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  1. Rewolf48

    Powercab or L2T/L3T

    Powercab is smaller and lighter than my L2t (different shape). The sound at least when using speaker models is less clinical without doing significant high cuts. One big difference is that Powercab is a co-axial speaker so when close up there isn't a noticeable separation between woofer and tweeter; the L2t has a wider dispersion pattern while powercab is more like a normal guitar cab. You have to try one - if you an find a store that stocks them. I did and liked it a lot, but haven't been able to justify buying to replace yet.
  2. Rewolf48

    auto trim

    You need to understand the concepts of "gain staging" Auto trim will monitor incoming signals and set them to the ideal input gain for the channel - not too hot so it distorts and not too low. That is all it does. You mic is on a channel and that has a gain knob that controls the signal level going into the main mix The main mix is feed to the PA amplifier and that signal level is controlled by the big knob on the right of the M20d The PA amplifier has a volume knob that controls the overall volume Each of these is a gain stage and has to be set correctly; if you have 16 channels of input all set to 0db and all of them have a full level signal then you will overload the main mix. You need to mix the signals together by balancing the channel volumes (and eq) So turn down the channel gain and/or big knob and/or PA volume until it is not too loud and feeding back. There is also a feedback suppressor on the mic input channels and you can use that if your mic position is such that you are getting feedback at lower volumes - it will notch filter at frequencies that are susceptible to feeding back in the current session (the settings are forgotten when you switch off)
  3. Rewolf48

    SD Card Recording

    I think the maximum recognized SD Card size is 64GB; I have a 32GB and pair of 16GB that work fine. 32GB is the largest capacity listed in the Advanced User Guide.
  4. All banks are customisable. There are two that are named as User 1 and 2 but anything can be put anywhere. The zero volume patch can work like the old LP method of doing a kill switch effect.
  5. Rewolf48

    DIY MIDI program change footswitch

    There are generic plugin hosts such as Savihost if you don’t want to use a dedicated live performance host. E.g. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-native-w-savihost-and-asio4all-no-noticeable-latency.1857013/ https://www.soundonsound.com/sound-advice/q-there-simple-way-play-vst-instrument-without-daw
  6. Rewolf48

    Phantom Power Issue

    You know if phantom power is actually on or off if a powered device attached works or not. Such as a condenser mic or powered DI box. Control from the M20d is on the Setup screen when you press the I/O bar there are two 48v buttons on the left which toggle it on or off for the upper or lower bank of inputs. See page 18 of the Advanced manual: https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c12bb52431be9dd7c2/application/pdf/StageScape M20d Advanced Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf
  7. Rewolf48

    case and stands

    I just use a small suitcase with a towel wrapped around the mixer then strapped in. Airline carry on size. Can get cables all around if needed but I keep those in storage boxes; these are used as the stand if I can’t find a table.
  8. If you haven’t already raise a support ticket, Line 6 provides this as a user to user forum not as the formal support path. They used to have a UK support office but alas no more, the official repair place appears to be quite expensive, but you might be able to get one shipped for you to DIY. Certainly not a common enough thing for it to be listed as a spare, the only M20d spares at https://www.fullcompass.com/searchresults.php?search_simple=true&txtAll=M20d are sockets.
  9. As I said months ago I still have and use mine, but these days I would seriously be considering the X AIR XR18 especially for the price they are currently going for.
  10. Ouch. For that money buying another brand becomes appealing. How anybody can justify 150 just to try and work out which component is broken is ridiculous. The only problem with DIY is that it is implied that the units are sealed in a very specific way and that not reassembling correctly could affect the sound. Never fancied it it myself as it is all but impossible to work on modern pbc or supplies and sourcing spares for low volume kit is very difficult.
  11. Yes. obviously the monitor outs are XLR so you will need 4 channels of XLR to headphones from another device, but you can get 4 individual mono mixes.
  12. Rewolf48

    Paying for Native

    Yep. 20% VAT on top of $99. Line 6 is part of Yamaha and are easily over the VAT threshold. Just pay pay with a credit card and while you may have a foreign transaction fee it will not be that much. Nationwide Cards don’t charge extra for foreign transactions.
  13. Rewolf48

    Powercab Line Out To dB Technologies Flexsys FM10

    The mic sim is only there for the simulated speakers, if you use the flat modes the the signal is passed through unaffected.
  14. Rewolf48

    Midi controls yet ?

    CC69 is what the hardware Helix devices use for Snapshot selection so it makes sense for compatibility that Native uses this too
  15. There was an interesting discussion about joining together two M20d for more channels and monitor mixes a few years ago. Have a look at this: