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  1. I finally pulled my Line 6 POD HD500X out of storage and naturally went to re-download the editing software. However, it appears Line 6 has phased out this product from ensuring compatibility with the latest Mac OS (I am currently using the the latest version, macOS Monterey version 12.6.3). Can anyone advise me on this issue? I can successfully download the Updater.pkg, but cannot seem to open it because "Apple cannot check it for malicious software." Then, in the subtext, the following error message reads: "This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." Is my best bet to try and revert my Mac's current OS? And, if so, what OS would I be reverting back to in order to ensure compatibility so that I may momentarily download the Line 6 Updating Software? Any and all tips are appreciated! Cheers.
  2. Hello, I have a question about the Line6 Pod HD500X. I bought a used one and some time ago I noticed that I have the same amplifier twice, only one has the "pre" ending. What does it mean? First example Blackface Dbl Nrn - Blackface Dbl Nrn Pre Second example Brit J-800 - Brit J-800 Pre Solo-100 Overdrive - Solo-100 Overdrive Pre Blackface Dbl Nrm have AMP PARAMETERS Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre dont have this I am asking for help and advice which one is better
  3. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows if the tuner on the 500x is rebind-able to a different knob other than the tap knob. My pod has been taken to a few gigs and the tap/tuner knob on the end doesn’t work no matter how many times I press it. Do I need to take it apart and try to fix knob? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ok, so I have had my POD HD500X for a while and I recently played at a church with a really big sound system. The problem was that my POD was not sending a loud enough signal to where the gain on the mixer was distorting the sound from boosting the gain. (My dad who I was talking with who has run sound for 35+ years and said that unless the sound is distorted coming out of the board turning up the gain should not distort it.) Is this on the mixer side or my side? I have used the sam patch at my PA system at home and it works fine with no need to boost the gain. But with other systems I need to boost the gain to almost 40+dB. Is their an overall output gain on the board I need to turn up? I usually go XLR out. I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated!!! I can give you the patch if wanted.
  5. daxguk


    I have a POD HD 500X and I’m wanting to use it’s midi function. I have a Marshall JVM and I was wondering if I could use the 500x to both switch channels on my head AND send the effects of the 500x? Like delays, modulation?
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question but isn't the L6 link cable just an XLR cable?
  7. Below is the link to the preset made on the POD HD300 For the other pedals (HD500 E 500x) you just have to follow the order of the video effects, the pedals 500 and 500x have the same effects.
  8. HELLO LINE 6 BUDDIES! I'm two-track recording an acoustic guitar with my POD HD500X as the audio interface. I have a RODE NT1A condenser mic plugged into a mixer with phantom power. This mixer is then connected to the POD's 'Guitar In' input via guitar lead, and there is also an acoustic guitar connected to the 'AUX' input for a direct signal. This is all running through Logic Pro X on my Macbook Pro (Early 2015) with 16GB RAM. I have used this setup before and it has all worked fine, except today I am hearing intermittent static coming from both inputs at seemingly random intervals. It sounds like a short burst of a bitcrusher-like sound, and then goes back to normal after less than a second. It can't be any problem with the mic/mixer because I am getting the problem on AUX (direct input) as well as the Guitar In (mic) input. I have tried different USB cables, and have tried different power outlets. I have also tried a different audio interface (that can unfortunately only handle one input) that didn't seem to have the same problem, leading me to think that it also isn't an issue with Logic Pro X... SO... Has this happened to anyone before, and can anyone think of any reason this might be happening? Yeah, I've turned it off and on again ;)
  9. I currently own a DT25 combo and a Pod HD500X which I have connected via the Line6 Link cable. I am thinking of recording some music but the Dt25 is way too loud for my bedroom therefore I cannot mic it in high volume. Of course, if I do not crank it up, I would not get the sound I would want. The LVM is not enough for quality sound since it eliminates the power amp section of the amp. I was thinking of investing on an audio interface like the UX2 to record my music. My plan is to connect my amp to the audio interface through the Direct Out of the amp. If I follow this approach, I could disconnect the amp's connection with its cabinet so I wouldn't get any sound from the amp itself but I would get my sound from the monitors connected to the UX2. So if I have the amp's master volume amp cranked all the way up, I could adjust the volume from on my UX2 according to how I want but my recordings should sound as if it's coming from a cranked tube amp. Essentially, I would like to get the sound of a cranked tube amp sound in my recordings without disturbing my neighbors. Do you think this is a viable approach?
