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  1. Had AX2 and still got AX8 but Helix is preferred. Truth mate they can both sound pretty much the same, always found Fractal too boomy and bassy but the tweaking and learning curve is totally in the NASA hemisphere, so don't expect great results at first. Honestly not joking. Much more tweaking on the Fractal, even changing tubes!! Good luck though
  2. Yes mate thats why I'm confused. Huge red type in red says update. My HX says it's the current version?
  3. Oh blimey sorry mate, I did search honest
  4. Just noticed after I updated on my Mac with HX Edit fully up to date. It states it's 3.15 but no Ventoux or other new features. I've Googled but no help. Any ideas please? Thank you
  5. Fella none of your patches work on Helix. Just tried Limelight
  6. still dont get why setlist management was easier and superior on HD500 from ten year s ago
  7. Mate no offence. I have upgraded every time it comes around. My preset and setlists are pretty much the same. Factory 1 1A is a Fender Twin Rev preset. Is there a US Princess preset? Thank you
  8. Cheers mate, I’ve had Helix for three years now so I can make the preset. Just thought maybe they added one in the new presets of 3.0. Many thanks mate. Sure I saw a place where the factory presets were listed with amp for reference
  9. Crazy but I’m sure it exists somewhere but I’m trying to find factory presets by amp used. I’ve searched but can’t find anything. Particularly the new Princeton model, I thought it had a preset but cannot find it anywhere. Amp is US Princess. Thanks for any help
  10. You’re a true life saver mate. Many thanks, I salute you!
  11. Backed up like a good boy before I updated to 3.0 and same with edit. But now I go to backup on my Apple Air from Helix Edit, it’s greyed out. Single presets are fine, but won’t let me import backup. I’m sure I know how to do it. I’ve done it before, I just imported and all was fine. But I’m stuck here. Can anyone help please?
  12. Curious but I have used FRFR for ages. I use QSC K12 as my amp speaker. I also use a variety of impulses from all brands, but my query is, which in your opinion is the best IR for a QSC through Helix? I see 1x12, 2x12, 4x12 and still wonder which you think sounds best. Reason is, I can’t tell much difference. I’m talking classic rock or 80’s metal, funk and clean. I’ve never found a thread on which IR is best suited. As I said, my FRFR is my amp speaker, not just monitor. Thanks for any help
  13. Oh blimey! Thank you very much, I’ll try later mate
  14. I have purchased some presets, one being the John Pettruci ML Sound Lab. I don’t use snapshots as I prefer stomp. Can I change a snapshot preset so it works in stomp mode. I know I lose the different shots, but can it be done. Many thanks
  15. I also own an AX8. Fractal DO updates too. GOOD ones..Actually many now do. Fanboys on Fractal kill me.....Please don't tell me you are satisfied. Yes it's free..and?
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