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  1. Anyone use a Tube Preamp infront of the DI box w/ Helix Native? Whether it be a studio grade Mic Pre or All Tube Guitar Pre, altho I'm more interested in the later.... I was reading how it can really improve the realism of the Amp Sim. What has your experience been? Thanks.
  2. What is this supposed to do? I opened Reaper this way and loading Helix still causes it to crash. Thanks.
  3. Oh, rad! Thanks. I've seen this before, but always forget to do it.
  4. Anyone having this issue? I'm using the latest version of Helix Native, 3.15, that supports Silicon. I'm trying it from an empty Project...I create one new track, select Helix Native (VST3) from the Plugin Browser and CRASH! However, I also have a template that loads an instance of Helix to one of the tracks, and this works as expected. From here I can copy the instance to other tracks as well. It's only when I try loading Helix from scratch that it crashes Reaper. I have the latest ARM version of Reaper, 6.41, and I'm opening it natively. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. How accurate is the acoustic tone from Helix, when using a Piezo pup? only been able to get so far with a humbucker. The sound is still really thin and lacks any of the body tone. I've never used a Piezo, so I'm kinda sceptical on it getting a usable acoustic tone...that's good enough to pass for real in a recording. Any recommendations on a quality Piezo? Thanks.
  6. Oh, right on. I was clicking on the link in the release notes...I need to go to the download page. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to download the 3.15 update, but the only file link I see is for 'HX_Edit_315'. Is this update just for the HX Edit software, or for Native as well? If it's for Native, where is the link???
  8. Anyone know if the FBV Express MkII can work as a MIDI Controller in Reaper? I want to use one of the buttons to Enable/Bypass a plugin. Thanks.
  9. I took a chance with Mikko and bought the VX30 pack. Either the Darkest AC30 in existence was used, or all settings on the sound capture equipment are tailored for the modern chugger. I've owned Mikko for a while now, and to date, when I want a vintage tone (which is 99% of the time) it's never made it into one of my guitar's plugin chains. I have used it for Sabbath type stuff, but as the title says, I'm leaving Metal out of this thread. I'm usually going for 70's glam tones. Has anyone got a good vintage, NON-Metal, sound...with any of the Mikko Cabs? If so, please share your method. Thanks.
  10. Hey, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to change the Snapshot with my MIDI Foot Controller. Where can I set this? I see the "Snapshot Index" parameter in Reaper, but it only goes from the current Snapshot to the 8th one, when I assign it. I'm guessing this is better controlled inside of Helix, ya? Thanks.
  11. Not sure how PMs work on this forum. ?!#% Trying this...

  12. Hi.

    I have a license for sell.

    Make me an offer 


  13. I will relieve the burden of ownership.
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