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  1. As I said months ago I still have and use mine, but these days I would seriously be considering the X AIR XR18 especially for the price they are currently going for.
  2. Ouch. For that money buying another brand becomes appealing. How anybody can justify 150 just to try and work out which component is broken is ridiculous. The only problem with DIY is that it is implied that the units are sealed in a very specific way and that not reassembling correctly could affect the sound. Never fancied it it myself as it is all but impossible to work on modern pbc or supplies and sourcing spares for low volume kit is very difficult.
  3. Yes. obviously the monitor outs are XLR so you will need 4 channels of XLR to headphones from another device, but you can get 4 individual mono mixes.
  4. Rewolf48

    Paying for Native

    Yep. 20% VAT on top of $99. Line 6 is part of Yamaha and are easily over the VAT threshold. Just pay pay with a credit card and while you may have a foreign transaction fee it will not be that much. Nationwide Cards don’t charge extra for foreign transactions.
  5. Rewolf48

    Powercab Line Out To dB Technologies Flexsys FM10

    The mic sim is only there for the simulated speakers, if you use the flat modes the the signal is passed through unaffected.
  6. Rewolf48

    Midi controls yet ?

    CC69 is what the hardware Helix devices use for Snapshot selection so it makes sense for compatibility that Native uses this too
  7. There was an interesting discussion about joining together two M20d for more channels and monitor mixes a few years ago. Have a look at this:
  8. Rewolf48

    Paying for Native ??

    Line 6 charge UK VAT not US Sales Tax. My copy with a Floor was $119.99. I paid with my Nationwide Credit Card as I always do for foreign transactions as they don’t charge a fee but at a rate of 1.42 at that time it was still a bargain. I suggest waiting for thanksgiving or black Friday in November as at least one of those will likely give a reduced price more than covering any card fees.
  9. Rewolf48

    Why some US only offers ?

    The simple answer is that offers such as free backpacks are down to the local/regional distributor which in the US is Line 6 directly and in UK/EU is Yamaha. Yamaha UK don't have a big reputation for giving stuff away... As for Warranty - this is just bringing the US more into line with EU 2 years or UK up to 6 years for faulty goods where you claim against the retailer
  10. Not if you want Acoustic sounds without some additional help. Obviously you have the ability to create a Nashville tuned guitar just by raising the pitch of the bottom 4 strings by an octave and you can play the part twice. But there is no option to split the 12 string parts to different outputs; all you can do is split Mags and Models and record those independently. There is an option though: with Helix you can process the Mags through an Acoustic IR (e.g. 3 Sigma) to give you the Standard tuning, and the Models with the Nashville tuning and you can record both at the same time.
  11. Rewolf48

    JTV Volume sends MIDI!

    Can't turn that off as I use OnSong to control Set Lists using MIDI triggers... I have switches for next song, next section etc and create the set list in On Song with it returning PC and CC for snapshot control and tempo back as each song changes - and that ensures that as long as I can see the song on Onsong then I am on the right patch and guitar settings for each section without thinking about it. Virtual Guitar Roadie :) It might just be that it is on channel 16 (required for Workbench integration) and I just need to set a specific channel on the iPad because it is listening to all channels.
  12. Rewolf48

    JTV Volume sends MIDI!

    I have been experimenting with Jam Origin MIDI Guitar, and I set up the most basic thing I could - JTV into compressor to USB 1/2 to iPad running MIDI Guitar 2 into Garage Band and then USB 1/2 returned to Helix main outputs. I am loving the Pad sounds especially Orchestra and Choir sounds... But what astounded me was that in all the time I have owned a JTV and Helix I never discovered that the JTV Volume knob by default is sending MIDI Volume. Not just turn it down and sound gets quieter, but rather turn it down and the volume control in Garage Band lowers itself at the same time. I would expect a Volume block or Expression to do this but I hadn't expected the guitar to. I am sure that the Line 6 guys are thinking - "Finally; after 3 years, now some of our hard work is being noticed". I had no idea that it could do that, and that makes me ask what other things are in there? What CC does the tone knob send? What about model selection? Can I control the channel? Does it still work if I lock the Guitar Volume so that I can control the pad volume while allowing the guitar through unchecked? Or have I found a bug, because in Command Center where there is an option to define what Variax Volume does it is currently set to None but the next option is MIDI CC with full control over channel, cc and Min and Max values. I have to confess that until I looked for it I didn't even know that Command Center had options for Variax controls. Just when you thought you knew what a Helix and JTV combination can do....
  13. Rewolf48

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Helix Native can run in any VST host including free ones that make it standalone such as Savihost: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-native-w-savihost-and-asio4all-no-noticeable-latency.1857013/
  14. Rewolf48

    HX Stomp FAQ

    This week according to Digital Igloo and Frank
  15. Rewolf48

    Powercab Line Out To dB Technologies Flexsys FM10

    Similar but not quite the same. The XLR Out from Powercab includes a mic emulation on top of the selected Cab so what you will get in the FM10 is the simulated mic sound. The Plus allows you to select the mic and distance while the non-plus only gives you an SM57 at 1". If you are in LF Flat or FRFR modes then you get exactly what was fed in.