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  1. Hi! A bit off topic but related. Why my native plugin appears with its window cropped in Live? I can't resize the window, I can't resize native itself. I only get the left portion of the window so its totally unusable in live for me. Thanks.
  2. Don't follow the light. For everybody that is reporting bugs with the tempo, don't base your argument on the tempo led. As said in other posts the led and the actual tempo run on different hardware clocks and they're like a stopped clock that's right twice a day. I don't believe this issue is something that can be fixed and I believe L6 are aware of this. Use your ears and the reported tempo in the helix for reference and not the led for your tests.
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think the led has always been out of sync with the tempo. I believe someone said to me about a similar issue with the midi tempo receive that the led and the tempo itself work in different clocks in the Helix so they will always be desynced. You have to trust your ears. In my tests way before this tempo bug in 2.90 my delays and modulation were synced either with midi received tempo or tap tempo but the led never was.
  4. Hi people! So there's a bug with the tap tempo and delays in the 2.90 update. And probably a few others. That's quite unfortunate of course but it's L6! They are aware of it. They are fixing it as fast as they can and given the current conditions we are all in I think they deserve some appreciation on their hard work. Yes in normal conditions it's that kind of bug that affects many users but I'm very happy they could release this update with very nice implementations and new effects and a new amp for me to play with in these difficult times. I don't bother if this or other bug somehow slipped through the beta testing. My Helix didn't blow up so all is fine! And by the way this update was one of the smoothest so far for me. So thank you L6 and all the beta testers for your work and stay safe! You deserve some love from all of us!! And stay safe everybody. Go ahead and obsess with the new meters! Cheers
  5. You can create a preset in such a way that you can have one output to XLR and another to 1/4" output and insert a volume pedal block in this parallel path. In the global settings you can make the XLR outputs not affected by the main volume knob. Also in the global settings you can choose which output you want to monitor in the headphones out. You can choose the 1/4" outs here. With the volume pedal assigned to the 1/4" out path you will control the headphones volume and not the XLR outs volume.
  6. Reaper 6.0 is quite new. I already updated mine. If you want to try my method with reaper sending midi data to the helix, any version of reaper will do. The late ones say that have a better latency when working with midi. But I don't notice that.
  7. Hi! I don't know about a midi controller that can do that. Probably exists. I play that song programming a midi track in Reaper and sending it to the Helix. It complicates the setup a bit but it as other benefits like playing always in time and also changing presets or snapshots automatically. Maybe there's a sequencer app for android or ios that can output CC Midi that you can connect the Helix into. That can do the job also. Cheers
  8. I'm a big Muse fan and I tend to use the Industrial Fuzz quite a bit. Lately I setup a path with a gainy amp and a parallel path with only the Industrial Fuzz and a Hi/Low Cut block after, mixed with the other path. No amp or cab block. Love the sound! Before from my experiences with all the fuzz blocks, a very clean amp with high headroom and hi cut after worked great also except for the fuzz face. Too much gain even with the drive low.
  9. I also use this method sometimes. If you want to save some DSP you can use only one amp and one cab and put a simple mono delay after the cab in a split path. Same settings: feedback 0%, 5 to 15ms, mix 100% and in the mixer block panned hard left and right. As said works very well with a stereo output. Be very careful when going mono because of the phase issues. Even if you're going stereo to one FRFR you will still have phase issues. If going mono just disable the delay. I tried the simple pitch with a few cents and a bit of delay and tried the double take block but ended up using my old method with just the simple delay. The simple pitch can have a few artifacts and the double tracking sounds like chorus to me and I can't get the stereo effect I get with the delay. Cheers
  10. Hi! You can control footswitches, expression pedals, snapshots and presets via MIDI. If you intend to use the pitch shifter and harmonizer in the helix for voice I don't think you'll get good results. But never tried it. For guitar you can get good sounds with the pitch shifter if you don' go to extremes. Not convinced with the harmonizer. For your application, voice or guitar, maybe you can assign the each voice to one footswitch in momentary mode and engage the midi when you need it, through a DAW, keyboard or some other way. In the harmonizer mode as long as you pick the correct scale you shouldn't have to program anything but the sound is not as good as the pitch blocks. With the pitch shifter you would have to program the intervals via snapshots. Can't be done via MIDI. Hope it helps. Cheers.
  11. Sorry. I did. I'll have to check for myself. Like I said it's an old issue so I'm a bit skeptical if it's really fixed. I sync the tempo in my Helix with midi so maybe it's a different kind of issue with the LED. If it is fixed that's great news and thank you Elf for your contribution! And L6!
  12. That's an old issue. Happened also with the POD HD500. They always say the same thing. The LED runs on a different clock than the tempo so it goes out of sync. Just get used to it. The good news is, the actual tempo doesn't drift. If the LED is confusing I think you can turn it off and just use your ears. I don't think this can be fixed in future updates since they never fixed it in the PODs. We just have to hope they fix it in Helix MkII.
  13. Hi. I also used the FV-500H for a while. After a few tests I used it with a TRS-TRS cable and inverted the polarity. Didn't had any issues with the calibration and no drops in the sweep. The pedal had a problem with the pot because the sweep was not smooth and I ended up buying the EV-30. I will try a TRS-TS cable has you suggest. The thing is, prior to the v2.81 update I didn't have any issues using the pedal with the TRS cable. Thanks for the input.
  14. Update: There is however a bug still. The external pedal seems to loose its calibration from time to time. It's not preset dependent. Reconnecting solves it temporally. But after a while it no longer goes from 0 to 100%. It seems to go to 100% but at full sweep it backs up to 98 or 96%. For volume it's a minor problem but for whammy it is noticeable.
