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  1. Rewolf48

    Can Helix snapshot Variax settings?

    You press down and turn the knob used to select the variax model. Press and turn on any setting using those 6 knobs makes it snapshot controlled
  2. Rewolf48

    Can Helix snapshot Variax settings?

    Pages 20 and 21 of the Helix Owners Manual.
  3. One thing to check: what is the gain set to on the two mixer channels? I remember reading somewhere that if they were turned up even with nothing plugged in that you might get hiss. Something I need to check on my L2t’s
  4. I found that: 1/8 to 1/8 cable (with 1/4 adaptor) gave nasty hum 1/4 to rca (*2) gave nasty hum In both cases it sounds like a ground loop. But if I used the supplied 1/8 to rca cable there was no noise. So I bought a more suitable length cable for my needs, specifically this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00LM2Y2WC and with a headphone 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor I plug the 1/8 end into the Helix Headphone output and the RCA into the iLouds. It sounds great and I use the headphone volume control on the Helix to control the playback volume of computer sound via USB to Helix mixed with guitar. I can play Helix alone without booting the computer, and if I want to play along with music on my phone or iPad I can use Bluetooth on the iLoud as well as the cable from Helix
  5. I found that I got ground loop hum if I connected my Helix Floor to the iLouds using 1/4 to rca or stereo jack to stereo jack. What worked perfectly was Headphone out from helix into the rca or 1/4 to stereo jack. So I just got a 6 and 15 foot pair of headphone to rca cables and a jack adapter and run from the headphone out from the Helix. Short for laptop only, long for Helix. Works perfectly for sensible volumes, and if I need loud then I use xlr output to a pair of L2t or PA. The other option to remember is that the iLouds have Bluetooth always on so you can feed phone or tablet or computer to them directly without a cable being mixed with the wired connection. They are really great little speakers and kick out much more than you would expect, and are very portable.
  6. Rewolf48

    No where else to turn to before I return My Helix

    USB output signal is what is expected in many plugins and effects - it is nominally -18dbfs. I find it a little low, but as it is 24bit resolution it still has 100 times more detail than CD at full scale. I would just record guitar into a completely empty patch. If that shows distortion then something’s wrong with hardware somewhere. Change guitars and cables, and if it is still happening then it is probably a faulty unit - it does happen and it should be replaced by the retailer.
  7. Can’t comment on the Gemini, but are you aware of the just being released (this week) Line 6 Powercab models? I am only throwing it out there as something to also consider as I haven’t heard them to make a comparison.
  8. Rewolf48

    Adding to Full Line 6 PA

    Sound great. Our big July gig will be in a field, but we are fortunately playing to a marquee.... the beer marquee!
  9. Rewolf48

    Adding to Full Line 6 PA

    Yes.... but it is worth doing some tests first. The biggest potential issue with using speakers from different manufacturers is phase - if L3 and Mackie are out of phase with each other then they will cancel each other out (to some extent) and give you lower overall volume. You might be surprised as to how much power you have and how far it goes outdoors - we did a gig (and ran the PA for a couple of other bands) with a total of 2K of power amp driving the Bass players Subs (1K), Mids and Tops (other 1k), and apparently during our sound tests it was nice and clear half a mile away. Also consider is that Events in Parks are normally lots of things going on rather than being a music festival - so you don't actually need to cover the park; in our case we didn't get to run at any serious volume because we couldn't drown out the other stuff; so we set the volume to be heard at speaking volume 200yds away and that was plenty. Final consideration - you are outdoors, so perhaps stage has a cover but you should consider the weather, and the main PA speakers are generally the most exposed items. If there is a remote chance of rain do you really want your StageSource speakers getting wet? (I am in the UK so this is always a question!) Perhaps using the City owned speakers for the exposed locations covered by their insurance would be a more prudent option even if the sound is compromised a bit?
  10. All Firmware versions are cumulative - so the improved acoustics in 1.8 are present in 2.2. Some people don't like the improved electrics in 2.0 so stick with older versions of the firmware (which you can install if you copy the files to local disk), but what you will lose with that is the advanced integration with units such as Helix
  11. Rewolf48

    Guitar Input HW for Helix Native/Reaper/Windows

    I have Helix Floor as my main interface and a Scarlett Solo if I am traveling light (work) with a Traveller Guitar, Reaper, Native and some headphones. It isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better than being in a hotel for 3 weeks with nothing.
  12. Glad it is working for you too. The variax products just need a little bit more attention from Line 6 to the software and usability; for example Workbench HD if you had an VDI equipped effects unit (e.g. HD500/Helix) could set the global levels for you automatically in a calibration process. And more information about what the effect of many of the fine tuning options in Workbench achieve would be useful without relying on somebody working it out using spectrum analysers. Maybe when we get Variax Generation 3? With built in Guitar to MIDI over VDI and real time morphing of the models ....
  13. Rewolf48

    Aux Sends on MD20?

    Assuming that you want to record the main audio directly then yes you can do that - but if you are using L6 Link then your main outputs are unused... so why not use them? Using the Aux outputs means setting up a separate mix for the monitor, and on M20d it is expected that the monitors are mono while the main mix is stereo. If the resulting video needs to be the highest quality I personally would record all inputs to an SD card, and post mix an audio track for the video - that way any mistakes in live mixing or unexpected noises can be removed and a better mix achieved. It just depends on how much time you want to put into it.
  14. Try using Workbench HD to turn down the global string levels to the point where you can hear that changing the level has an effect for what you think is heavy picking. The modelling has to cope with users playing using 13s or 7s sets of strings, it has to cope with featherweight picks or 50p coins, Pete Townsend windmills or the lightest caress using fingers.... these vary the input level into the modelling and are unique to your guitar and your playing style. There is an optimum input level into the modelling stage most obvious on the sitar or acoustic models, so the input from the piezos are limited where everything above the limit is compressed down - the global string level controls the gain into the limiter for each piezo. Turn it down so that limiting only has an impact on when you play your very hardest and the models will come alive and the overpowering ones such as the F# resonance on the Acoustic 5 or Sitar are toned down. Then if necessary turn up the level of each patch to compensate and match the magnetic levels. Adjustments around -10db is common for users playing with 10s; often more for the low strings and less for the high ones.
  15. Rewolf48

    Headrush FRFR-112 = Alto TS212?

    The word is that they share the enclosure, but amp, drivers and dsp are tuned more for guitar amp FRFR than general PA. it is a good move by Headrush after justifiable criticism that they may have “borrowed” a design feature or two from Line 6 Helix with their floorboard.