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  1. Hi! Anyone having trouble when changing snapshots or presets and overdubbing with the 6-button looper after the 2.6 update? I'm not a looper user but wanted to test both loopers. I don't think the old looper is behaving like it should. If I try to overdub after changing snapshots it looses the loop recorded before. Also the new looper appears to have some delay after entering the record mode. I couldn't get my loops to sync. Maybe this is just my lack of experience or maybe not. Cheers
  2. I have my LT for more than a year now and only tried the looper a couple of times. Tried it to test the 1-button looper and didn't noticed the delay you're talking. But I'm not that experienced with loopers and didn't spend a lot of time messing with it. I did notice I couldn't make the overdubs in tempo. Probably the delay problem was the cause. I did try the 6-button looper afterwards and did notice the bug you're talking. With almost 100% certainty I can confirm that is not the behavior it had before. I didn't switch patches. I only switched snapshots and hit the record to overdub. I was listening to the previous loop. Hit record, stop record and the previous loop was gone and could only hear the new one. It was not overdubbing. Didn't try to press play before but that is not usable. And I'm pretty sure this wasn't the behavior before the 2.60 update.
  3. Thanks but it's not that. I've heard about that "bug". Not sure if it's really a bug or some misconfiguration of the parameter from the user. Never had that issue.
  4. I found a similar behavior but not when synced via MIDI. With the tempo set manually in the preset and switching to the snapshot with tremolo, the pulse doesn't align with the song. Why is that happening if I switch snapshots at the exact tempo? Doesn't bypassing/switching on an effect resets its LFO? I'll try the step once tip but it's kind of annoying I have to step on another pedal to align the effect. Turning the effect on/off should reset the LFO.
  5. Hi. Unfortunately I learned to live with the floating bpm when syncing with my DAW. The glitches you refer I suppose have something to do with the great job they did when modeling the delays. They reproduce what you can do we a delay pedal when changing the delay times while your playing. Specially noticeable with the transistor tape or cosmos echo delays. But most if not all do it. You have an option on global settings that affects this behavior. Not sure what the section is but there's an option for delays that you can toggle between realistic and transparent. The option realistic (or something like that) gives you those "glitches" and reproduce the realistic model of the delays. The option transparent hides those glitches. I maybe wrong but I believe these settings also affect other time-based effects like phasers. Try it out.
  6. This is relevant. The last update I did this also to get the new factory presets. Like you I then reloaded the backed up user setlists and did the rebuild. We still have to do this if we want the new presets right? But you're saying that forcing the rebuild didn't work? Did you figured it out yet if that option with the 9/10 footswitches no longer works?
  7. I also had this problem. I really liked that pedal but couldn't fix this issue. Almost half the sweep remains at 0% before it starts to do anything... Also the sweep was a bit unstable. Had variation. Wasn't a clean linear sweep. Did you noticed this to? Ended up buying the Dual Expression pedal from Boss and it works great.
  8. Having a bookmark directly to the helix forum I don't have any problems. Only got the error message when going through the website menus. Tried clearing the cache a few days ago and it worked. Next day I got the error message again.
  9. Hi! Just a quick side question not all unrelated. I use my helix plugged to my audio interface with 1/4" cables. The 1/4" outputs are set to line level. If you say the 1/4" outputs on the helix are high impedance even when set to line level should I turn on the Hi-z pad on the audio interface? I only notice a drop in the level when I turn the pad on. Am I losing frequencies coming out of the helix by not turning on the pad? Thanks.
  10. Hi! When you say C1 are you talking about the note C1? If that's the case that's not how you send the tap tempo information. In the midi item you need to send a CC message. I think it's the CC64 but you better check it on the manual. Adjust that CC value to 127 on the beats you want. Then on the track you have the midi item you have to configure it to send midi information to hardware and select the usb to midi adapter. I don't know how to do it in Ableton. Maybe check YouTube for some similar tutorials on how to send midi CC messages to external hardware from Ableton. Cheers
  11. Hi For Matt Bellamy you can try one of my presets here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/3272547/ This is my base preset for most mid to high gain songs from Muse. Just a cranked Plexi with a tube screamer in front. I'm aiming for the live sound instead of the studio sound but I'm still experimenting with other amps. I think it works well. For a more studio sound you may try an AC30 for clean and crunchy songs and something like the ENGL which is somewhat comparable to the Diezel VH4 which Matt also uses for the high gain sounds. Since now he uses Kempers it's always a guessing game. For more recent songs he used Fender Deluxes and Roland Jazz for cleans and a modded ampeg with pedals in front for high gain, besides the Diezel and the modded Plexi he normally uses. Stock cabs with V30's if you don't want to use the IR's. Some of my presets have the D.I. guitar into a fuzz factory into an EQ with a LPF and straight out running in parallel. Works great with some songs. Check it out here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/3272558/ Add to that the usual phaser, stereo delays and reverb and you're good to go. Cheers
  12. Well... I'm not familiar with logic. In Reaper you definitly have that option. You can save states of plugins and link each saved state to a program chance which can be used in automation or with an external controller live. It's more a DAW issue so maybe you can get help with some logic users. If you want to know exactly how it works in Reaper I can post some pictures for you to see. (I don't know if I can post screenshots of Reaper in here...)
  13. You can't do it from the Native itself. I'm not familiar with Ableton but you can probably save presets or states of a plugin. And if you can, you maybe also able to change those presets or saved states using automation or midi. That's how I do it with Reaper and works great.
  14. I can do it with Reaper. Not familiar with other DAWs You can probably save states or presets of a plugin with your DAW. Not the Native presets but "general" presets of a plugin. In Reaper I save those presets and I can link MIDI program changes to change those presets/saved states.
