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  1. So, I've had the same issue after the past two updates (with my HX Stomp). For some reason, when I switch to a patch, it was as if the guitar signal was not making it into the Stomp. I then went into the Input block (first block in the chain) to verify it said "Input Main L/R" (which it did), changed it to something else, and then changed it right back to "Input Main L/R", and then it starts working fine. However, if I don't immediately save that preset...and move to another preset, and back to the original...it has the same issue. Once I figured this out, I had to go through each/every patch and just change/reset the input block and then SAVE the patch...and then they work fine from that point on. Weird but it seemed to resolve it for me.
  2. SO...an update. I hooked up the Stomp to my computer and launched HX Edit. I then went into a preset and tried selecting the Snapshots within the Snapshot dropdown. Each time I did this, I got the following error message in an orange bar across the top of the HX Edit window: "The Helix failed to recall the snapshot data properly." This error message happened regardless of the preset I selected in HX Edit. THANKFULLY, I did a Backup before updating to 3.0. So, I just "Restored from Backup", which reloaded all my presets and the Snapshot switches now work! Success...well, kinda... As I went through each preset, the first Snapshot would typically be just amp and reverb, and the second snapshot would add a delay (and maybe a drive). When I load the preset the first Snapshot comes up fine. Then, when I press FS2 and get the second snapshot, it also turned on the delay (as expected). But, when I hit FS1 to go back to the first snapshot it did not turn off the delay block (that was only supposed to be on in snapshot 2) Interestingly, for presets where I had a preset with 3 snapshots...each with a different delay setting....it still had all of the correct delay settings/values per snapshot. It just seems that if you have snapshots that turn on/off different block...the 3.0 update (at least on my Stomp) did not maintain the on/off (bypass) state of the blocks in each snapshot. To resolve this....I went into each of my presets...looked at the first snapshot and noted which blocks were "off". Then I went into the second snapshot and noted which ones turned "on". THEN, I went back to the first snapshot and turned off the block(s) that shouldn't be on in that snapshot. I then saved the preset....and it "seems" to work fine now. Thankfully I only have a small # of presets with relatively simple settings. If you have a lot of presets, fixing them this way would be very tedious. Hopefully Line6 can advise if this is a bug and get a fix released soon. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Updated HX Stomp to 3.0 last night. Now, when in Snapshot mode...the foot switches are not changing the Snapshot, or lighting up the selected footswitch. For example...I'm in Snapshot mode and FS1 is lit, and the screen indicates that I'm on FS1. If I select FS2 or FS3, the footswitch does not light up, nor does the Snapshot # change on the display screen. The only thing that changes is that the letter "E" appears under the camera icon on the screen. If I switch to any other mode, all of the footswitches work as expected. As soon as I switch back into Snapshot mode, footswitches do not work or light up (except for whichever foot switch I last pressed in one of the other modes). Meaning, if I was in Snapshot mode and FS1 was lit, then switched to "Stomp" mode and pressed FS2, when I switch back to Snapshot mode...FS2 is now lit....but I cannot change the snapshot by clicking FS1 or FS3. If I go into "Command Center", and set the function of FS1 and FS2 to "Snapshot"...it seems to work...HOWEVER if I have also Stomp assignments to each of those switches (say a Chorus on FS1 and Delay on FS2)....when I'm in Snapshot mode and select FS1 or FS2...it'll change the snapshot but ALSO change the status of the assigned stomp to that switch (it should ONLY be changing the Snapshot when in Snapshot mode). ALSO, In Command Center, I cannot assign a function to FS3 (when turning the button to change the command for FS3...it does nothing....but works fine when trying to set the command for FS1 and FS2). I have upcoming gigs and need Snapshots to work properly. Is this a bug in 3.0?
  4. Thanks @soblivion. Unfortunately, I can't find any settings that let me define the behavior/function for FS1 and FS2 (I can define the functions for FS3, and the external FS4 and FS5). It's weird that all foot switches work correctly in all other modes, except in Snapshot mode. Anyone else have a suggestion? I am admittedly new to the Stomp, so am hoping it's just a setting I'm not familiar with. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/insights.
  5. Updated my HX Stomp to 3.0, but it seems that when I’m in Snapshot mode, the first foot switch is lit but when I hit FS2 or FS3 it does not change into Snapshot #2 or #3 and the corresponding foot switch does not light up (and the snapshot icon on the screen does not change). However, a small letter “e” appears next to the camera icon on the display. If I then switch into another mode and press a switch (let’s say FS2), and then go back to Snapshot mode, then FS2 is lit and the screen shows the camera icon with the number 2 in it. I then try any FS to change to another Snapshot and it won’t change or light up the switch. is this a bug or did the update wipe out my Snapshots? Or, is there some new setting I need to change? If none of the above, do I just need to restore my presets from my backup? Can’t wait to try the new stuff! I literally just upgraded from the Pod Go to the Stomp 5 days ago, so the 3.0 release timing is awesome.
  6. Still bricked. Argh. Line6 support says I should coordinate an exchange with Sweetwater. I'm waiting for Sweetwater Support to get in touch with me. Thanks for your advice/assistance. I'll report back if the new unit works out.
  7. Thanks Clutchman. Still a "no go" for me. On my WIndows machines (Windows 7 and 10), when I plug in the Pod Go (after starting it in "update mode"), I can see in my "Device List" that a device called "LPC" pops-up. but nothing further happens...Pod Go just stays on the white screen and the Pod Go Edit app. says "No device connected". If I unplug the USB cable...the "LPC" device disappears from my device list. I've literally tried this reboot, replug process 50+ times and Pod Go just remains bricked. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Pod Go Edit app. (on all three computers) and still not working. On my Mac Mini...I get no response from the Mac indicating that the Pod Go has even been plugged into it. If I can ask, when you say "click on the properties to see if the drivers are loaded"...what exactly do you mean? What should I click on? Thanks in advance for any further insights. I've heard back from Line6 and their initial response is that I may need a "powered USB hub" for my Mac to recognize the Pod Go...which doesn't seem to make much sense, nor do I have one of these devices. I'm also waiting to hear back from Sweetwater support. Just a bummer to have new gear that's inoperable. Oh well...first world problems at this stage. ;-) Thanks.
  8. I am having the same issues, and have tried loading Pod Go Edit onto 3 different computers (2PCs: WIndows 7 and 10, and a Mac Mini) and am still unable to get them to recognize that the POD Go is connected (although it does show them in the Device List). I've submitted a ticket to Line6 Support. Is there anything else I can consider doing?
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