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  1. Oh blimey! Thank you very much, I’ll try later mate
  2. I have purchased some presets, one being the John Pettruci ML Sound Lab. I don’t use snapshots as I prefer stomp. Can I change a snapshot preset so it works in stomp mode. I know I lose the different shots, but can it be done. Many thanks
  3. I also own an AX8. Fractal DO updates too. GOOD ones..Actually many now do. Fanboys on Fractal kill me.....Please don't tell me you are satisfied. Yes it's free..and?
  4. Okay I downloaded my Freman bundle so now have factory setlists 1 and 2. With Freman now have User 1 and 2. The side bar for some reason will not scroll with mouse or any other key. It seems stuck. It scrolls down below User 3 and 4 etc. But will not slide up. I can clearly see the bar should scroll to reveal User 1 and 2 Setlists but it doesn’t move. Is this a known problem? I have to access from the unit. Don’t know how but will try. I closed editor and reopened it. Same. The setlist scroll doesn’t move and is stuck. Any help please is much welcomed. Seems really strange
  5. Opposite, just got Helix, as backup to my AX8. Fractal with 250 plus amps, eternal update and tone. Helix out of the box great tone in minutes. Fractal customer service totally kicks Line 6 service into touch. Before the comments fly, HD500 HD500X Bass XT Variax bass, Variax 700. You can't say I haven't tried. Let's see how this goes. Tonewise though, not a lot you haven't heard. Both units are awesome, but the learning curve for Fractal is serious rocket science. And I had the AX2 until three months ago! Honest truth 250 amps? If you want obscure and for me unusable Fractal have the edge. I'm keeping both but my eye on on Line 6 customer service if I need help.
  6. AX8 man....gonna find out what this HELIX is in couple of days. AX8 is a monster, but I had an HD500X so curious. If one dies, Ive got a standby I suppose. Can't wait. Question though. I read that the GT 1000 not all the amps are ARES. Are there amps from the HD series on HELIX? or completely rebuilt from scratch?
  7. Bit bitter there sweetie?...Why cant you afford one? thats the usual case
  8. How can I show I already registered nearly six products. Cant be bothered as it shows only two now. Why? it worked yesterday. Today it doesnt. Open a ticket. Problems can arise and thats cool. These lot make it a habit
  9. Fed up is exactly what I mean. Line 6 software. Wrong password? If youre happy? Good luck
  10. Funny but muppets like you are on the Fractal forum too. Read it prat. My Varaiax 700 doesnt work anymore and Ive tried on here. Now can't use Customtone. Yeah, after having Variax 700, Variax Bass, HD500, HD500X, Bass POD..yeah bet theyre ecstatic. But thats why we're on here and not the Boss GT..Oh? Where did that go?
  11. Had a HD500 seven years ago..Fractal ever since but bought HD500X as back up. I have been downloading custome tone tone forever. This afternoon despite it showing I own HD500x and amp packs in my purchases. It wont let me download jack. Why? I have to register product again. Honest? I cant be bothered anymore. Even when I logged in to customtone, an error showed, but still logged me in. This time it won't let me download any patches. LINE 6..listen. My Variax is for sale as I cannot use the edit anymore ( cant even remember the name) now this. You don't care. New customers are more valued than loyal long time. You can shove your proucts. Was even stupid enough to look at the HELIX. I'm not a Fractal fanboy, but the software works. End of
  12. Yeah cheers mate, that’s what I thought. So why are some amps middle? Others at either end of chain?
  13. Many thanks. But that’s what I mean. It’s a lottery. Surely Line 6 are obligated to keep us updated. I mean what I say. Was looking at James Tyler Variax and Helix. But when the new kid in town is released. The old are dropped like a hot stone. No thanks..cheers I’ll do my best with your help, but my Line 6 days are over. Grateful for your efforts and help mate.
  14. Blimey! Many thanks I will try when I get home tonight. Gotta be honest though. Spent time on the JAVA and downloade many versions. Hope this is the one. Cheers mate
  15. Searched high and low. Why are some amps placed in the middle? Others right at the beginning? Tried to move some Custometone patch amps in the chain, but they don't go anywhere. Can this be done?
  16. Proper grateful for your input mate. Told you I’ve spent whole evenings with no success. Many thanks
  17. Line 6 can shove it. I’ve just hit this wall too. I shouldn’t have to be a Harvard IT specialist to use their product! They couldn’t give a toss! Mine isn’t the only comment and probably not the last. My Variax is up for sale
  18. Mate, it’s something to do with Java. Also Line 6 not updating software. I’ve given up. Absolute disgrace. We’re not talking about ancient, but a product which is still in use. I have a Axe Fx 2 regular updates, sometimes too many! Was looking at Tyler Variax and Helix but they can shove it! It’s gonna be sold. I’m no slouch on IT and I have deleted, reinstalled, my laptop is exhausted! Cheers mate. If there was a link to bypassing the Java issue. They should at least inform us. Cheers though mate. At least you tried.
  19. Windows 10 but Line 6 stopped after Windows 8 apparently. This is the newest version. Cheers for reply though
  20. After years away started using Variax again. Had to download Work Bench old version not the HD. I've hit the JAVA wall. It will not install. Java Envoiromental blah blah. I have uninstalled Java and Workbench and reinstalled and still no joy. Which Java do I need as 1.75 Workbench will load load with the recommended Java Runtime Environment 1.6. Any help please? Side note. Sick to death of the whole " Aint got the new version?" Tough attitude. Line 6 are obligated to offer support. It's how they sell it. My head it done today on this issue....
  21. Crazy! Given up. Ignored the Update Flash message. Pulled out power and plugged in again expecting a dead unit. Not only did it start but the VARIAX setlist now shows. Plugged in. Guitar tones sound awesome without tweaking. Now gonna calibrate and not gonna update forever! Thanks bloke you’ve helped me twice now. Gotta be honest. It shows this pedal is dying. Forum help is non existent. People accuse Fractal of being fanboys but the Axe with constant updates keeps everyone on their toes. This was bought as an emergency in case Axe dies on me. Very grateful for your help mate
  22. Fella I proper appreciate your help. I just tried. Holding LEFT arrow and then inserting power cable...over and over. It just showed my patches. Then searched and someone said RIGHT which I did. Low and behold restarted. Now staring at a screen for ten minutes which reads. UPDATE FLASH with nothing happening. Dude I had the HD500 with no issues. Fractal for last five, updates a dream. Had this two days and becoming a nightmare. Instructions even state HOLD LEFT with no effect. I’m proper lost. Starting to regret it. Irony is my Axe2 is sitting right beside the HD almost mocking me!
  23. Cheers bro it was on Meambobo help sheet, maybe I read wrong and was confused
  24. Updated mine today and saw that 64 presets were meant to be added. My user two has presets where it didn't before. Any idea? I've googled and searched on here. Keep seeing something about Global settings and recalibrating the pedal. But what's that gotta do with presets? Why have some added and rest in hyperspace? I'm sorry I'm a bit late to the party but last 5 years it's been the Fractal show... Trying again tomorrow
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