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  1. hurghanico

    Pod HD500x midi control ability

    it should be possible, by chain linking the devices via MIDI, with the POD first as MIDI master control. every time you change preset on the POD it automatically transmits a program change via MIDI following a predefined table of values. eg bank 1 preset A --> MIDI program change #000, bank 1 preset B --> program change #001, and so on.. just organize the presets in the other connected devices so that they follow the same order. as for your new digital amp blackstar, if you buy the HX FX you can connect it to it to get the channel switching, while the HX FX will in turn be controlled via MIDI from the POD (MIDI master control in all the chained devices) Your amp can be controlled directly by devices like HX FX, but not directly by the POD. To control directly your amp with the POD you need an additional device, ie a Control Switcher, like shown in the following clip: but if you add the HX FX to your arsenal you don't need anymore a Control Switcher _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  2. The tremolo arm in the pic below here looks exactly like the one (threadless) belonging to my Variax 700 electric (which for the record has a thickness of about 4-5 mm) : but the above pic comes from the one for JTV sold by fullcompass: https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/231975-line-6-30-51-0381-line-6-jtv-tremelo-arm or by reverb.com: https://reverb.com/item/14907652-line-6-30-51-0381-line-6-jtv-tremelo-arm# _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  3. hurghanico


    Simply press and hold the VIEW button on the device and change the FS MODE to ABCD.. doing so the footswitches 5-8 will select directly (without having to press the bank buttons first ) the 4 presets ABCD in the current bank, but they will not work anymore to switch on/off the effects eventually assigned to them _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  4. hurghanico


    Hey Silver probably due to distraction you didn't notice that this is not the Helix forum but the one dedicated to the POD HD.. no 8 presets in a bank, snapshots or MODE footswitch are available on POD devices _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  5. It's my friend who owns the JTV (I own a 700), when I'll see him again in a few days I'll tell him what to try to do to improve his instrument response, based on what have been suggested in the previous posts in this thread. I'll report the results when done. Careful cleaning of the piezo and its slot in the bridge saddle, plus turning the piezo 180° could solve some piezo issues.. it worked for me in the past
  6. Yes, confirmed, it was you the author of the afore mentioned posts I was referring to. The logic behind your hypothesis seems solid and interesting. I'm still wondering why the first generation Variax like my 700 electric doesn't have the same problem of the JTV. So I thought that since the JTV piezos should be theoretically better compared to the old ones, and the piezo pre-amp should be evoluted too, which are the other elements that differ between the 2 Variax generations: the modeling engine, the tuning system, and the presence of mag PUPs on JTVs. So apart from the compression which could happen pre-modeling (as you assumed), or maybe as part of the HD modeling processing, I have a suspect also about the tuning system.. and I wonder: could be that when no particular tunings are required the tuning system remains somewhat active and doubles the signal creating a sort of off phase relationship with the original one, similarly to what could happen when a DAW track monitoring is enabled and the hardware direct monitoring of the AI/multifx (like a POD) is enabled at the same time?? which thing as you know could affect badly the notes attack and impart a certain nasality to the resulting tone.. Anyway, I'll suggest to my friend (JTV owner) to do a FW reflashing, if it will not solve the issue I will suggest to try the solution kindly suggested by you, and if still necessary, investigate a little more the tuning system to see if it could be the culprit or not. Thanks a lot for your contribute.
  7. Hi, one of my friends has a JTV-59 which he bought because he liked the Variax concept after seeing/hearing me playing with my Variax 700. I tried his 59 and I noticed on all strings a remarkable and quite annoying sort of limiter/compression effect with every model available which affects in a bad way especially the attack of the notes (trying to pluck the strings with fingers the issue is even worse).. But when switching from models to mag PUPs (which sound louder) the guitar sounds just perfect.. which thing makes me think that the guitar physical setup doesn't need to be re-done, and it's not the culprit of the models signal compression I mentioned above.. My old 700 doesn't have and never had this sort of compression issue. Doing my searches I've read somewhere that a solution to get rid of the unwanted compression could be to lower the strings global level and turn up the models levels to compensate, and probably I will suggest this type of solution to my friend. But if this should be the best solution (waiting for confirmation), I still wonder why it is necessary to do this type of adjustment with JTV, where it has never been necessary with my old tech Variax. Official (but not exclusively) answers/ideas would be very appreciated.