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  1. No I bought a bundle of presets and IRs and want to go thru it testing different combos to fine tune the ones I want to keep.
  2. Hi thanks for the read. I have 30 or so presets that I'd like to change them all from one IR I use to another. Any quick methods or do I have to go into each preset and select the new IR individually (slow)....?
  3. Fair enough, thanks for the input. No I just run one XLR to FoH that's it. I use wireless IEM off the mixer but there are lack of AUX to give everyone stereo.
  4. Hi sorry for the repeat question but I figure with all the new firmware, is there any way to widen out a mono delay? I grabbed a few Petrucci presets and I'm only using mono everything, but his stuff is all stereo so the builders use stereo of course. I'm watching so many videos and almost everyone uses stereo into computers etc.....but this is for live into a mixer and only one XLR out of my helix feeds the mixer. Thanks
  5. I had the same issue so I'll post my fix (i think I remember the steps). Sorry if this is posted elsewhere. This is the first time I've had issues updating my helix and it was driving me nuts. I had issues with some presets giving me a popup for unrecognized models. I had updated my HX edit with the software updater built into HX edit which directed me to the line 6 updater software. It updated my HX edit so that it DID read 3.15 down at the bottom center of the screen but there were no new features. I also flashed the firmware which read 3.15 and my LT DID have the new features. So both firmware and software read 3.15 confirmed. HOWEVER, that popup error for models. After verifying that the 3.15 HX edit I had installed DID NOT have the new features, the fix was to goto the line 6 website and manually download the HX edit 3.15 EXE file and install it. Everything ok after that.....software now has the features. I also notice that on HX edit bottom center now, it only says HelixLT with no version number now but there was a version number before using the built in check for updates feature using the updater software.
  6. Cool, thanks for the insight everyone. Appreciate it.
  7. Thnx. Hrmmm, I have the PC+ 112 so I only have the single XLR out. So it looks like I'm mono only then. All good, I didn;t know if XLR carried a mono or stereo signal if the opportunity presented itself. I guess I could have googled it, but then it wouldn't be expert advice like I get here.
  8. Hi quick question.....running a helix via AES cable to powercab then XLR out from the powercab to mixer then out to mains. Would stereo effects output thru the mixer mains as stereo with this setup? If yes, can you simply flip mono delays in current presets for example into stereo and tweak as necessary?
  9. Thanks for the detailed comments. I appreciate the time invested to answer. Lots to look into and yes I also thought the mix had guitars nestled too far back and vocals front and center in most cases. My tone is not scooped at all, more regular crunch then anything. I think I'll dial back the solo levels to my old 2-3 db but I will also load up a backup setlist with the splits installed in case I get a tech who wants more oomph.
  10. Yes some good points and I am guilty for not giving the tech the LEAD volume at times and I guess I can hold them responsible for not asking for it either, goes both ways and the diff betweens a good tech and hey I'm a DJ but can do sound for your band. I'll get my helix out and ya so I'll pull down a path near the end and make one digital other analogue and make the output levels into the same FS instead of a gain block which is great more for space. I follow I think lol. Thanks.
  11. Oh I like this. Yes I do get the techs to plug into the XLR on the PC+ because it's usually closer to the snake, but I like your solution if I'm understanding it. I might need to hunt down a screenshot of this setup. I do use a AES cable. I might have to look for the PC+ input level boost ON part. I'm not sure I've seen that option before. I also thought I'd add that I just use the PC+ for the FRFR, I dont use any of the speaker perks so my cab/IR in my chain should be ok where it is I'm thinking if I understand this.
  12. Hello. One regular very complaint I get from different sound techs is my solos always need more volume to pop out over the band in live shows. If they aren't riding the faders during my solos to boost me, it seems +5 or +6 db volume boosts keeps them happy during the solos. I use a gain/volume block on the end of my chain to accommodate this and engage during my SOLO snapshots. My problem is, when I have the PC+ pointed at me on stage, this +6 db volume jump rips my head off and I find it very unnatural either using the PC+ or IEM. I only like about a 2 or 3 +db boost on stage or in my ears. I will add that if I dont go with 6 db, the band can't hear the solos either so I've been told. Of course in my ears when I have my level a little higher in the mix, blows me away. Thoughts?
  13. I have FW 2.00.1 yes. Yes I can see the output levels change as I'm turning the knob while watching the software on speaker tab. The only thing is when i flip thru the flat-speaker-ir tabs, that lower window doesnt change. The low cut, high cut, level are all off-off-0.0 after the reset.
  14. Ok I am following a bit more now. I have installed the powercab edit software (I wasn't following on system tab mentions previously). I did a factory reset on the PC+ itself. I am using the AES cable for connection, not XLS. Yes the direct out radio button is selected to mic, not line (thanks) I use FLAT for everything so it was/now at 0.0 db like you mentioned. I'm not sure if FLAT is the best choice but I haven't tried anything else.
  15. Ah yes thanks. Now that went back thru the PC+ 112 menus (and I feel ashamed because I already did this once but obviously blew right past this on first pass) the direct out was set to LINE not MIC. TO be honest I have no idea why both my helix and PC+ were set to XLR as LINE instead of MIC, because my brain has always agreed that XLR should always be on MIC going to a mixer (and because techs go XLR to a snake as normal) and have viewed setup videos on youtube from J Sadites and S Staracci for guidance. Baffled lol. My PC+ direct out levels are all at 0.0 db. I bet this will work now and this just demonstrates, double check settings periodically.
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