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  1. AZGuitar

    Powercab Plus MIDI Control with Helix MIDI

    I did when you posted it up the other day. Funny, I told my wife this morning...."hey, I think I will take my stomp with me this weekend...she said side eye...it's our anniversary weekend..." I know what's good for me, stomp staying at home!
  2. AZGuitar

    Powercab Plus MIDI Control with Helix MIDI

    Thank you sir, this is a perfect explanation of how to connect and control parameters of my Stomp with my Helix floor. This should be pinned to the top and added to the unofficial Helix document that's out there. DSP expansion is mainly why I purchased the stomp but it stands on it's own for a perfect back up and super portable solution.
  3. AZGuitar

    HX Stomp as DSP Expansion

    Google Richie Castellano, I think he did some hd500 midi vids that might help.
  4. AZGuitar

    HX Stomp as DSP Expansion

    I am now controlling on off states of effects in 3 snapshots via midi command center from Helix floor. I should be able to call the preset though as well correct? Once this is mapped from Helix floor, I am in Helix Heaven. Perter, do you know how? This functionality provides a side car with floor or any other midi capable device. An official Line 6 video would be awesome like the one created to show expression pedal setup.
  5. AZGuitar

    HX Stomp as DSP Expansion

    Figured I would post this over here as well. Here is what I am looking to do this weekend...HX Stomp as DSP Expansion... I need to learn how to control on/off state of snaps in HXS from Helix command center via midi. If you are doing the same let me know here or pm me. Thanks and BTW, running HXS in stereo loop is absolutely amazing, now I need to fully integrate it and add a riser. Link to pic below https://imgur.com/a/48Z700p
  6. AZGuitar

    Limited Edition Versions

    247 here if you are talking about the Limited Edition Onyx, would be interesting to know.
  7. AZGuitar

    New Helix HX Reverbs - Sloppy wet samples

    Thanks Phil, I think the WT video was not a fair rep. The BSky settings he used were long dialed in. Your wet example above shows you can get there with specific parameter tweaks IMHO. Until "WE" get it, feel free to post more :D Thx
  8. AZGuitar

    HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update??

    Thanks DI, now back to playing...well after work ;)
  9. AZGuitar

    2204 Mod Live

    And snapshots makes it so easy! Switch from humbuckers to single coils and off to the next song with a completely different tone.
  10. AZGuitar

    2204 Mod Live

    Here is Helix live stage left. The 2204 Mod, Timmy, Minotar, mic pre, staged gain, multiple delays, LA studio comp....my take using the Duesenberg. Intro is stacked vintage delays. Great Elevation Worship song. Slight video sync issue due to live stream recording, no post production but worth a share for those interested IMO. https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=bnjjuejLQT-xCC8N&u=/watch%3Fv%3DK_ZeUcewO7k%26feature%3Dem-share_video_user
  11. AZGuitar

    Multiple path victory!

    That is awesome sir! A great display of talent and the versitality of Helix.
  12. Matrix FR10 kills it for me. Patches sound identical FOH to what I create at home. Andy makes a passive version now as well. http://usa.matrixamplification.com/speakers/fr10.html
  13. AZGuitar

    Helix does Queensryche!!

    Hey andyz - Does that mean you will share them on custom tone with us? Remember the first time you heard I Don't Believe In Love...https://youtu.be/2c3g6tTYoxM And if you want a good head shaking memory try this. What a long strange trip it's been :P
  14. AZGuitar

    ep boost pedal - echoplex preamp stage

    Good tips, playing my strat this Sunday so will give this try tonight. The Minotaur is great as well, I use this with an expression pedal to roll the gain from .9 to 5.4 in my case with my mule buckers on my primary.
  15. AZGuitar

    Show Us Your Helix Rig Setup

    I love my Matrix, simple and sweet. Wish mine would reproduce...