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Found 42 results

  1. expodhd500x

    Pod HD500x Expression Pedal Problem

    I have a PODhd500x. My expression pedal doesn't function. I have rested global settings. I have updated firmware and flash memory. I have calibrated the pedal and pedal calibration says 'F'. What could be wrong and someone please tell how to fix it? I live in a place where there are no service centres close by. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. hey guys, so i know the possibilities are endless with the 500x but i was wondering.. is it possible to have your guitar sound like another one.. i currently have a strat but I'm a PRS lover.. do you guys think it's possible to get my strat to get somewhat of a prs tone.. almost like an SE custom 24.. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  3. good day evryone, been wondering and can't find any solution, i doin my live gig using ableton and i just want to sync my timebased effect to the tempo of the song that is playing but seems impossible, well it is possible to do by setting the tempo per preset but we have hundreds of songs and it will be so much patch consuming if i will put a different tempo of the same patch on a new patch space, so i think the best solution is to sync the podhd500x with ableton/daw tempo, but how to do? and is this possible to achieve? have tried a lot but the pod hd tempo option is knida limited to preset and global and as i understand the global thing, to me it means only one tempo for all the presets or am i wrong? pls help thanks and kind regards, \m/
  4. Can't log into my monkey account as there is an error with the server? error screenshot attached. internet is fine and firewall is off.
  5. Hi All, I came here looking for some opinions of anyone who has picked up one of these but I think so far only one person has mentioned receiving it. I've been bashing around on mine for a couple of days and have given it a proper set up now so in terms of playability it is probably as good as it can get. In terms of build/build quality. It seems reasonable - my only issue is the trem arm which doesn't really sit snug in the bridge even when screwed fully in. Otherwise tuners are good but I will swap for locking ones. Nut and string trees are graphtech so good quality and the bridge seems ok. Having set up the trem it stays in tune pretty well although I don't really do dive bombing etc. The body is alder - doesn't seem to have as much sustain as other guitars I have but still ok. The neck took me a bit by surprise - you could land a plane on it - that's how flat it is. I believe the radius of the Pacifica (this appears to be the same neck) is 13 3/4" which is flatter than anything I have played before but actually quite playable because I do a lot of bending (Pink Floyd/Gilmour tribute band). The edges of the fingerboard aren't rolled which I can do myself but neater when done at factory. Finally on the build - I saw a comment that this was not a Pacifica but a Line 6 designed guitar. I find that hard to accept as everything about the body shape, neck radius and even the truss rod cover is the same as on the Pacifica. It might be based on a high end Pacifica - couldn't say. In terms of sound - the stock pickups (once I had got the optimum heights to match the set up) are actually pretty usable. My main guitar is a Fender Strat with a set of D Allen Echoes pickups which are fantastic and I have another Strat with EMGs but these pickups are not bad. I've had Alnico pups in a strat before and didn't like them at all (too bright) but these can achieve that nice bluesy neck pickup sound very well. The bridge might be a bit bright but I will play around with settings to make it work. For the modelled sounds - I have been going via VDI direct into a POD HD500x. The jury is out a bit really on these. I was extremely underwhelmed by the Spank/Strat tone - toggling between that and the magnetic pickups is just night and day. The modelled pickups sound hollow on the bass strings - on the treble strings there is less difference. Having done some reading around online I followed some tips and reduced the string volumes very aggressively (up to -6db on the bass strings) in Workbench. This helped balance out the volume contrast between the magnetic pickup and Spank sounds and tamed the other models a bit as well but it seems a bit drastic to have to do that. I play a lot of very clean tones so I think I will be using the mag pickups for those - for dirty tones though I think the modelled strat sounds ok - the advantage being that it is noiseless so while not playing anything that is great. I have run through the other electric models but I don't have a direct comparison for them so I am probably a bit more forgiving - for one of the Floyd songs "Run Like Hell" I use a Tele in drop D and it sounds perfectly fine. The acoustic models - hmmmm. Not really sure what to make over these other than there is probably a bit too much body and too much fizz (or zing - choose your onomatopoeia) to them. I've seen articles dedicated to this topic and it seems to be something that Line 6 added in one of the firmware updates. Personally I find myself having to try and heavily EQ these as they sound almost unnaturally natural (which I realise makes no sense) otherwise. I am still tweaking away - really if I am not going to be happy with the acoustic tones then it is almost pointless me having the Variax as 95% of the music I play is done on my strat and I only got this to avoid having to carry an acoustic and electric to gigs and change around mid song. If I can nail the acoustic tone then it is likely I will play on the mags for all cleanish sounds, Spank for really dirty stuff and use the acoustics when necessary. It sounds by all accounts as if most people who had the old firmware for the JTVs thought the acoustics sounded much better on older software so maybe Line 6 will take note and get back to the programming board. On another note the other guitarist in the band has gone down the Roland route with a GK midi pickup and the VG99. It is a bit less plug and play then the Variax/POD setup but I noted that they have a much bigger range of modelled guitar and pickup combinations - would be nice if Line 6 would broaden the choice in a future firmware upgrade (while sorting the acoustics out). Would be interested to know the thoughts of other early users - especially on the acoustic and strat sounds. Also interested to know if anyone who has a JTV thinks the modelled sounds are the same as I toyed with a JTV before getting this. Demo of Mags v Spank tone https://soundcloud.com/lwyn/variax-magspankcompare
  6. seldon1

