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Found 9 results

  1. So, ive been trying to fix an pod hd 300 with an "PANIC !!! CODE 01" error, ive saw that its could be solved by two ways: updating it to a newest firmware version (i tried it, but even when i install the drivers, my computer doesnt recognize the equipment and the line 6 app does tell me that i doesnt have then) or the fabric reset ( i've tried it too, but it showed fabric reset error). Anyone could help me with that? things to consider: its not my equipment, im trying to update it for my uncle; im not an english native speaker; im not very natural with music plugins and these kind of stuff.
  2. Hello guys. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me the value of the capacitors C125, C126 and C133 of the PODHD300. I need to replace them, but I don't know what to put. If anyone has the PODHD300 datasheet, I would be very grateful too. Follow the image with the location of the capacitors. Thank you very much.
  3. I have a Problem with a Line6 PODHD300 pedalboard, I connect it and connect the Guitar and it takes time to give Full sound, it gives sound of the strings little by little ... And then after 15 minutes it sounds as it should be ... Help Please
  4. Below is the link to the preset made on the POD HD300 For the other pedals (HD500 E 500x) you just have to follow the order of the video effects, the pedals 500 and 500x have the same effects.
  5. Hi guys, My POD HD 300 started to have issues with the delay effect getting stuck and not being able to be disabled or to change the tempo, nor from the tap tempo neither from the preset configuration. The effect gets stuck on all the banks of the pedal. I've had the pedal since 2012 and it wasworking great until now, so I assume something's wrong with the PCB (electronic board). I already did the Factory Reset proceedure, updated the flash memory to the latest version 2.01, calibrated the expression pedal and haven't been able to fix the issue. The factory reset sometimes works for a few days and then the issue returns, and sometimes the procedure doesn't work at all, the last time I tried the volume is not working in the pedal, even when it was calibrated. Has any other person here had the same or similar issue? It would be great if someone can help me. Thanks!
  6. I have connected my Pod HD300 in my Windows10 PC. All the drivers/firmware/whatever in Line 6 Monkey are Green and up to date. What I want to do is that be able to monitor my guitar only from the DAW. The reason is simply because I am using effects and I need to listen the processed signal from the DAW (in my case Cubase) instead of the POD HD itself. So, I went to the Line6 Audio and Midi Devices Panel > Inputs and Recording but there's no "Hardware Montior Level" Why is that? According to the Line6 manual instructions there should be there and I should turn this off. well it says HD500, but I don't think it's different from HD300.
  7. Hey guys, i just stumbled upon Pod Farm and saw that many devices got the software free with the Podhd300 I've had my Pod for years and was wondering if there was any way to get the software in a free way? I use hd300 edit but it just doesn't bring out the tones that i need. Cheers! Swanny
  8. Hey folks, I have a question. Of course I do, otherwise why would I be here? Anyway, I'm in a small band one that's not planning on going anywhere beyond the local pub scene. The amp I'm using is good, but it has no effects (not even reverb) what it does have is the ability to run a second preamp through the poweramp. My question is can I use the PODHD300 in this fashion (of course turning off the poweramp and cab simulations) and what kind of cables should I use? I'm an experienced guitarist but I've never done anything like that before. the amp in question is a Marshall 6101. I know I can use the POD as a multi effects board but I don't really like the way it sounds like that. I'm thinking it would sound better using the digital preamps but I've no clue how to hook it up. Any ideas?
  9. Hey all, I usually only use my PODs for home recording but I've been considering using my HD300 live as a multi effects unit. I'm not interested in using the amp models live since I'm quite satisfied with and like the sound of my amp. If I'm not mistaken the HD300 has a "pedal board mode." I've also been wondering if this board would be capable of operating my amp's midi channel switching. It would basically be like using the pod like a GLab gsc only there would be no stomp boxes as the pod has all the effects. Anyone tried something like this?
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