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  1. Hi, I'm sure it's been suggested before but I will bring it up again for snapshots or anything dealing with editing multiple sliders at once. The whole single click one slider at a time to change from none to snapshot controlled is a pain, time consuming and finger crippling especially when you have lots of blocks and the blocks all happen to have the largest number of sliders per block (maybe a bunch of 10 channel EQ's for example). Some of us are older users, not spring chickens without degrees of arthritis. Please add a line up top in the HX edit when we click on it, it will highlight all sliders on the current viewed block enabling us to pick our setting and they all get mass changed at once. Furthermore, let's just change it so we can also maybe do a shift click and highlight chunks of sliders or maybe CNTL click to pick out a bunch like a word editor. The mass highlight would be appreciated though. Thanks.
  2. What's the quickest way to make 4 presets that are very similar in block structure, and turn it into 1 preset with 4 snapshots? I bought some presets online in a bundle to find the user made 4 presets of the same amp and all very close but are saved as presets. These should be made into snapshots to free up library space since all the blocks are pretty much the same minus the usual "snapshot" type of tweaks. There are more presets in this bundle but I'm just using this as an example. I have maybe 15-20 to convert over. How can I convert this easily? Thnx. What a pain ack!
  3. Hi I'd like to build this and get a close sound for a blackstar mk2 stage 60 212. Any ideas which amp and cab and gain structure I should use to get going? I love the 4 voicings for the OD channels. I had this amp before and would like to incorporate it into my helix if I can get a close tone. Thanks for any help. I'll attached a few timestamped links that gives a good idea for tone. I have the helix LT. OD1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC8i_Elhwc0&t=2m8s OD2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC8i_Elhwc0&t=3m15s
  4. Hi I'm curious if there's a different way to do this. On my presents I usually have all the snapshots setup to turn off/on various multi effects. SO when I add a block, the new effect is ON for all snapshots but when I add the block, I would prefer it to always be OFF first and then I only need to engage it for whichever snapshot I want it to be ON. Right now it's ON for all them so I have to goto each on and turn it off, bit of a pain.
  5. Hi I'm trying to figure out what's up. I'm currently using 1/4 cable between helix and PC+ and only using the flat setting on the PC+. I have my global EQ's rolled off a bit on the lows and highs and my sound is nice, no issues among all my presets and I suit the global EQ to each room I play. I would now like to take advantage of actually using my PC+ for it's purpose and why I bought it and hookup my AES cable so the helix can change the speakers in the PC+ as per patch moving forward after I start choosing speakers. The issue now is the Global EQ is disabled using digital and all my presets are all shrill and off now.....I guess I'm wondering why they have it setup you can't use digital to choose speakers in the PC+ and still have global EQ. As a newbie, its weird.
  6. I'd love to find a blackstar mkii stage 60 set of snapshots....still searching.
  7. Hi I'm looking for some advice. I now use the helix and powercab+ 112. I use some free presets from lots of users and I've bought quite a few presets from Jason Sadites and Glenn DeLaune. These all sounds awesome alone in the rec room and playing along with spotify no issues. However when I get into the band rehearsal space situation and find myself competing with acoustic drums, another 4x12 cab player, a bassist with a large rig etc......I am having a hard time cutting thru the mix. It's very thin. If I have the PC+ flat on the ground, I can't hear myself. If I tilt it up, I can hear but then the band can't hear me. If I put the PC+ on a chair I can hear but it's kinda thin. All in all, still thinnish/brash sound. I originally was using an AES cable but have also tried a patch cable and setup some global EQ according to one of Steve Sterlacci's videos but this is all after the fact. My presets are in FRFR mode. I did try raw but didn't really hear any difference flipping them back and forth. I leave my volume knob around 2pm and the PC+ light is green not getting into orange or red. The other night I brought my blackstar mkii 212 and used the old 500X HD in 4CM like I used too and I don't use any EQing or global EQ on any patches I have made (and I dont use any compressors on the old HD500 patches either now that I think about it), it sounded great as usual, cut thru the the band loved it. I'm like argg I want this to work so much.....is this EQ issues or relying on amp models now rather then a tube amp? I'm sure it'll be fine when it comes to showtime and we use proper monitoring with my in ears but we don't in rehearsals. I guess I'm also concerned how it will be translated thru a FoH as well since I haven't had a gig to test this situation out.
  8. Thnx that kinda fixed half of it. Now when I go down, the banks also go down or up like they should. Now the only thing is the higher numbers are always displayed on top 5-6-7-8 1-2-3-4 I still was hoping I can flip these around so the smaller set is always displayed on the top like this if I went downwards... 1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8 then next screen would be 9-10-11-12 13-14-15-16
  9. Yes it's weird. I have to click the upperwards bank button to cycle descending thru the patches whether I use numbers or alphanumeric. I would be inclined to think if I stomp the upper button it will cycle up towards 1A (which is what I want preferably). I must have reversed it somehow. I mean I guess it's correct to a point. Since the LCD displays what I mentioned, if I click upwards it would be heading down the number pattern in the right direction. My brain wants it flipped harhar.
  10. HI fairly new to the helix and I'm sure this is an easy fix but right now I have this on my display for presets... 004-005-006-007 000-001-002-003 I'd like to swap them so the lower numbered row is always on the top going from page to page, descending top to bottom. Thanks.
  11. As a new owner of a helix and PC+ I'm just curious if people are disabling cab sims and/or IR in patches and turning on the speaker in PC+ or using a bit of both or perhaps just using the initial preset cab sims and playing in flat PC+ mode.
  12. Hi I have the AES cable between the PC+ and helix....using the HX edit I can hear the speaker changes I make in HX edit with the PC slidebar, I can see the lights changing on the PC+ when I do so, but isn't the speaker names supposed to change as well to reflect what I have chosen? Am I missing something? It stays on whatever speaker I have but switches to say "edited". Bit of a bummer. Can't see on the PC+ LCD what you are currently using.
  13. Hi, getting to using midi to change my PC+ speakers via helix. I have a handful of patches but only one works right. I have one patch that wont land on the correct speaker unless I double tap the A button. The other buttons cycle thru my patches BUT also cycle thru the PC+ speakers in numerical order. I have only tinkered with 2 of my patches. My patch #3 uses the essex #6 speaker perfect everytime. My patch 2 lands on speaker #2 until I hit the patch 2 button a second time then it flips to the correct speaker. All my other patches are untouched by command center yet when I click on them, not only does the patch change but so does the speaker. Ex patch 4 engages but so does speaker 4.....patch patch goes but so does speaker 5. Its very weird to me that one works great, one almost works, and the others are changing the PC+ but I havent assigned them yet.
  14. Wow love the input from all, looks like I got some homework to do. Those tips was what I was looking for. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I know you can download user created presets from the community. Is there any good starter packs you can get that really makes this setup glow right out of the gates? I keep seeing the term IR, is that the same thing?
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