    Powercab IRs

    If someone could enlighten me I would truly be grateful. 1. Do the 3rd party IRs for the Powercab plus affect the sound coming out of the speaker or just the cab sim output? 2. Are the 6 speaker models considered IRs or would they be affecting the output of the speaker plus any 3rd party IR? Thank you in advance for your replies
  7. Hi everyone! I am a begginer with PODHD 500x, that's why I need your help. I dowloaded differents patches from the LINE 6 website, and when I tried them at home everything worked fine. When I went to play with my band in our small room, I attached the POD direct in front of a combo (LINE 6 SPIDER IV - CLEAN). Problem is that when I play a distorted patch, it start to whistle and make unsupportable noise. I read on http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/setup This that I report: "I recommend setting your output mode to the appropriate non-"Studio/Direct" mode. If you want to use your Pod for both "direct" and "live" purposes, I recommend leaving the output mode as "Studio/Direct" and setting your "live" patches up with "no cab" as your cabinet selection. When you use "no cab", you get the same output in every output mode (more-or-less) - all cab/mic simulation is simply disabled. " Now what I would like to try is to set INPUT 1: GUITAR and INPUT 2: VARIAX for all the patches; And then I would like to put this "no cab" suggested, but I don't really understand how to do this. About the "mixer" Path A and Path B should be Centered ? Or should I leave it 100%R and 100%L? May you help me through this? Any other reccomandations?
  8. Hey there! I was looking for the best way to connect my POD HD 500x into a Peavey Windsor´s Head (with 4x12 peavey cabinet). The first conection tried when i got my hands on the gear was 1/4 out (pod) to (Peaveys head) Hi Gain, and my guitar to the POD. I tried different equalizations for about a year now but i still ddn´t get the sound i want out of it. I am now trying some other setting where i connect my POD to the Peavey RETURN slot. The sound improved mostly on cleans or other HD presets, overall i think it sounds a bit better. I was wondering if anyone could help me out figuring what would be the best way to make this all work. Feel free to ask for aditional information. Thank you!
  9. Johnson1274

    Great 2x12 Cab for Pod Hd500x

    Hi guys and gals! I have a Pod hd500x and I'm looking to lighten up my live gear. Before I was using an engl powerball and engl 4x12 and had the pod as effects, but the music that we play requires me to switch a bunch and with channel selecting on the amp and effect switching on the pod it got really crazy sometimes. So now I'm using the pod as pretty much my main tone (amp sim, cab sim, effects, etc.). I've since gotten rid of the engl as it was redundant to have the head, and the cab is a pain to lug around. So my question is does anyone have some recommendations for cabinets? If possible I wanna have a 2x12 with some power. Thanks!
  10. Device: POD HD500X Hi all, hopefully you can help me out. I've recently picked the guitar back up and when I started to use my effects board I found that the foot switches are not performing the correct operations My current foot switch operation mode is ABCD. When i have been pressing down onto FS8 to change patch, it seems to be turning on and off effects instead. after plugging into the edit program on my pc i have seen that FS8 is activating effects placed on FS4. FS4 does not perform any opperations at all. Does the button on FS4 need to be replaced to fix this, or both bottons? Thanks.
  11. adamftg

