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  1. i bought an new StageScape M20d but having problems recording live band. it does not record onto the SD cards (all new and formatted) nor does it appear on my MacBook as an input option for GarageBand (Ive downloaded the latest driver but my MacBook does not see it) ? I've tried to update the firmware - its 1,20 currently but it appears you cannot do this via USB and using a USB flash drive does not work either - what am I missing?
  2. I have a new MD20 Stage scape and it works awesome except that our drummer uses 2 overhead condenser pencil mics with AA batteries instead of Phantom power. there is a low frequency hum/rumble in the speakers which disappears when we unplug these mics. It doesn't increase in volume as we wind up the overall volume but its audible enough to be annoying when we are setting up. it does it regardless of channels we use and on both mics so I'm sure both can't be faulty?
  3. Thanks, that makes sense, good suggestions
  4. Is there any way to simply delete unwanted setlist and presets from the Helix using HX Edit or even on the unit itself? I updated to 3.0 and was worried about overwriting old presets with the new ones so now ended up with Two sets of Factory 1 and 2 Setlists - the old and the new!
  5. Thanks so much guys, I've taken some of all the advice and started from scratch with no amp or cab sim and just set it up as a pedalboard and it's working fine. Next step is to set up another bunch of presets for use into the PA using amp sims, thank so much guys, useful advice from everyone.
  6. Hi guys, i just got myself a Helix and am using it into my Blues Junior, its to replace my pedal board which has all the basics, Wah, Boss Compressor, DD7, and drive in the form of Fulltone Fulldrive 2, TS Mini & Voodoo Lab Fuzz into the BJ set Clean. I still run the BJ clean but found that the presets on the Helix sound pretty bad, I see all the main presets have very distorted basic settings for example JTM45 with Master and Channel level high and gain halfway or over. Would I be better using presets without an amp model, just effects? I tried it in my Alto powered monitor with the amp models on but it sounds very sterile? Plus I play in a small covers band playing in bars etc and i like having an amp behind me! I got the Helix to simplify my set up and offer more effects for certain songs. Advise?
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