  10. Hi, I am facing a weird problem with the looper on my POD HD500X. If i try to loop something on a metronome or a drum track, the loop automatically starts to get more and more out of sync after every iteration. Basically, it just speeds up after every iteration.I have tried resetting and reinstalling the firmware but still no luck. Been struggling through this for quite a long time, can someone help me on this? Thanks, Vishesh
  11. Hello.when I connect my pod hd500x via usb to pc(using it as a sound card, output sound goes to Phones output), I can hear only mono in left channel. My headphones are stereo, adater and cable too, no settings can change this behaviour. What can I do to make phones output stereo? I hear both channels in left ear, in other words this is not true mono, but stereo in one ear Thanks
  12. Can I use the POD HD500X as voice processor and guitar processor at the same time? What I mean: 1 preset for the voice and a different one for the guitar? Is that possible in some way? In the case it is, could you tell me how? I can't find a way to do this, maybe is because it can't be done. Thanks
  13. I know i might be out of date on this - i haven't used the pod since i bought bias 2 software to work in the box. Now i need to get it running but, despite all updates to monkey etc. etc. it still won't talk via midi. The pod hd isn't even on the Line 6 list that i'm trying to connect to via midi. Running out of ideas and seriously p***ed off with Line 6. It took me 2 hours to re-register a username and password. It's easier to hack the CIA than re-register but it's only an fx unit for god's sake. Anyway, despite my rant can anyone help........pretty please. PS I'm 60 - anyone take pity on an old boy?
  14. Buenas compañeros: tengo un problema con mi multiefectos POD HD500x. Nunca me había ocurrido algo parecido, y tras mucho tiempo revisando no encuentro solución alguna. Desde un día en concreto, parece como si se me hubiera desconfigurado algun parámetro en concreto de la pedalera: pues todos los presets suenan ahora como carentes de fuerza, con poca "chicha" (especialmente notorio en las distorsiones). He mirado las ecualizaciones de cada uno y están intactas; la guitarra no es, pues he probado con varias; la pantalla de voces, tampoco. Creo que tiene que estar relacionado con el tema de la variax; pues esto me ocurre desde un determinado día en que conecté una variax electroacustica (con su pedal variax correspondiente) a la pedalera. Estuve un rato para dar con la combinación exacta para hacerla sonar con la pedalera; así que supongo que -por hacer las cosas desde la ignorancia y no haberme informado antes- he tocado algo que no debía. Aunque, insisto: no tengo ni idea de qué puede ser, y me estoy deseperando. Agradecería con creces si alguien ducho en el tema me podría echar una mano. Un saludo! P. D. Los jacks tampoco pueden ser.
  15. Hi, i have a problem with my pod hd500x: when i plugin my pedalboard to the pc for edit the tones and exit in my amplifier, the tones sounds really good, but when i don't plug to the pc the pod all of my tones have a really lollipop sound, with a lot of interference and really high tones that make the tones noisy. I tried all the way a can to solve this problem, but i haven't found a solution. this is a really sad thing beacuse i have my pod for 8 moths and i can't use it live because i can't bring with me my pc. I hope someone can healp me solving that problem.
  16. I have a PODhd500x. My expression pedal doesn't function. I have rested global settings. I have updated firmware and flash memory. I have calibrated the pedal and pedal calibration says 'F'. What could be wrong and someone please tell how to fix it? I live in a place where there are no service centres close by. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. hey guys, so i know the possibilities are endless with the 500x but i was wondering.. is it possible to have your guitar sound like another one.. i currently have a strat but I'm a PRS lover.. do you guys think it's possible to get my strat to get somewhat of a prs tone.. almost like an SE custom 24.. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  18. good day evryone, been wondering and can't find any solution, i doin my live gig using ableton and i just want to sync my timebased effect to the tempo of the song that is playing but seems impossible, well it is possible to do by setting the tempo per preset but we have hundreds of songs and it will be so much patch consuming if i will put a different tempo of the same patch on a new patch space, so i think the best solution is to sync the podhd500x with ableton/daw tempo, but how to do? and is this possible to achieve? have tried a lot but the pod hd tempo option is knida limited to preset and global and as i understand the global thing, to me it means only one tempo for all the presets or am i wrong? pls help thanks and kind regards, \m/
  19. Can't log into my monkey account as there is an error with the server? error screenshot attached. internet is fine and firewall is off.