    Mixer, A/B Path question

    I play my pod directly into my amp, using only a few effects and completely bypassing the Pod's amp model. My signal flow can be seen in the attached image. As you can see, the signal splits into stereo between the null amp block and mixer. If I'm playing directly into my amp stack, should I only use one of the 2 signal paths by centering it and muting the other one in the main mix window? Or should I keep them hard panned like in the picture? Will there be a difference in sound coming out of my cab? Thanks Edit: I dont think the image uploaded properly. The signal is mono throughout my pre effects chain, then splits into two separate paths between the null amp block and mixer, then returns to mono out of the mixer into the null FX blocks.
  12. HELLO LINE 6 BUDDIES! I'm two-track recording an acoustic guitar with my POD HD500X as the audio interface. I have a RODE NT1A condenser mic plugged into a mixer with phantom power. This mixer is then connected to the POD's 'Guitar In' input via guitar lead, and there is also an acoustic guitar connected to the 'AUX' input for a direct signal. This is all running through Logic Pro X on my Macbook Pro (Early 2015) with 16GB RAM. I have used this setup before and it has all worked fine, except today I am hearing intermittent static coming from both inputs at seemingly random intervals. It sounds like a short burst of a bitcrusher-like sound, and then goes back to normal after less than a second. It can't be any problem with the mic/mixer because I am getting the problem on AUX (direct input) as well as the Guitar In (mic) input. I have tried different USB cables, and have tried different power outlets. I have also tried a different audio interface (that can unfortunately only handle one input) that didn't seem to have the same problem, leading me to think that it also isn't an issue with Logic Pro X... SO... Has this happened to anyone before, and can anyone think of any reason this might be happening? Yeah, I've turned it off and on again ;)
  13. SO i need help using the pod hd500x with my daw (reaper). i have both of the guitars connected. one is connected via aux one is via guitar. but i just cant figure out how to split the channels so when i go to my daw. my left guitar only comes from that speaker and my second guitar the right only comes from the right. need help tracking for a friend and me and we cant seem to get it.
  14. janjanives

    Creating this crunch sound.

    Can anyone help me create this sound on my POD HD 500x. Thanks a lot. youtube link is below.
  15. I have a JTV89F purchased in June 2016 and has worked flawlessly through my old Flextone III Then in March this year purchased a DT25 amp and cab and a PODHD500X All hooked up using L6 link cable and digital interface lead Last 3 times I have used the guitar the sound randomly cuts out, if I'm runing delays or echo i can still hear the effect fade so the amp and Pod are most likely not the cause. There is no specific time when this occurs could be after 5 min, 10 min or half and hour and it cuts out randomly, might be for 1 second or up to maybe 5 seconds and then the sound comes back. After this occurs I've usually had enough and turn everything off and have a break. The light remains on the model selector switch so the guitar is still getting power. I use the guitar with the battery removed and in March I made sure all the firmware on each device was up to date. Any ideas
  16. hello there... I notice that there is a rapid muted sound when I change patch and it sounds bad when I'm playing live where i need to frequently switch patches from clean/high gain drive/crunch. do you guys experience this ? and how to get this fixed ? I use POD HD500X by the way Thank you....
  17. Okay so as a graduation present, I was given a brand new POD HD500x All I have is one xlr cable which fits but doesn't go all the way into my headphones (the 3.5mm) because of the way they were designed to have a skinnier cable (but still 3.5mm) fit (they are skull candy crushers) Anyway, I use reaper and FL studio (not both at the same time, just alternate) and I want to record, and I set up the pod with my computer and got everything installed and the tone editor, but you see when its connected via usb my computer playback and recording devices are switched too it meaning I can't hear a damned thing even through reaper, so I get no playback of what I record, and even after I disconnect everything i still don't get any playback. If I set the playback device to my headphones as default and leave the pod as defaut communications, I can hear everything from my computer just fine, but I still can't hear my guitar through the pod. I did think of routing it through an amp and then back to my computers input, but I have a horrid motherboard that doesn't handle impiedence very well. I know this because I use to record with Guitar Rig 5. Basically, I'm looking to see if there's something I'm doing wrong, or an alternative because I'm impatient and have to wait a few days before I can go out and get a 1/4 jack adapter Shouldn't you just connect it with usb and everything is fine? In Reaper, I set the sound drivers to Asio and selected the Pod's drivers so the input is proper it just seems the output of the sound still goes to the pod?
  18. Olliclark_4


