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  1. I am also getting the "The Helix device failed to recall snapshot data properly" message occasionally. It does not always happen, and seems pretty random, but only when I am connected to Tone Studio. The message appears as an error over the Tone Studio screen. Nothing happens on the Helix itself - that just freezes. I have to reboot it to correct the problem. I It will reboot into the same preset, and I can change snapshots without any problem. Other freezes when not connected to Tone Studio may be due to the same problem, but I obviously don't see the message. It is not a frequent issue, but enough to demonstrate that there is an issue.
  2. Using the Helix to control the Variax has always been rather unpredictable in my experience. I have this tuning as one of my custom models on the Variax. This means I can customise the body and pickups etc, and just switch tuning between Model and Standard (which is just a one click position change on the Variax Tuning knob). I also have one of the Variax custom models set to Rick Parfitt's version of Open G with both the Low E and A strings tuned to G - it saves having to avoid the low D of the normal Open G and gives a real low end thump on power chords.
  3. I have left the following comment for the YouTuber - might be useful for others (assuming it works!) You obviously have some corrupted presets, and it is hard to tell how it might affect the setlists in which they reside. There is nothing to be gained by leaving them in place, and you need to get rid of them. My advice would be to export ONLY the presets you want to keep. Highlight them by selecting the first in a run, the hold down Shift whilst selecting the last. Then click on Export at the top of the setlist, and save them in a safe place with a filename that will identify them. Repeat the process for other blocks of presets that you want to keep in that setlist, and for other setlists. Make sure you exclude any of the corrupted presets and, to be on the safe side, exclude blank "New Presets". Once you are confident that you have everything you need backed up, install the new 2.8 Factory Presets and Templates. This will overwrite everything, and Helix will Rebuild all presets when it restarts. You can then Import all your saved presets into setlists and positions where you want them, and re-evaluate whether there are still any problems with your Helix.
  4. Possibly there is something else interacting, or it was just the Factory sets that came with one particular update. They were definitely not the ones that came with 2.7, but somewhat earlier. Certainly the repeated Rebuilds on every start-up corresponded exactly with the Factory Presets and Factory Templates that were on my system, and the few presets that I had adapted from them. The rebuilds always included 0-220, 897 on, and a few others. These were all Factory Presets, Factory Templates, and user presets derived from them. Once they were gone, the problem was also gone. I was just pleased that it was none of my own carefully constructed presets that were causing it - they were all fine.
  5. If 2.80 or 2.81 rebuilds on every start-up, it will show the numbers of the presets it is rebuilding. They do go by pretty quickly, but they can be read. This will give an indication of which presets are causing the problem. There are 128 in each setlist, and they all go up sequentially from 0 to 127. 128 will be the first preset in the second setlist. So preset 500 would be the 116th (500-128-128-128) preset in the 4th setlist, or Preset number 115 counting from 0. I quickly found that 0-220 (Factory Presets), and another range starting 897 (Factory Templates), and a few others dotted around, were rebuilding every time I switched on. The Factory Presets and Templates were easy enough to get rid of by backing up all the setlists, installing the 2.80 presets, and then restoring my User setlists. This left just a few that were rebuilding each time. Once I deleted those the problem was resolved. These were presets I had created a long time ago, and were derived from old Factory Presets or Templates, and I no longer used them. Of course, if you have a lot of working presets derived from old Factory presets or templates, it will be rather more of a problem. The update from 2.6 to 2.7 did not cause me any problems. This all started with 2.80. Presets created from scratch rebuild OK, and I assume Factory Presets from 2.7 and anything derived from 2.7 Factory Presets or Templates are OK or a lot more people would have problems. It is just much older Factory Presets, Factory Templates, and anything created from them, that screw up.
  6. I had the problem of 2.80 constantly rebuilding presets on every start-up, and I have contributed to a couple of threads about constant rebuilds and corrupted presets. I isolated the problem to "old" Factory Preset and Factory Template setlists, AND any user presets that were derived from those old Factory Presets or Factory Templates. I don't know how old they were because, at some stage, I stopped installing the Factory Presets and Factory Templates with each successive update. They were certainly earlier than 2.7, and leebee implies that he was still using 2.6. Some of the presets he is using may have been created from Factory Presets or Templates earlier than that. As far as 2.80 and 2.81 are concerned, these earlier Factory Presets and Templates are corrupt, and they will not work. 2.80 and 2.81 will try (and fail) to rebuild them on every start-up. My solution was to get rid of the "vintage" Factory Presets and Factory Templates bu overwriting them with the new 2.80 sets. I also had to delete the (thankfully few) user presets that were based on these old factory presets or templates. You can isolate the problem presets by noting which ones are rebuilt on start-up.
  7. I got this problem after the update to 2.80 after restoring my setlists. They included some old Factory Preset and Template setlists, and some presets in my User setlists that were based on some of these old factory presets and templates. They were probably earlier than the ones that came with 2.7, but I don't know which firmware update they came with. For the last few updates I just updated the firmware and BTS, and did not bother with new factory presets. To stop the Helix rebuilding on every switch-on I had to install the new 2.80 factory presets and templates, overwriting these old ones, and I had to delete any derivatives of these presets and templates from my own user setlists. Rebuilds then stopped. I updated to 2.81 without any problems. It does seem that older Helix presets do cause this problem, and the same may well apply to presets imported from other Helix hardware.