  20. If someone could enlighten me I would truly be grateful. 1. Do the 3rd party IRs for the Powercab plus affect the sound coming out of the speaker or just the cab sim output? 2. Are the 6 speaker models considered IRs or would they be affecting the output of the speaker plus any 3rd party IR? Thank you in advance for your replies
  21. Hi everyone! I am a begginer with PODHD 500x, that's why I need your help. I dowloaded differents patches from the LINE 6 website, and when I tried them at home everything worked fine. When I went to play with my band in our small room, I attached the POD direct in front of a combo (LINE 6 SPIDER IV - CLEAN). Problem is that when I play a distorted patch, it start to whistle and make unsupportable noise. I read on This that I report: "I recommend setting your output mode to the appropriate non-"Studio/Direct" mode. If you want to use your Pod for both "direct" and "live" purposes, I recommend leaving the output mode as "Studio/Direct" and setting your "live" patches up with "no cab" as your cabinet selection. When you use "no cab", you get the same output in every output mode (more-or-less) - all cab/mic simulation is simply disabled. " Now what I would like to try is to set INPUT 1: GUITAR and INPUT 2: VARIAX for all the patches; And then I would like to put this "no cab" suggested, but I don't really understand how to do this. About the "mixer" Path A and Path B should be Centered ? Or should I leave it 100%R and 100%L? May you help me through this? Any other reccomandations?
  22. Hey there! I was looking for the best way to connect my POD HD 500x into a Peavey Windsor´s Head (with 4x12 peavey cabinet). The first conection tried when i got my hands on the gear was 1/4 out (pod) to (Peaveys head) Hi Gain, and my guitar to the POD. I tried different equalizations for about a year now but i still ddn´t get the sound i want out of it. I am now trying some other setting where i connect my POD to the Peavey RETURN slot. The sound improved mostly on cleans or other HD presets, overall i think it sounds a bit better. I was wondering if anyone could help me out figuring what would be the best way to make this all work. Feel free to ask for aditional information. Thank you!
  23. Hi guys and gals! I have a Pod hd500x and I'm looking to lighten up my live gear. Before I was using an engl powerball and engl 4x12 and had the pod as effects, but the music that we play requires me to switch a bunch and with channel selecting on the amp and effect switching on the pod it got really crazy sometimes. So now I'm using the pod as pretty much my main tone (amp sim, cab sim, effects, etc.). I've since gotten rid of the engl as it was redundant to have the head, and the cab is a pain to lug around. So my question is does anyone have some recommendations for cabinets? If possible I wanna have a 2x12 with some power. Thanks!
  24. Device: POD HD500X Hi all, hopefully you can help me out. I've recently picked the guitar back up and when I started to use my effects board I found that the foot switches are not performing the correct operations My current foot switch operation mode is ABCD. When i have been pressing down onto FS8 to change patch, it seems to be turning on and off effects instead. after plugging into the edit program on my pc i have seen that FS8 is activating effects placed on FS4. FS4 does not perform any opperations at all. Does the button on FS4 need to be replaced to fix this, or both bottons? Thanks.
  25. I play my pod directly into my amp, using only a few effects and completely bypassing the Pod's amp model. My signal flow can be seen in the attached image. As you can see, the signal splits into stereo between the null amp block and mixer. If I'm playing directly into my amp stack, should I only use one of the 2 signal paths by centering it and muting the other one in the main mix window? Or should I keep them hard panned like in the picture? Will there be a difference in sound coming out of my cab? Thanks Edit: I dont think the image uploaded properly. The signal is mono throughout my pre effects chain, then splits into two separate paths between the null amp block and mixer, then returns to mono out of the mixer into the null FX blocks.
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