    So i bought the hd500x recently and am loving it but when i try to practice a whole song with multiple presets being used it shows syncing on the screen as i swap even when i havent changed any presets! im afraid that when i play live it will do this and will make preset changing impossible. My pod is plugged into hd500x edit is that the problem?? please help thanks
  19. Sorry if this is a dumb question but isn't the L6 link cable just an XLR cable?
  20. Hi, my name is Ravyn and I am a guitarist from Ontario, Canada and am new to the Line 6 forum, this is my first post here and I am wondering if anyone has any info on this type of issue? I'd appreciate any help or info :) My old PC died a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to get a new laptop specifically for recording music. I thought it'd be a better idea seeing as they are portable, and actually this is the first laptop I've ever owned, I've always used a desktop for recording in the past. The laptop I have is a Lenovo with an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. I've also just recently bought Cubase Artist 8 for recording and re-installed all Line 6 software and downloads for the Line 6 POD HD500x but upon recording I am having issues. Theirs always noise in the background, clicks, pops, unwanted feedback...but the worst part is that my system is always crashing. The two error codes I get are DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (L6PODHD5SE64.sys) and SYSTEM_THREAD_NOT_HANDLED (L6PODHD5SE64.sys) So I take it that the L6POD in the code has something to do with my beloved Line 6 Pod?? It's all very confusing, everything worked fine on my old Acer desktop and it didn't have half of the capabilities that my new laptop has, yet it worked fine and never crashed once like this. If anyone has any info, could you please help a newbie out? I'd appreciate it so much and thank you kindly! -Ravyn
  21. Hey everyone. I'm trying to record with the PODHD500X, and I've found that tone setting is very challenging for me. The tone I'm going for is Intervals - The shape of colour, Aaron Marshall kind of tone. I'm just not sure how to get there. Any tips or general rules of thumb for getting this kind of metal tone? I tried this setup: Hard gate >Tube screamer >Tube comp > Treadplate > XXL V-30 > Vintage pre > Hard gate I notice with the vintage pre it makes a good rhythm, but it really sucks for a lead.
  22. I have a Spider Jam III and absolutely love the "Soil" preset on it. As you can well imagine, a 75watt combo is not sufficient for any moderate venue, so I would love to be able to export/import that specific preset (or all if there is some constraint) to either my POD HDPROX rack unit or my POD HD500X pedalboard. I have played around with audibly trying to get something to sound like this on the POD units but am not really happy with my results. I have not found anyway to export the Jam presets and/or if they are portable even if I could. Perhaps someone has already done this porting (line6)? Thanks in advance.
  23. ankitmittal

    POD HD500x connected with a Soundbar

    Hey Guys, Just got the POD HD500x delivered and starting to try out now. I used to use a Marshall MG15 CF amp but that's not available to me right now. Hence I'm wondering if I can connect my POD HD 500x to a Samsung Soundbar which I have been using as a computer speaker to listen to general music, watch movies etc (here it is: http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-av/audio-video/soundbar/HW-J450/XL). Here's what I have tried: 1. Connected a 1/4" cable to my POD HD 500x 1/4 L output going in to the 3.5 mm Audio in of the Soundbar using a 1/4" to 3.5 mm connector 2. Used the same setup as 1 but connected to the Headphones output jack in Pod HD 500x instead of the 1/4 L output With option 1, I'm getting volume from only one side of the Soundbar (the left side). The tones do not sound too good either. With option 2, I do get sound from both sides of the Soundbar (L+R), but the volume output is somewhat low unless I turn the volume to about max on the POD and the Soundbar. Also, the tones sound all bassy. I'm sure the mids and highs are being cut off. Hence, here are my questions: 1. For the 1st option, should I be connecting a cable going to both L and R 1/4" outputs on the POD and then merging to a single 3.5mm connection as audio input to the Soundbar (something like this: http://www.amazon.in/Ugreen-3-5mm-Stereo-6-3mm-Splitter/dp/B01CI7J3OG?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00)? Willthis solve the PAN issue? Or can I tweak some global settings in my POD which can recognize a single output going through the L 1/4" output and play through both speakers in the Soundbar? 2. Is the Headphones output supposed to be used with speakers? Anything I can do here to make the tones sound better or is this as good as it gets? 3. Should I be using a pre-amp if I have to work through this setup? I don't own one yet, so need to figure out if I need to. 4. I need to use the same setup - POD going to a mixer connected to a PA system for a live gig and a few practice sessions before that. I'm afraid I might face the same issue there as well. What's the best practice here? Based on all the posts I have read on this forum regarding connecting the POD directly to the PA, I believe a single 1/4" cable will go from the L or R 1/4 output from my POD to a channel in the mixer to which the PA system is connected and then I need to tweak the Mixer in my patches according to this setting. Could you please confirm? I won't have access to a PA system and mixer until the live gig, so I'm terrified about going in blind there with terrible sounding patches. Needless to say, I'm just starting to figure this sound stuff out and learning more everyday. Would appreciate your support and understanding if my questions sound amateur. Thanks and have a great day!
  24. janjanives

    Usb cable lost for podhd500x

    What should I do? where can I get one? currently in dubai, uae
  25. janjanives

    podhd500x sound help

    Hey guys :) all of ur support were very helpful.. My question is: How can I make the sound of my guitar last longer when doing the lead.. cause when I try to do a lead and play or press the last/ higer notes.. the sound doesnt last for a long time..