  15. Anyone noticed that two of the most iconic rock guitar sounds are not there from what I can see. Where's Slash or AFD tone or any GNR sound? Where's AC/DC? And even tough they apparently maybe simple to tune, they can be tricky to spot on! Why is that? Or maybe the presets are there but in disguise.
  16. That's interesting! Time based effects start timing when you play a note and not in sync with the tempo led? Never noticed that. But did noticed that even with the led out of sync from the metronome my delays and phasers sound in sync with my playing . So I guess you're totally right! Even so... It sucks not having the led in Helix sync with the tempo. By the way did you tried send the tempo from the saw to helix through midi? I noticed my helix froze when I did that and had the tempo set by snapshot.... Cheers
  17. I realize the limitations but if you have a song with the same tempo from beginning to end and helix reports 118bpm instead of 120 you'll have big drifts by the end. How can I reduce these drifts without making tempo changes? I tried but wasn't convinced it worked. I placed more markers in the song, in the DAW with the same tempo to check if helix received that information but couldn't be sure it was... By "most of the time the tempo is correct but not in sync" I mean that helix reports the same bpm as the DAW but with tempo LED out of sync with the metronome from the DAW and it kind of sucks because it's distracting if your playing with the metronome but keep seeing the LED out of sync. But it's not a question of turning the LED of. I know I can do that. It's more a question of can I turn of the metronome and just look at the LED and stay in time with the band?
  18. Hi. I own Helix LT with the latest firmware. I use it with my DAW. The Helix is set to receive tempo from the DAW via midi cable connections. It works but the issue is the tempo in Helix is not in sync with the DAW. Sometimes the tempo is spot on and in sync. Most of the times the tempo is correct but not in sync. Sometimes the tempo doesn't match by 1 or 2 bpm. Does anybody use this feature and working correctly? Is there a workaround? The exact same thing happened with my POD HD500X and I never got it to work. I ended up sending MIDI CC messages of tap tempo to the pod.
  19. Hi! Yesterday I encountered some sort of bug. I have a brand new Helix LT updated to latest 2.21 firmware. All was working great and it started to freeze. Constantly... Before I bought LT I tried Helix native and came up with a few patches. I imported them to helix LT after all the updates and resets and rebuilds were made, following the L6 instructions. I don't know if the bug has something to do with the patches made in Native. I resolved the freezes when I remembered I'd change the global setting of the tempo to be assigned by snapshot. I went back and put it in assign by preset and no more freezes. I use helix receiving MIDI tempo from my PC via audio interface and midi connections. I suspect that this midi tempo being received and the option to have the tempo being assigned by snapshot together with the "Recall settings" for snapshots enabled is causing it to freeze. Also I resolved it because I noticed some snapshots had tempo of 0 after helix froze and after I rebooted it. Anyone encontered this issue? Is it known? Should I open a ticket letting them know? I know I should try to reproduce it again before submitting the issue but if someone has encoutered this before I won't have to. Cheers
  20. I agree with you fflbrgst. But I have to stand with L6 also. It's like silverhead said. These were very rare situations by the few complaints this post had and from I gathered L6 couldn't replicate the problem for them to fix it. And from the replies it's not necessary to install another DAW and this is not a workaround anymore. The solution/fix is to install/repair Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable 2013. Windows normally already has this installed but in some systems it got corrupted somehow or with some files missing. So it's not exactly L6 fault. Anyway I agree they should warn about this issue in the installation notes or even force the installation. They already submitted this issue to the development team from what the L6 support guy told me in the ticket. About the constant internet connection you are totally right! I also use Reaper exclusively and offline. Hope they find another way to authorize Native. Cheers
  21. Glad to hear it! I'm gonna mark this as solved. Just remembered... Last week I did try this but did'nt installed the 2013 version. Tried with 2010and some other older version. Just bad luck I didn't insisted with this. By the way. Something happened to your windows firewall also? Did it started asking for permissions?
  22. Success finally!! I can't quite understand how I solved it. I followed your suggestion. Installed Studio One. Crashed. Installed FL Studio. Crashed. Then I installed Sonar Platinum Demo. And it worked!! Perhaps it has something to do with firewall settings or Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable. I noticed Sonar was the only one to install the VCRedis 2013. Since I have windows 10 it probably didn't install. But maybe it fix some faulty module. Then I started opening other software and started receiving popups from windows firewall to authorize the connections from the software. It's like the windows firewall settings were resetted! I noticed specially because I had Reaper blocked in the firewall with rules I created and those rules where gone. I didn't even logged in in Sonar. The UI appeared. I closed Sonar. Opened Reaper. Loaded Native and immediatly the log in screen appeared. So bottom line. For those having problems you can try downloading VCRedist2013 from microsoft. I'm not sure if it this was the fix or even if it was this version that was installed so do it at your own risk. If you don't want to risk it you can't try what I did and install Sonar. Again do it at your own risk. Worked for me despite loosing some firewall configs or those having been resetted. (the firewall is working normally in case you ask) Hope it works for those having this issue. Silverhead, Thank you very much for your input. It greatly helped! Hope you received a copy of Native for free being a beta tester! If not you should have! If you want I cant refer you when I reply this solution to the support ticket I opened. Cheers
  23. Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I'll try what you suggest. I already tried with two other VST hosts but not another DAW. It crashed with savihost and opened just a small little windows with Cantabile but no crash in this one. If I understood correctly you used the other DAW just for the first time, for the registration process and then you used Reaper all the time with no issues? Is that it? I'll give it a shot. Thank you again. I'll let you know if it works.
  24. Still have the issues and still no response from L6. Submitted a ticket a few days ago.
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