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  1. to Silver head, show me a way to use toggle switch lock on pod hd 500x with variax standard
  2. toggle switch lock is useless, really, can't even see it on pod hd editor, what is it for anyway? it is supposed to be used for some assigning function but there it is, totally useless ad
  3. thank you for your quick reply stormstudios, however i have manage to do what i plan to do, i posted how i did that on that same topic thanks again \m/
  4. good day all, i have finally synced my podhd500x to my daw which is ableton live9, how i did it is kinda simple though it is always -0.2 on the tempo of my DAW but i think it's good enough because in reality when you play live , that small discrepancy on tempo will not matter not unless you're gonna play a loop all throughout the song without retriggering it, here is how i did that, my live setup is ableton live 9 on mac, connected is my audio komplete 6 native instrument, and the midi out of the NI komplet6 is connected to midi in of the podhd500x,, i have assigned a track on ableton that will change my podhd preset by sending program changes as i play any song .. on the midi tab of ableton , i turned on the output track, sync and remote of my komplete6 audio, the track "midi out to" (at the bottom of the track) that sends program change to my pod should have the same channel as the midi channel of the pod for them to communicate. once it is done, you will need to make a midi clip on the exact scene as the song is(in my case i have a clip that will just send the program change and will stop playing after 1 bar/measure and the podhd500x will follow any tempo of the current song, (but it is always -0.2 of the current tempo , i mean if song tempo is 90, the synced tempo on the podhd will be 89.8. my preset setting on my pod hd500x using the pod hd edit is set to preset and it always follow as long as you do these things i mentioned.
  5. good day evryone, been wondering and can't find any solution, i doin my live gig using ableton and i just want to sync my timebased effect to the tempo of the song that is playing but seems impossible, well it is possible to do by setting the tempo per preset but we have hundreds of songs and it will be so much patch consuming if i will put a different tempo of the same patch on a new patch space, so i think the best solution is to sync the podhd500x with ableton/daw tempo, but how to do? and is this possible to achieve? have tried a lot but the pod hd tempo option is knida limited to preset and global and as i understand the global thing, to me it means only one tempo for all the presets or am i wrong? pls help thanks and kind regards, \m/
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