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  1. glideman

    Recommendations For Speaker

    JBL EON615's sound great, too. When I don't use the Gemini 2, I just jack my level up in the sidefill monitors, which are a pair of EON615's on poles. You can buy a pair of B-stock EON615's from ProAudiostar for just over $540 shipped.
  2. glideman

    Recommendations For Speaker

    Mission Gemini 2!
  3. It's a very flexible layout... and things can easily be replaced/changed/shuffled.
  4. I'd pop a screenshot, but it's basically a Glenn Delaune 3 amp snapshot that I really liked the layout of. Probably copyright problems if I did that publicly. Everything was completely set to my preferences (he used all MkV amp model/channels, I threw an Archon channel in for the heavy/lead 4th snapshot). I think I may have changed the one kicker dirt pedal from the original, but I'm not 100% sure. Here's a nice ASCII stick diagram... LoL!!!!! Snap 1 is CalRyth1 for clean, one of the delays is on and switchable with a stomp. Snap 2 is CalRhyth2 with lower gain and no TS808. I keep the Del off unless I need it for a lead. Snap 3 is CalRhyth2 with higher gain and the TS808. I keep the Del off unless I need it for a lead or something. Snap 4 is ArchLead... and it cranks. Very much! but warm and toasty! I think only one snapshot has a change on an EQ block. 4 stomps are CleanBoost (one of the EQ's), Phaser, Chorus, and Delay. >>>>>>>>>>-----DlxComp------Wah--------DlxPhaser-----------UbiqVibe------------Scrm808-----------CaliRhyth2-----------ArchLead--------->>>>>>>>>>| V | V X>>>>>>>>>---CalRyth1----CabRino------SimpEQ--------SimpDelay----|--------|-------TrinChor-----VintDigDelay----ChamberVrb-------Vol---->>>>>>> | | |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SimpEQ-----SimpDelay-------SimpDelay---------------------------------------|
  5. 4 snaps, 4 stomps, 3 amp models. 1. Clean 2. Crunch/slight breakup 3. Classic/hard rock/lead 4. Heavy/lead All I did was run through all the other cab models and ended up saving 3 more versions. Didn't even change default Mic models. While I knew this would happen, I've just been in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it..." mode. Plus, I've been piddling with the Axe FX 3 to get it ready for gigging. Needless to say, I'm excited to try out my 3 new versions of Old Faithful at this Saturday's gig! I think it speaks volumes that I've been using the same presets for the most part for around 2 years. LoL!
  6. glideman

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    TheyTerk Err Jerrrrbbbzzz...
  7. glideman

    frfr speakers

    Either tilted behind/beside me or on a rack/stand beside me.
  8. glideman

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I've got a Helix floor, Helix LT, and a Axe FX III. I have no problem getting great tones out of either brand. I used to own a Kemper a few years ago as well. This is far from my first rodeo with modelers. I will say that two custom built tube amps I kept rarely get fired up for more than 10 minutes before I get tired of them and the pedals and go running back to my magic machines! I'll give Axe III the sheer power and bells and whistles edge. However, nothing more powerful and better sounding than a Helix that fits in one backpack and is an ultra light rig with a single or dual guitar backpack case! I really enjoy having all three units... If you can't get great tone out of any of them, you probably need to take up bass, drums, or keyboards... LoL!!!
  9. glideman

    Stay safe

    Get the heck out if those fires get now.......
  10. I tried to patch my organ on her organ patch, but left with a black eye.... aCk!!! P.S. - I've had Glenn's organ patch since it came out many many many moons ago...
  11. glideman

    That's it???

    I would pay for amp models and cabs myself as well... Not complaining, but I'm not above financing the creativity design department...
  12. glideman

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    Dammit.... .this Sharpie won't come off....... "out damned spots...." :P
  13. glideman

    Using Helix/HX Edit via USB to Thunderbolt adapter

    Yep, you don't have to fork out for the Thunderbolt adapter. USC-C to USB 2.0/3.0 hubs work in Thunderbolt ports.
  14. glideman

    Helix Backup Plan

    I use Helix LT to backup my Helix floor... Don't have the pedal available for the Axe FX III yet... LoL
  15. glideman

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    Here I was hoping it would be a major rev. 3.0............. aCk!!! LoL!!!