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  1. ppoceiro

    Boss EV-30 works with helix ?

    Ok. I'm using a TRS cable. Using EXP1 on the EV-30. Switch on INV position and knob on MIN. Forgot to check the Helix but I think the polarity is not inverted. And I'm not sure but I recall that using the same settings and the EXP2 on the EV-30 doesn't have the same behavior. But it also works changing something.
  2. ppoceiro

    Boss EV-30 works with helix ?

    That is something about the switches and knobs on the back. I don't recall how mine is setup but I think I did manage to get the same behaviour from the 2 inputs but had to mess with the knobs and the polarity switch. I always use the same input and I don't even think about it anymore but you're probably right. I'm not even sure if my cable is TS or TRS. It's trial and error. Bottom line. It works. It's compatible. It's way cheaper than a Mission. But when the fellows from Mission decide to make the Aero version for Line 6, I'll probably buy one.
  3. ppoceiro

    Boss EV-30 works with helix ?

    Hi! I use the Boss EV-30 with my helix LT. It's perfectly compatible. I'm not sure but I think I use it with a TRS cable and have the polarity inversed on the pedal. It has a wider throwback than a crybaby. I don't own a Mission but I also have the same impression. About using the dual mode. I don't use it because the LT only has 1 expression pedal output. Using both outputs with the standard helix I don't see the point. It's useful if you have 2 pedals. It's one thing I miss about not having the standard helix. Configuring parameters on the helix to the same EXP pedal pretty much accomplishes the same thing I suppose. It may be useful if you have an external pedal with EXP output and then you can control the helix and that pedal using the EV30. I chose the Boss pedal because it was cheaper, lightweight, small footprint, very well constructed and the same 10k pot as the recommended expression pedals for the helix. I pretty happy with it. Also I used the FV500-h before. Also like it a lot because its bigger and feels more comfortable. But it has a problem with the sweep linearity that I didn't like. It jitters a bit. I don't know if it's my pedal that has the problem or if it happens with all FV500... Also being bigger was great to play but not great to carry around. Ended up buying the EV-30.
  4. ppoceiro

    Helix 6 Button Looper - Button Behavior Change?

    Well, I'm not a looper user but I did mentioned this "bug" with the 6 button looper since 2.6 FW upgrade. I didn't reported it because it affected very few people so maybe it was something that could be fixed by installing the FW again. If L6 said that they changed how the looper works they just made it unusable in a live situation so that's strange. I suppose they wouldn't do that and simply didn't understand bug, maybe... To me it happened consistently and not randomly when I was trying the loopers with 2.6 and 2.7 FW. And when changing snapshots and presets. I pretty much gave up on the loopers since the 1 button looper also had a small delay when recording and didn't tried them since. I hope they fix these bugs for all you looper users. But anyway, I'm not ranting at L6. They're awesome! Cheers
  5. ppoceiro

    Mod a Boss FV-500 to work with Helix/HX and a footswitch

    Great mod! I have that pedal and i'm sorry I can't use it. It's a great pedal. Can you get a good linear sweep as an expression pedal? Mine jitters a lot and i think the ride is short. Starts working about half the way... Does yours do that?
  6. ppoceiro

    Helix Bug Reports

    I noticed this issue in the last update. 2.60 I think. It's not new but I didn't report it. Don't use the looper. Don't know if someone reported it or if this is affecting only a few users.
  7. ppoceiro

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    Ok. I'll try it again and open a ticket if it doesn't work like it used to. The sync issue was only with the new looper. The steps I remember doing were press the record footswitch and record a loop, press play when finished, press mode and select another snapshot, enter looper again and press record as if you were overdubbing. At this point the loop recorded previously stops playing. It's like you're beginning the process all over again. I'm not 100% sure that this was the procedure but almost. I'll try to do it again when I can. Cheers
  8. ppoceiro

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    Hi. You're talking about the new looper? I tried it once. Didn't tried it again. It felt like after hitting the footswitch the looper add a small amount of silence in the beginning of the loop. Maybe it was me cause I'm not that experienced with loopers. I just commented on some other guy's post about this because he was complaining about not being able to keep the loops synced and I also felt the new looper was somewhat glitchy. About the bug on the 6-button looper is it something the L6 wizards are aware or should I open a ticket? Where you able to replicate this bug?
  9. ppoceiro

    Looper glitch upgrading to 2.60

    Just posted asking if someone was having this issue. Yup! Happens to me too.
  10. ppoceiro

    New Looping Function 2.6 ?

    Hi! Anyone having trouble when changing snapshots or presets and overdubbing with the 6-button looper after the 2.6 update? I'm not a looper user but wanted to test both loopers. I don't think the old looper is behaving like it should. If I try to overdub after changing snapshots it looses the loop recorded before. Also the new looper appears to have some delay after entering the record mode. I couldn't get my loops to sync. Maybe this is just my lack of experience or maybe not. Cheers
  11. ppoceiro

    Helix Bug Reports

    I have my LT for more than a year now and only tried the looper a couple of times. Tried it to test the 1-button looper and didn't noticed the delay you're talking. But I'm not that experienced with loopers and didn't spend a lot of time messing with it. I did notice I couldn't make the overdubs in tempo. Probably the delay problem was the cause. I did try the 6-button looper afterwards and did notice the bug you're talking. With almost 100% certainty I can confirm that is not the behavior it had before. I didn't switch patches. I only switched snapshots and hit the record to overdub. I was listening to the previous loop. Hit record, stop record and the previous loop was gone and could only hear the new one. It was not overdubbing. Didn't try to press play before but that is not usable. And I'm pretty sure this wasn't the behavior before the 2.60 update.
  12. ppoceiro

    Helix Bug Reports

    Thanks but it's not that. I've heard about that "bug". Not sure if it's really a bug or some misconfiguration of the parameter from the user. Never had that issue.
  13. ppoceiro

    Helix Bug Reports

    I found a similar behavior but not when synced via MIDI. With the tempo set manually in the preset and switching to the snapshot with tremolo, the pulse doesn't align with the song. Why is that happening if I switch snapshots at the exact tempo? Doesn't bypassing/switching on an effect resets its LFO? I'll try the step once tip but it's kind of annoying I have to step on another pedal to align the effect. Turning the effect on/off should reset the LFO.
  14. ppoceiro

    Midi Tempo Sync Issue

    Hi. Unfortunately I learned to live with the floating bpm when syncing with my DAW. The glitches you refer I suppose have something to do with the great job they did when modeling the delays. They reproduce what you can do we a delay pedal when changing the delay times while your playing. Specially noticeable with the transistor tape or cosmos echo delays. But most if not all do it. You have an option on global settings that affects this behavior. Not sure what the section is but there's an option for delays that you can toggle between realistic and transparent. The option realistic (or something like that) gives you those "glitches" and reproduce the realistic model of the delays. The option transparent hides those glitches. I maybe wrong but I believe these settings also affect other time-based effects like phasers. Try it out.
  15. ppoceiro

    Compatible expression pedals

    Yap! What he said!