  15. Hi. Did my update with some trouble from 2.70 to 2.81. Freezing half way through and Helix was not recognized anymore. After several attempts with different USB cables and different ports it was eventualy recognized and resumed update. Just a heads up. Be patient and follow the suggestions L6 posted. Try different USB cables, different USB ports, reinstall drivers. It wil work. About this bug. I always used an external exp pedal with the my LT. I use a dual exp pedal. Boss EV30 and always worked great. I always used a stereo cable despite L6 recommended TS cables because I don't have to invert polarities or mess around with the pedal settings. Did the update. The pedal worked great the first day. The second day and since then the pedal works only when I boot the Helix. After changing to any other preset it stops working. If I disconnect it the onboard pedal works. Connecting again the external it doesn't work. Reintalled the 2.81 firware, restored Helix to factory settings and the problem persisted. Tryied to change the cable to another stereo cable and problem persisted. About the fix. I tried just for the sake of it a TS cable and voilá! The pedal works again with no issues. So along the way L6 changed something in the new firmware that cause this. Don't know if they are aware but you now know. Had to invert the polarity in the pedal but no problem there. Just FYI. Some reported problems with the expression pedal but not clarifying if it's the onboard or an external pedal. I have no issues with the onboard expression pedal in 2.81. Just the external one. Also had some problems with a few presets freezing the GUI in the Helix and an error message in the HX Edit. Remade one of them. Didn't try the workaround already suggested to delete all the parameters assigned. After the firmware reinstall, complete reset and the presets rebuilt again I had no more issues with them. Hope this helps someone. Thank you for your dedication L6 guys! Loving the new amp models. Cheers!
  16. Hi! Try repair/install Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable 2013. Worked for me and a few others with an older version of Native. If that doesn't solve the problem try to test Native on other DAW's. Try to uninstall and reinstall Native. Test an older version of Native.
  17. Ok. I'm using a TRS cable. Using EXP1 on the EV-30. Switch on INV position and knob on MIN. Forgot to check the Helix but I think the polarity is not inverted. And I'm not sure but I recall that using the same settings and the EXP2 on the EV-30 doesn't have the same behavior. But it also works changing something.
  18. That is something about the switches and knobs on the back. I don't recall how mine is setup but I think I did manage to get the same behaviour from the 2 inputs but had to mess with the knobs and the polarity switch. I always use the same input and I don't even think about it anymore but you're probably right. I'm not even sure if my cable is TS or TRS. It's trial and error. Bottom line. It works. It's compatible. It's way cheaper than a Mission. But when the fellows from Mission decide to make the Aero version for Line 6, I'll probably buy one.
  19. Hi! I use the Boss EV-30 with my helix LT. It's perfectly compatible. I'm not sure but I think I use it with a TRS cable and have the polarity inversed on the pedal. It has a wider throwback than a crybaby. I don't own a Mission but I also have the same impression. About using the dual mode. I don't use it because the LT only has 1 expression pedal output. Using both outputs with the standard helix I don't see the point. It's useful if you have 2 pedals. It's one thing I miss about not having the standard helix. Configuring parameters on the helix to the same EXP pedal pretty much accomplishes the same thing I suppose. It may be useful if you have an external pedal with EXP output and then you can control the helix and that pedal using the EV30. I chose the Boss pedal because it was cheaper, lightweight, small footprint, very well constructed and the same 10k pot as the recommended expression pedals for the helix. I pretty happy with it. Also I used the FV500-h before. Also like it a lot because its bigger and feels more comfortable. But it has a problem with the sweep linearity that I didn't like. It jitters a bit. I don't know if it's my pedal that has the problem or if it happens with all FV500... Also being bigger was great to play but not great to carry around. Ended up buying the EV-30.
  20. Well, I'm not a looper user but I did mentioned this "bug" with the 6 button looper since 2.6 FW upgrade. I didn't reported it because it affected very few people so maybe it was something that could be fixed by installing the FW again. If L6 said that they changed how the looper works they just made it unusable in a live situation so that's strange. I suppose they wouldn't do that and simply didn't understand bug, maybe... To me it happened consistently and not randomly when I was trying the loopers with 2.6 and 2.7 FW. And when changing snapshots and presets. I pretty much gave up on the loopers since the 1 button looper also had a small delay when recording and didn't tried them since. I hope they fix these bugs for all you looper users. But anyway, I'm not ranting at L6. They're awesome! Cheers
  21. Great mod! I have that pedal and i'm sorry I can't use it. It's a great pedal. Can you get a good linear sweep as an expression pedal? Mine jitters a lot and i think the ride is short. Starts working about half the way... Does yours do that?
  22. I noticed this issue in the last update. 2.60 I think. It's not new but I didn't report it. Don't use the looper. Don't know if someone reported it or if this is affecting only a few users.
  23. Ok. I'll try it again and open a ticket if it doesn't work like it used to. The sync issue was only with the new looper. The steps I remember doing were press the record footswitch and record a loop, press play when finished, press mode and select another snapshot, enter looper again and press record as if you were overdubbing. At this point the loop recorded previously stops playing. It's like you're beginning the process all over again. I'm not 100% sure that this was the procedure but almost. I'll try to do it again when I can. Cheers
  24. Hi. You're talking about the new looper? I tried it once. Didn't tried it again. It felt like after hitting the footswitch the looper add a small amount of silence in the beginning of the loop. Maybe it was me cause I'm not that experienced with loopers. I just commented on some other guy's post about this because he was complaining about not being able to keep the loops synced and I also felt the new looper was somewhat glitchy. About the bug on the 6-button looper is it something the L6 wizards are aware or should I open a ticket? Where you able to replicate this bug?
  25. Just posted asking if someone was having this issue. Yup! Happens to me too.
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