  8. Problem solved, for me at least. I weeded out the Factory Preset and Factory Template copies and derivatives from my User Setlists, and backed up all my User Setlists. I then installed the 2.80 Factory Presets and Templates. To save some space I moved the new Templates to unused presets in Factory Preset 2 setlist. I then imported back my User Setlists, and my own Template setlist. On restart the Helix rebuilt everything other than the new 2.80 Factory Setlists. Then on a subsequent restart - no rebuild. It appears conclusive that the problem was caused by, presumably corrupted, Factory Setlists and anything copied or derived from them. I don't know which firmware update these Factory Setlists and Templates came with. I have had the Helix since December 2017. I probably installed new sets of Factory Setlists with some firmware updates, but skipped them later on. In any event, I am pleased that the problem was not caused by any of my own carefully crafted presets, but by presets supplied by Line 6! It is probably a good idea to regard installation of the 2.80 presets as preferred rather than optional, but do back up first because the 2.80 presets will wipe everything else in all setlists. I will retain copies of the problem Factory Setlists and Factory Templates in case they are of any use in solving compatibility issues.
  9. I have opened a Support Ticket: "Helix is rebuilding presets on every start-up. These appear to be all Factory Presets that came with a firmware update earlier than 2.80, or copies of some of these presets copied to other setlists, or modifications of Factory Presets in other setlists. On advice of Silverhead in the forum I switched on and noted rebuilt presets, and switched off without touching anything else. I have repeated this process more than 5 times with the same result. Presets 0-220, 520, 897-915 are rebuilt every time. These are all Factory Presets from earlier firmware, or derivatives from them. I have not installed the 2.80 Factory Presets. Silverhead recommended opening a Support Ticket as this is not "expected behaviour". I fully expect this problem to disappear if I install the 2.80 Factory presets or at least get rid of the old ones and any derivatives. However you may wish to revise your advice as to whether installing 2.80 presets is optional, and whether it is advisable to restore or import any presets that are based on old Factory Presets."
  10. I have done as Silverhead suggested. Helix rebuilt 1-220, 520, 897, and 900-915. I repeated this 5 times with exactly the same result each time. 1-220 are the first 2 setlists - i.e.Factory Presets, which remain in situ from the last time that such presets came with a firmware update. I have not imported the new presets that came with 2.80. 897 and 900-915 are "selections" from the Factory Presets that I copied to a "User Template" setlist as I thought I might use elements from them at some time. I'm not too sure about 520, but it is possible that it started out as a Factory Preset that was subsequently edited. It appears that all of the presets that are being rebuilt are Line 6 Helix Factory Presets (or modifications thereof) that came with a firmware release earlier than 2.80. Should I raise a support ticket, or just delete them, or overwrite them with the new 2.80 Factory presets?
  11. HonestOpinion - It is quite likely that I moved presets around, created new ones, or edited existing presets. I have certainly not done anything with over 200 at a time though. A preset move would normally only involve relocating a preset within the same setlist - say up or down 20 positions. I can't tell which presets are being rebuilt - it starts at 1 and goes up to wherever - a few hundred at present, and then throws in a few more with higher numbers. There does not appear to be any way of identifying which are getting rebuilt. The setlist I am working on at present is in the middle of the list of setlists, in which case I would expect the rebuild to start at a much higher number.
  12. I am also finding that presets get rebuilt every time I turn on Helix. It seems to be a few less each time, and now it only seems to go up to the first 200 or so, and maybe a few random ones after that. It certainly doesn't stop after the first boot-up following the update.
  13. Whilst there are 8 normal stomp buttons on the Helix, I like to cram as much as possible into "do-it-all" presets, and there can never be enough buttons! By using Paths I can have 2 separate tracks through the signal chain in Helix, and populate each with a collection of pedals that are similar in function but alternative in sound (e.g. FuzzFace and Klon in one path, ToneBender and TubeScreamer in the other - same principle for Mods and Delays). Each stomp button turns both equivalents on/off at the same time, whilst the Path is selected using Snapshots. I have every odd number snapshot switched to Path 1A/2A, and even numbered snapshots to Path 1B/2B. Odd and even number snapshots give me a different selection of pedals, all controlled by the same 8 stomp buttons. The alternative pedal switched by the same button is in one Path, and bypassed by switching to the other path with the snapshot. Snapshots 3/4 and 7/8 also have a slightly different EQ/Gain to compensate for single-coil guitars, and whereas 1-4 have 1/4 note delays, 5-8 have dotted 1/8. I also have the expression pedal assigned to progressively increase output level of the Merge block that precedes the Send/Return block whilst simultaneously reducing level from the final output block that goes to my amp return. This enables me to increase gain by pushing the pre-amp in my amp, whilst also compensating for some of the excess volume increase that would normally go with pushing up the gain. Swiss Army knife?
  14. Spring has been gone for a while - it will be mid summer in 3 weeks!
  15. You can do pretty much anything in a computer simulation or Helix etc. Just as long as nobody is daft enough to think they can do this with a real amp, Tubescreamer, and cab. Putting the output from a power amp into a pedal would be disastrous!
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