed stomp, I have been switching MODE thru a song, so by display I have 8 snaps showing. What's the best way to mix it up?
  11. I just want to add to this request from a while back, I'm still looking for help and I did purchase the official IR from blackstar and could supply to anyone who would like to take a crack at building it. I'm hoping someone has a mkii amp in their collection they could whip something up for reference.
  12. RIght here 100%, this is my identical issue. Almost all the presets I have bought over the past few years are video demo'd across my nice big computer speakers with lots of stereo delay and glory. Playing alone in the basement, they sound so sweet even if its mono in a PC+. Playing live, bleh, none cut thru the band mix at all and are just too thin and scooped to be useable at all no matter the venue or PA tech. Makes me want to goto back to a trusty amp.
  13. Thnx for the reply. I bought the blackstar IR set a while back waiting for the day to use it. I'm looking for a preset build with all the voicings (3 channels x 2 voicings each) setup as snapshots and all the amp sliders already in position to sound close enough. I would think some OD or distortion blocks need to be used to accomplish it but I wouldnt know where to begin nor have time to tinker with each OD/Dis block as well. Just all overwhelming for me, but carrying amps is too much for my back so I resort to Helix. I'd love to get my old stage 60 mkii back.
  14. HI do you have any presets that might be close to a blackstar stage 60 mkii? Best amp I ever owned.
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